The best activity tables for babies and toddlers 2024

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When your baby starts learning to stand and is becoming increasingly excited about the world around them, you might want to consider buying an activity table for them. Activity tables encourage a baby to stand for longer periods of time through play and gives them that independence to learn and develop. For toddlers, infant activity tables or toddler tables are a great way to improve on their motor skills by doing things like figuring out puzzles.

Similar to kids sand tables, the best activity tables for babies and toddlers will be interactive and have lots of toys, knobs, and buttons for your baby to explore. These types of play tables are a lot of fun for little ones, they come in all different sizes and include features such as moveable parts and light and sound activities.

There are lots of baby activity tables available to buy, but which ones are the best? We've considered all options, thinking about the best for small nursery spaces and the best value for money.

Activity tables are a great item to add to your nursery or playroom, they are always popular with toddlers because they are both entertaining and educational toys, as well as providing support if your little one is practicing standing, or taking their first steps.

Hopefully, whichever you choose, selecting a good infant play table will mean your baby stays out of the kitchen cupboards for about 10 minutes a day! Check out our list in detail below.

Editor's choice

Best overall: Vtech Play And Learn Activity Table - £44.59
Best all-rounder: Baby Einstein Curiosity Table - £74.99
Best wooden baby activity table: Janod Activity Table Baby Forest Game, £47.99
Best for small spaces: Manhattan Toy Activity Centre - £74.96
Best value: Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin' Activity Table - £38.64

The best baby activity tables 2024

Editor's pick

Vtech Play And Learn Activity TableVtech/Amazon
Price: $32.08

With more than 600 ratings on Amazon and an average of 4.7 stars out of 5, the Vtech Play And Learn Activity Table comes highly recommended by real mums, who have described the table as "brilliant."

With phrases, numbers, colours, animals, and music, there are all sorts of developmental opportunities for your baby while they learn to stand and balance holding on to the table. Our parenting tester was impressed by how long it kept their little one occupied.

There’s also a mobile phone so your little one can role-play while you’re on the phone, too.

And whilst admittedly it isn't the most appealing design for parents, kids seem to love it.


  • Legs can be removed to use the tray on the floor
  • Great for numerical and communication development
  • It can help with motor skills


  • It's quite light, so it's important to supervise your little one to ensure they don't pull it over
Dimensions:‎13.5 x 49 x 41 cm
Batteries:2x AA batteries required
  • Phone with ten numbers buttons encourages role-play
  • Four piano keys introduce musical notes and colours
  • Five sing-along songs and eight fun melodies
  • Removable legs allow for easy storage and sit-down play
  • Suitable from six months to three years

Best wooden baby activity table

Janod Dino Activity TableJanod/John Lewis

We love this wooden baby activity. Not only has it been crafted from sustainably sourced wood, but it's a lot easier on the eyes.

This is a beautiful addition to your living room, thanks to the oh-so-cute dinosaur characters, and provides lots to play with and learn from.

This activity table features various elements that aid in shaping your little one's development, teaching them fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and cause-and-effect relationships—all essential aspects of their growth and development.

We also really like that the different play areas are sectioned off with vibrant colours, ideal for families with multiple children who can each enjoy their own space while learning to play together. While we can't promise fewer arguments, it's a positive step toward fostering cooperation and shared playtime.

The Dino Activity is definitely a winner in our books.


  • Multiple activities to help with curiosity, motor skills and more
  • Durable material and beautifully designed
  • Great alternative to plastic


  • It doesn't fold down to store away easier
Dimensions:40.01 x 40.01 x 56.01 cm
  • Three stackable animals and a maze
  • A four-wheel gear system for coordination
  • Five linking cubes to learn shapes and colours
  • An abacus to develop concentration and motricity.
  • Recommended for one to three years

Best all-rounder baby activity table

Baby Einstein, Curiosity Table Amazon
Price: $74.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$74.99View offer

Encourage your baby’s development, creativity and imagination with this brilliant activity table featuring cogs, gears, 65 melodies, and removable legs for extra home flexibility.

The Baby Einstein Curiosity Table brings out the little scientists in your baby and grows with them.

Whether your baby is sitting or standing, they can play with this activity table, and we liked that even beyond the toddler years, they can enjoy the dry-erase whiteboard.

This is another activity that is good for larger families as there are removable aspects and plenty for little hands to investigate.


  • Easy to store away with the removable legs
  • It has multiple ways to play
  • It can be used as a play tray or activity table


  • Shouldn't be used for young children to pull themselves up on
Dimensions:‎59.69 x 44.45 x 70.1 cm
Batteries:‎3x AA batteries required
  • Multiple activities
  • Two-sided design
  • Removable legs for different modes of play
  • Includes dry-erase board
  • 65 melodies and sounds, gears, colour circuits, lights and more

Best traditional baby activity table

activity tables for babies Battat Wooden Activity CubeAmazon
Price: $59.95

You may remember activity boxes from your own childhood or impatiently playing in the doctor's waiting room. And whilst they don't have all the bells and whistles of some of the newer activity tables, it is still a reliable and practical choice.

The Battat Wooden Activity Cube seems pretty heavy-duty when you first take it out of the box – it’s solid wood and not the easiest to move around, but at least that means your baby won’t knock it over.

It features a bead track, animals behind doors, spinning alphabet animals, and more.


  • Five sides of activities for endless fun
  • A traditional wood with natural anti-bacterial properties
  • Corners are rounded for safety


  • It is a large and bulky design, so it might not be easy to store
Dimensions:34.04 x 30 x 45.01 cm
Batteries: No
  • Has illustrations
  • Mix and match animal puzzles
  • Spinners to spin and a zigzag race track for farm animals
  • Includes a bead maze.
  • Suitable for one year and up

Best baby activity table for small spaces

activity tables for babies Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity CentreAmazon

Rrp: $149.95

Price: $120.62
Alternative retailers
Macy's$136.99View offer
Bloomingdale's$137.00View offer

Admittedly, this activity table is more pricey than the others on our list, but the wooden Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Centre is exciting.

It’s full to the brim with things for little fingers to twiddle, twist, move and learn with; which is one of the reasons parents have loved this activity table.

With its sturdy construction and stable base, the Tree Top Adventure Activity Centre is safe and durable for even the most enthusiastic play.

It is also compact enough to fit comfortably in most playrooms or living rooms. We do, however, wish it could be stored away when it is not in use.


  • Natural anti-bacterial properties and easier to keep clean than plastic activity tables
  • Four fun-filled activities encouraging fine motor skills
  • Unique design


  • Some parents found it was a bit difficult to put together
Dimensions:45.72 x 45.72 x 57.15 cm
  • Gliders
  • Springy flaps
  • Spinning dials
  • Bead runs and more toddler activities
  • Suitable for 1 year and up

Best baby activity table for £20

This activity table is perfect for helping your little one learn about different shapes, colours and sizes. It is easy to put together and includes stacking blocks.

And for a bargain price, we think that you can't really go wrong and is a more neutral style than the Janod Dinosaur Activity Table.

It has moveable, engaging items such as a fox and tree, which your little one can guide through a mountain maze, which is brilliant for improving fine motor skills.

However, unlike the previous activity table on the list, it isn't as sturdy, so it may be better to place this table against a wall or on a carpet.


  • Includes different sensory elements
  • Engaging elements that children will love exploring
  • The colours aren't too bold, making it aesthetically pleasing


  • Some parents mentioned it was a bit difficult to put together
Dimensions:58.5, 47.5, 29.5cm
AgeFrom 18 months
  • Includes stacking blocks
  • Colourful
  • Moveable characters and maze game

Best value baby activity table

Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollinu0026#039; Activity TableAmazon

Rrp: $44.99

Price: $35.99
Alternative retailers
Target$35.99View offer

This Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin' Activity Table toy has an average of 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon and includes 60 songs and activities, including a ball ramp, four languages, toucan piano, and a book that toggles from play mode to learning mode.

Crucially, it has volume control, so you can turn it up and down if you get tired of hearing the same melodies!

Online parents commented that their favourite feature was the four languages. While we cannot promise this activity table will make your little one bi-lingual, it is great to encourage a love for languages early on.

This table is also great for parents looking for a lightweight option that they can move when needed.


  • Can help develop a love for languages and learning
  • Comes with batteries
  • Over 60 songs and activities, so little ones won't get bored


  • Lightweight but not as sturdy as some of the other options
Dimensions:48.26 x 48.26 x 41.91 cm
Batteries:3x AA batteries required
  • Over 60 songs and activities
  • Four languages
  • Hippo opens and closes mouth
  • Piano keys
  • Different volume settings

Best musical baby activity table

This activity table for your toddler, will have them fully entertained with the colourful lights, classic music, and interesting things to do.

It will also help encourage hours of exploration, where they will be able to learn numbers, shapes and different colours.  

Did you know playing with musical activity tables is actually very beneficial to your child's development? Music encourages cognitive skills such as cause-and-effect reasoning, as children learn that pressing buttons or keys produces sound. They also learn about patterns, rhythm, and sequencing, fundamental concepts in music and mathematics.


  • Engaging activities for small children
  • Legs can be removed for a lay flat activity tray
  • Adjustable volume levels


  • Batteries not included
Dimensions: 29.97 x 29.97 x 30.99 cm
Weight: 1.14kg
Recommended age: 6 months - 6 years
Batteries required: Yes
Material: Plastic
  • Two ways to play because legs can be removed
  • Music and lights
  • Educational and fun games
  • 1 year warranty

Best versatile baby activity table

Stokke® MuTable™ Play Table​ V2Stoke

This incredibly versatile infant play table is packed with endless possibilities. The Stokke® MuTable™ Play Table offers activities for each stage of development.

Crafted from sturdy wood with softly curved edges, the table is designed to grow with your child, making it a worthwhile investment.

It comes with three engaging, double-sided activity boards and inspires hours of both independent and social play.​

Our parent testers gave positive feedback for its multifunctionality, smart design, comfort, and solid construction, though we were a little disappointed in the additional cost of the table storage bag.

While this activity table stands out as the most visually appealing option on our list, it does come with a slightly more luxurious price tag to match. Nevertheless, considering its usability until your child is eight years old, we view it as a worthwhile investment in the long run.

You can read our full review of Stoke Mu Table.


  • Suitable for ages up to eight years
  • Includes three double-sided activity boards


  • Accessories need to be bought separately
Dimensions: 82 cm x 49 cm x 87 cm
Weight: 10.8 kg
Suitable from: 18 months
Materials: MDF, solid beechwood, plywood, ABS, PS, TPU, Manganese Steel
  • Suitable for kids from 18 months to 8 years
  • Colorful, tactile play and activity boards for developing fine motor skill
  • Inspires hours of both independent and social play
  • Includes 3 double-sided boards for hours of activities: wooden cover & blackboard, landscape board, bricks board​
  • Safe with softly curved edges and sturdy wooden legs
  • Leg extensions included
  • Easy tool-free assembly
  • Made with high quality, natural wood
  • 3-year warranty

Are activity tables good for a baby?

As baby starts to develop strength in their legs and shows a willingness to stand up and walk around, an activity table is a great way to keep them engaged and entertained and is useful for many baby milestones. They are an excellent support tool because the baby can lean on the table and start to grow in confidence by standing independently.

They stimulate your baby's curiosity and in turn, develop their cognitive andmotor skills, and by making sure your chosen table has plenty of exciting toddler toys, they will begin to understand different ways objects work. Activity tables also give your baby freedom to move around while feeling secure with the table as their base.

Are activity tables good for a toddler?

Don't worry, an activity table can continue being a useful addition to your little one's playtime into their toddler years. This makes them a great investment product. Not only do toddlers still need to evolve their motor skills, but activity tables can help with their new curiosities when it comes to problem solving.

The music, lights, and activities are still great enrichment for a toddler, keeping them easily entertained. Just remember, everything is a toddler's world is pretty big, so it's an activity table at their height level will always be a nice addition to any family home.

What should you consider when buying an activity table?

The size - Will it fit in your space? Is it an appropriate size for your little one?

The design - What features does it have? Will the colours and elements appeal to your child? Is it a good sensory toy?

The price - Is it good value for money? Does it fit within your budget?

Age range - Is it suitable for your baby's age and will it grow with your little one? Does it support toddler development?

What age are activity tables designed for?

This depends entirely on the development of your baby. Most activity tables are recommended for tots between the ages of six months and three years old and they are great educational toys for one year olds and beyond. If you feel your baby is confident and ready to stand and play, activity tables are encouraged from as young as four months, but with a seat.

Should an activity table have a seat?

When considering what style of activity table to buy for your child, you'll find that some include a seat. Some activity tables can be converted into a seated position, or have the legs removed so little one can play with it on the floor. This is to help your youngster and offer the option to rest in between play. An activity table with a seat is recommended for younger kids discovering their ability to stand unaided and who can already sit upright unaided.

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