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When your baby starts learning to stand and is becoming increasingly excited about the world around them, you might want to consider buying an activity table for them. Activity tables encourage a baby to stand for longer periods of time through play and gives them that independence to learn and develop. For toddlers, activity tables or toddler tables are a great way to improve on their fine gross motor skills by doing things like figuring out puzzles.

Similar to kids sand tables, the best activity tables for babies and toddlers will be interactive and have lots of toys, knobs, and buttons for your baby to explore. These types of play tables are a lot of fun for little ones, they come in all different sizes and include features such as moveable parts and light and sound activities.

There are lots of activity tables for babies and toddlers available to buy, but which ones are the best? We've considered all options, thinking about best for small spaces and best value for money. Browse our list of favourites available for you to purchase today.

Black Friday deals on activity tables

With Black Friday in full swing, it's a great time to grab a bargain. Lots of retailers have fantastic Black Friday toddler deals, so if you are looking for a new toy, or activity table now is the time. We have found some of the best deals for activity tables for babies and toddlers, so why not take advantage of them and get a great deal.

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With so many great deals, now is a great opportunity to buy the baby or toddler items you might have on your Black Friday Wishlist, or even a chance to start Christmas shopping. Activity tables are a great item to shop right now, they are always popular with toddlers because they are both entertaining and educational, as well as providing support if your little one is practicing standing, or taking their first steps.

Editor's choice

Best overall: Vtech Play And Learn Activity Table - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best all-rounder: Baby Einstein Curiosity Table - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best for small spaces: Manhattan Toy Activity Centre - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best value: Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin' Activity Table - Buy now on Amazon UK

Hopefully, whichever you choose, selecting a good baby activity table will mean your baby stays out of the kitchen cupboards for about 10 minutes a day! Check out our list in detail below.

The best activity tables for babies and toddlers 2023

Editor's pick


Vtech Play And Learn Activity Table
Price: £29.99 (was 46.99)


With more than 600 ratings on Amazon and an average of 4.7 stars out of 5, the Vtech Play And


  • Available in three bright colours
  • Removable legs for floor time and easy storage
  • Great for numerical and communication development


  • Quite light so isn't too sturdy

Best design
Janod Activity Table Baby Forest Game
Price: £64.99


We love that we're looking after the environment with this option as it's made from wood. Not only


  • Beautiful design and durable
  • Great for fine motor skill development
  • Storage bag built into the table to tidy away blocks


  • None

Best all-rounder


Baby Einstein, Curiosity Table
Price: £74.99 (was 74.99)


Encourage your baby’s development, creativity and imagination with this brilliant activity table


  • Removable legs make it easy to store
  • More than one child can play with it at the same time
  • Removable art table that can attach to the end of table


  • Legs can become loose

Best traditional option


activity tables for babies Battat Wooden Activity Cube
Price: £59.98 (was £64.95)


The Battat Wooden Activity Cube seems pretty heavy-duty when you first take it out of the box –


  • Five sides of activities for endless fun
  • Wood has natural anti bacterial properties
  • Safe rounded corners


  • Quite large, so need storage space

Best for small spaces
activity tables for babies Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Centre
Price: £92.26


More pricey than the others on our list, but the wooden Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity


  • Natural anti bacterial properties and easier to keep clean than plastic activity tables
  • Four fun filled activities encouraging fine motor skills
  • Lovely design


  • A little fiddly to put together

Best wooden


best activity tables chad valley
Price: £22.50 (was £30)


This activity table is perfect for helping your little one learn about different shapes, colours


  • Includes stacking blocks
  • Engaging maze game


  • Topples easily

Best value
Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollinu0026#039; Activity Table

Rrp: £42.99

Price: £39.74


On a budget? This Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin' Activity Table toy has an average of 4.8


  • Affordable
  • Batteries included
  • Plenty of activities for more than one toddler to play together


  • Lightweight and not too sturdy


activity table

Rrp: £34.99

Price: £24.99


This activity table for your toddler, will have them fully entertained with the colourful

Are activity tables good for a baby?

As baby starts to develop strength in their legs and shows a willingness to stand up and walk around, an activity table is a great way to keep them engaged and entertained. They are an excellent support tool because the baby can lean on the table and start to grow in confidence by standing independently.

They stimulate your baby's curiosity and in turn, develop their cognitive and motor skills, and by making sure your chosen table has plenty of exciting toys, they will begin to understand different ways objects work. Activity tables also give your baby freedom to move around while feeling secure with the table as their base.

Are activity tables good for a toddler?

Don't worry, an activity table can continue being a useful addition to your little one's playtime into their toddler years. This makes them a great investment product. Not only do toddlers still need to evolve their motor skills, but activity tables can help with their new curiosities when it comes to problem solving.

The music, lights, and activities are still great enrichment for a toddler, keeping them easily entertained. Just remember, everything is a toddler's world is pretty big, so it's an activity table at their height level will always be a nice addition to any family home.

What should you consider when buying an activity table

• How much room do you have for an activity table?
• Will you want it to be flexible and able to move between rooms?
• Do you want one with removable legs?
• Do you want plastic or wooden?
• Is it easy to clean?

What should you consider when buying an activity table?

The size - Will it fit in your space? Is it an appropriate size for your little one?

The design - What features does it have? Will the colours and elements appeal to your child?

The price - Is it good value for money? Does it fit within your budget?

What age are activity tables designed for?

This depends entirely on the development of your baby. Most activity tables are recommended for tots between the ages of six months and three years old. If you feel your baby is confident and ready to stand and play, activity tables are encouraged from as young as four months, but with a seat.

Should an activity table have a seat?

When considering what style of activity table to buy for your child, you'll find that some include a seat. Some activity tables can be converted into a seating position. This is to help your youngster and offer the option to rest in between play. An activity table with a seat is recommended for younger kids discovering their ability to stand unaided and can already sit upright unaided.

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