The best kids sand tables to make playtime even better

Make playtime even more fun with these options of sand tables for kids.

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When thinking about growth and development: sensory experiences are important for kids. One toy you won't want to miss out on that encourages sensory learning with building along with hand-eye coordination is one of the most traditional options out there: kids' sand tables.

An activity table with various departments and accessories to build, dig and rake, sand pits and tables can be one of the most simple but exciting toys for young children. If you have toddlers and young kids looking to touch and grab things more often, sand tables can be a great way for them to play - and they don't have to be too expensive either.

The best kids' sand tables to play with in 2022

From sand toys with built-in picnic chairs to those that double up as multifunctional water and clay toys, there are lots of sand tables out there to buy. Not sure where to begin? We've wrapped up our top choice, so you don't have to go looking too far. Just check out our top picks of the best sand tables below.

Best top-rated kids sand table

Top-rated on Amazon for its all-around usability, this sand table is split in two, so you can fill the other half up with water. It's small enough to fit both inside and out, but also comes in a large size if you'd rather go for something bigger.

Age: 18 months
Dimensions: 41 x 27 x 25cm
Features: Eight accessories, lid included
Pros: Easy clip-together assembly, comes with accessories included
Cons: Not massively large

Review: "Good little toy for a 1-year-old, just the right height and will be great filled with sand or water and expecting many enjoyable hours of use."

Best kids sand table with assorted accessories

Next up is this 40-piece activity table which has a mass of accessories to choose from. Playtime will never stop with this many options! From spades to characters, buckets and castles, this one is a good choice for those who don't want their kids to get bored.

Age: 18 months
Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 58 cm
Features: Eight accessories, lid included
Pros: Easy clip-together assembly, comes with accessories included
Cons: Not massively large

Review: "Good little toy for a 2-year-old, just the right height and will be great filled with sand or water and expecting many enjoyable hours of use."

Best picnic table kids sand pit
JoJo Maman Bebe Tp Toys Early Fun Wooden Picnic Table Sandpit
Price: £60 (was £95.99)

Want a multi-functional sand table? This TP Toys wooden picnic sand table doubles up as both a picnic bench and play table, making it a great outdoor choice. Made with FSC-certified timber, this is sure to last.

Age: Two+ years
Dimensions: 102 x 62 x 50 cm
Features: Picnic table and sandpit all-in-one, removable splash tubs, wooden table top included
Pros: Multi-use play table, FSC certified European timber, removable bowls
Cons: Toys not included

Review: "Absolutely ideal. Easy to assemble on my own (mostly) in about 1 hour. It’s ideal for our two-year-old who loves the garden and playing in sand pits."

Best large kids sand table

Argos also has a good selection of sand tables, like this Step2 sand table that is large enough for multiple children to play on. It also has a useful large umbrella attachment, so the kids can stay in the shade whilst playing.

Age: Two+ years
Dimensions: 52.7 x 117.5 x 66.1 cm
Features: Both sand and water compatible, two-sided, lid included
Pros: Lots of options to play with, sand and water options, umbrella shade included
Cons: Self-assembly

Review: "I bought this for my grandsons - ages 3 & 5 - they love it. So much better with the legs and the umbrella shade proved useful. I bought extra sand but didn’t really need to. Easily covered with the lid when not in use."

Best multi-use kids sand table

Want to get creative with your sand table? Grab this option from Wayfair that's simply the activity table itself - you can fill it up with sand and grab your own themed accessories so that you can make it your own. Or, get creative with your children and make toys!

Age: 18+ months
Dimensions: 38 x 108.5 x 50 cm
Features: Multi-functional and adjustable, weather-resistant, rounded corners
Pros: Sturdy construction, easy self-assembly
Cons: Comes with no accessories

Review: "This was a present for my little granddaughter. On a very warm day, she had water put into it and had a lovely, cooling time playing. A great sand and water tray for a small child."

Best kids sand table with an umbrella

If you have children who like to get their hands dirty, this Little Tikes sand table is huge and has loads of trucks and cranes to play with, so they can dig, build and play with the sand all day. Also has an umbrella and water motion controls for some extra cool playtime.

Age: Two+ years
Dimensions: 24 x 109 x 125 cm
Features: Includes large umbrella, boat, dumper truck, crane and more
Pros: Lots of accessories to play with, an umbrella for sun protection, water motion controls
Cons: Made with older kids in mind

Review: "Bought this for my boys a couple of weeks ago and it's absolutely amazing and they love the diggers too. I didn't think it was as big as it is - it's well worth the money, the only downside is there are no holes to put the screws in you have just do it yourself."

Best table-top sand table

Sometimes you don't need a huge sand table to have all the fun. This themed ice cream sand table means your little one can make their own scoops and play with over eight different accessories as part of the kit. Just pop it on a table to enjoy.

Age: 18+ months
Dimensions: 26 x 16 x 39cm
Features: 8 different types of accessories, themed set
Pros: Lots of accessories to play with, sensory fun and themed play
Cons: Small accessories may not be suitable for younger children

Best 3-in-1 kids sand table
Dolu 3-in-1 Activity, Sand and Water Table With Lid
Price: $39.99 (was £59.99)
Alternative retailers
Walmart$59.99View offer
Kohl's$59.99View offer

Want more bang for your buck? This Dolu sand table is three-in-one, with a variety of attachments included. Change it up and make it useful for water or clay play, otherwise you can keep it as a classic sand table.

Age: Two+ years
Dimensions: 73 x 47 x 67 cm
Features: 3-in-1 sand, water and clay pit, spinning attachments
Pros: Multi-functional table, lid included
Cons: Not suitable for kids over 5
**Review: "**We love this play table, it is sturdy, brightly coloured and versatile. We keep it outside as we have no chairs that size, but it would make an excellent picnic table or colouring table inside."

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