Toddler milestones during your child’s second year

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Following their first birthday, your once teeny baby is officially a toddler! Where has the time gone?

If you're wondering what toddler milestones your tot will be hitting in the next year, you've come to the right place as we've created a quick guide on those special firsts you can look forward to.

Don't forget that all babies develop differently, so don’t be disheartened if they don’t reach a specific milestone by a certain time. You should speak to your doctor or health visitor if you’re concerned.

If your youngster is under 12 months, don't forget to check out baby milestones over their first year.

12 - 18 months baby milestones

This is perhaps the most exciting time for your little one as they'll soon be able to get around and explore a lot easier during these months.

Some of the milestone highlights to look out for include:

First steps

Though every child is different, most will walk between eight and 18 months. While you wait with bated breath for those tentative first baby steps, there are a couple of simple tricks you can do to encourage your little one to get moving.

First shoes

Once your tot has started walking, you'll want to make sure their little feet are supported with their first pair of proper shoes! We can help with our guide to choosing your baby’s first shoes.


Around this time your toddler's creative juices will be flowing and they'll be more interested in getting involved with crafts, the messier the better! There are plenty of ways you can encourage your toddler to get creative.


It's no secret that babies are developing at record speed during 12-18 months and luckily there are some great toys for 18-month-old toddlers that can help your little one learn through play.

Potty training

Potty training your toddler can be a milestone that’s as eagerly anticipated as it is dreaded! So try our expert potty training tips to find out how to know when your tot is ready to potty train, the best potty to buy, and how to go about it like a pro.

Growth spurts

Your tot's growth happens in fits and starts, with rapid increases in length or height and weight. Your baby's weight and progression will be checked by health professionals throughout their early years, but you can use this chart as a rough baby growth guideline.

Storytime and reading together

Sharing a book with your baby not only aids their language development but teaches them the physical skills they'll need to one day read a book for themselves.

2 year old baby milestones

18-24 months baby milestones

As well as they're speech really beginning to develop, at this stage, your tot will begin to understand when they need the toilet, master the stairs and enjoy imaginative play.

First tantrum

Brace yourselves, it's around this time when your tot might be expressing their emotions through tantrums. We've put together a helpful guide on how to deal with your toddlers' tantrums.

Starting to play sports

Your baby may now be able to run and even throw a ball to you. Soon they'll be able to kick a ball and they'll be able to join in with more physical games. You can shop our best toddler football goal posts here.

Can start to use cutlery

They'll start to get more confident when it comes to handling and using a spoon and maybe even a fork when they're tucking into their dinner.

Increased vocabulary

You'll notice they're coming out with all sorts of words and sounds you didn't know they knew at this point, and they'll have a vocab of around 50 words by this stage. Take a look at the best apps for your toddler's education.

More milestones and firsts

First bed

The move from a cot to a bed is a big step for your tot. Make it easy with these first bed tips and techniques.

First bike

As milestones go, riding a bike or trike is up there with the most memorable. The tumbles as well as that first wind-in-your-hair glide across the garden.

First haircut

Now, this is a milestone that completely depends on you and your child. It might happen as early as eight months or it might not be until your tot is two.


It's likely that your little one has spent some time in the water already but if you're wanting to teach them to swim, between the age of two and three is ideal.

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