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Diono Radian 5

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The new Diono Radian 5 car seat is designed to grow with your little one from newborn to seven years.

It allows rear-facing for longer, as well as forward-facing in a five-point harness.

The Radian 5 has a steel frame and metal reinforced sides, and features Safe Stop and Supergrip harness pads.

You install the seat using the car’s seatbelt; not with a belt path, but by feeding the belt through the tunnel and clip in the buckle, tighten and lock the belt and then secure the top tether.

The seat is foldable and easy to store when not in use in your car.

Diono offers a lifetime warranty for the Radian 5 car seat, free when you register your purchase online.

Tested by Hannah Robertson, mum to a four-year-old and a newborn:

This car seat was relatively easy to install but not the easiest we've tried. However this seat is staying put in the car it's in so we weren't put off by this.

Straight away we noticed how slimline it was so it didn't encroach on the other seat. This was great news as we had another seat the other side but it still left enough room for somebody to sit in the middle seat if needed.

This didn't impact the size of the seat or how comfortable it was, absolutely no complaints from my 4yr old so far.

One of the other stand out points is how solid it feels and you feel confident that should you need it, it's going to put up a good fight to protect your child.

Grandparents have commented a few times when putting our son in the seat that it's very deceptive as the frame of the seat looks quite narrow but it is extremely sturdy and reassuring.

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