Chicco Seat3Fit i-Size review

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Chicco Seat3Fit i-Size car seat

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Finding the best car seat for your baby is hugely important to every parent to make sure their little one is safe and secure. This car seat from Chicco grows with your baby, as it's suitable from birth up to seven years. Thanks to its Isofix system this car seat is easy to install, comfortable, but its star feature is its 360° rotating system. It's been awarded Bronze in our 2023 Mother&Baby Awards for Best Multi Stage Car Seat. Find out what our parent testers thought when they tried it out.

Chicco Seat3Fit i-Size overview


• Grows with your baby (suitable from birth up to seven years of age)

• Isofix system, easy to install (i-Size)

• 360° rotating system

• Six reclining positions for extra comfort


• Pricey

Testing the Chicco Seat3Fit i-Size

Our parent tested were pretty chuffed with this car seat and struggled to say a bad word about it. For many of our mum testers, naturally, the fact the chair could turn 360° was a big standout feature. "I absolutely love the Chicco Seat3Fit," said mum Natalie. "It has so many amazing features. The fact you can turn the seat 360 degrees really is a game changer. The design and colour is perfect. I really love this car seat." Natalie wasn't the only parent impressed by this. "The spin feature is fantastic," said mum Poppy. "It's particular very helpful when putting our baby in the car and taking her out compared to her newborn car seat. It's made taking our little girl in an out of her car seat SO much easier."

car seat Chicco Seat3Fit i-Size

As well as this impressive feature, our parent testers were also delighted at how easy they found to install the car seat, with many finding the QR coded YouTube video particularly handy. "I watched the how to video first through the handy QR code and then installed the car seat with ease," said mum Laura. "I also really like how the instructions for how to use this car seat come in a range of different formats to understand how to use it.," said mum tester Rose. "I liked that there is a QR code on the Isofix base which links to a Youtube video of how to install the car seat, which was amazing and even showed me how to take the fabric off the car seat so I could clean it. This gives peace of mind over any bum explosions or episodes of sickness from the baby."

Other big positives from our parent testers included the reclining positions (although some would've liked these to go further) and the fact that the car seat will last up to seven years.

Final thoughts

It was hard for our mum testers to find significant issues with this car seat as they all had such positive things to say about it, apart from they'd have liked the seat to recline a little further back. What's really impressive about this seat, as one of our mum testers rightly points out, is that this seat has Isofix, the 360 degree system and I-Size.

"I have not seen a lot of seats in the shops that have all the functions this seat has," said mum Kimberley. "Having i-Size with recline and the 360 swivel elements, as well as being Isofix. The seats that I have come across usually only incorporate a few of these elements, or have one or two missing that I would require in a seat."

Full specification

Dimensions when open: 52.20 x 44.00 x 61.50 cm

Weight: 14.60 kg

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