Joie Baby i-Spin 360 review

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Joie Baby i-Spin 360

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On the lookout for the best car seat for your baby? The Joie Baby i-Spin 360 is a 360° pivoting protector that rides rearward longer, forward safer and even turns to mum and dad for luxury loading. This i-Size safety seat makes travelling always a joy and riding ever so relaxing. With safety features like the auto-engaging side impact protection panels, rearward-facing longer usage, new test dummy technology, ISOFIX-only installation, and a better-fit formula for peace of mind, life with small children is less work and more fun.

Better yet, you can now buy the Joie Baby i-Spin 360 in a new fabric as part of Joie's Cycle Collection, where all the products are made from recycled water bottles. As well as the i-Spin 360 (which is made with 33 recycled bottles!), the cycle range includes the Joie Versatrax, Mytrax pro, i-Snug 2, i-Trillo and Ramble XL.

Joie Baby i-Spin 360 overview


  • 360° rotating seat
  • Installation indicators 
  • Plush cushioning and fabrics
  • Tri-Protect™ headrest 


  • Quite heavy

Testing the Joie Baby i-Spin 360

Our mum testers adored the 360 spin function of this baby and toddler car seat. "The integrated ISOFIX is super easy to attach, much quicker to install than a seat belt version," says mum Laurie. "The 360 spin, enables me to turn the seat to the door which means I don’t have to bend and put my head inside the car to put my daughter in the seat. This feature is an absolute godsend as I am quite tall and often bang my head putting my daughter in the car seat. I find that I can also put my daughter in the seat more comfortably. It’s much easier for us both."

"I personally think everyone needs one of these," agreed Rebecca. "I suffer from back pain and using this to turn my child and get them out of the car with ease was a lifesaver. It’s 100 per cent made my life easier and I don’t actually know if I will ever be able to go back to a normal car seat now - I may have to purchase one for my other car too!"

"I would recommend the Joie I Spin to fellow mums as it makes your life easier and enables you to get baby out of the car seat easily by rotating it towards the door. This saves you from leaning into the car and hurting your back or getting baby out in between the headrest and car seat," added Rachael.

Our mums all agreed that the Joie Baby i-Spin 360 is built very well and looked comfortable with Natasha commenting: "My daughter enjoyed sitting in it and found it very comfortable. I like that Joie has a good safety testing record, which gives me confidence that my little girl is safe and secure in her seat. She enjoyed sitting in it."

"It has been really well designed," Jemma agreed. "It is not only stylish but also really safe. Being a first-time mum and with the number of car seats on the market, the Joie i-Spin 360 sold itself. The fact that it is so easy to install, comfortable for my little boy and has many other great features, I would definitely recommend it to fellow parents. The Joie 360 is an excellent product with excellent features."

The fact that the car seat can be used from birth to 4 years of age also meant that our parents believed the i-Spin 360 was good value for money.

Final thoughts

"I would recommend this product to other mums because it just makes life that little bit easier in so many ways," says Jade. "It’s stylish and practical and brings great comfort to your baby. It’s easy to install in your car and seems really safe, sturdy and chunky. I’ve really enjoyed using this car seat and would definitely buy one."

"If I could change one thing about this car seat, it would just be how heavy it is to transport from one car to another. Obviously, if you only had one car then this would never be a problem it’s just quite heavy and chunky. I know a lot of car seats aren’t the lightest but that would be my only criticism of this car seat!"

Rebecca also didn't have much she would change. "I found it a bit tricky at first to differentiate the levers underneath for tilting the seat unit back and turning the seat into 360. But after a week or so I knew what I was doing and I found it really really easy - perhaps not putting the leavers so close to each other would make it a bit easier, but that’s all."

Joie Baby i-Spin 360 FAQ

Is the Joie i-Spin 360 suitable for newborns?

Yes! It's suitable from birth to 18kg (approximately 4 years). You'll receive a 3-piece infant insert so you can ensure your baby is as snug as possible.

What is the difference between Joie i-Spin Safe and i-Spin 360?

While the i-Spin Safe rotates 90 degrees to get baby in and out of the car, the Joie Baby i-Spin 360 rotates 360 degrees meaning it can be turned to forward face when your little one is ready.

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