Cosatto Moova Car Seat

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Cosatto Moova Forward Facing Car Seat

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This is a well-priced forward-facing seat that comes in four brightly coloured designs, which children of all ages will love. However, two of our testers did not feel confident about its child seat safety capacity and worried that it wouldn’t be roomy enough for a pre-schooler, leading to false economy.

This is a nice looking car seat that your child would enjoy because of the fun designs and is good value for money. However, we had concerns over how the seat fitted into the car and the harness straps didn’t look right, no matter what position they were secured in.

The seat is also small compared to other ones and it is hard to imagine that it would actually last up until a child is four-years-old, which is its remit. It would probably suit a small car better and although the instructions are easy to follow, it just didn’t feel as safe as others we tested

With a higher sitting position than many Group 1 seats, this forward-facing seat affords occupants a good view and so may help to alleviate travel sickness symptoms.

It is also the lightest seat we tested, so great for moving between vehicles.

It is secured using a standard three-point seat belt, so it does not feature ISOFIX, and has a five-point safety harness with quick-release buckle.

With a three-position recline, the padded armrests and reversible seat-liner offer added comfort. Tummy and chest pads are included for additional protection, plus it comes with a four-year guarantee. The most obvious selling point is the eye-catching design.

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Tester Nadine-Johanna Stewart, from London, mum to Max (13 months), said:

“This seat is light and easy to install, and its colour scheme is appealing to kids. Straps are well padded and easy to adjust. It’s also slim enough to fit beside two other seats.”

Tester Rabab Kane, from Co. Antrim, mum to Patrice, 9, Alesha, 6, Matthew, 5, and Sophia, 2¾, said:

“Very upright and a snug fit for Sophia. I couldn’t tighten the straps enough to keep her arms in. In my opinion it wouldn’t last until she’s four years old.”

Tester Dorian Spackman, from Cornwall, dad to Max (23 months), said:

“Clear instructions, bright design – a big hit with Max – easy to install and a comfortable ride. Straps slightly fiddly and seat rather upright. Great budget choice.”

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Cosatto Moova (2013)


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