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toddler football goals

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Whether your tot's a born footballer or has been grabbed by the recent World Cup and Euros, it may be time to treat them to one of these fun toddler football goals to use inside the house or outdoors.

According to Early Years Resources, playing football can offer your little one a whole host of benefits, from developing their movement, to improving their communication and teamwork skills, so starting them at an early age can be beneficial. But if you want to protect your breakables from rogue balls, or avoid losing footballs in the flowerbeds, you might want to get a toddler football net to give them something to aim for.

Our best toddler football goals at a glance:

Best toddler football goal for matches: 2 Junior Football Goal Set - Buy on Smyths
Best toddler football goal for interactive play: Chicco Moving Goal League Pro Football Game - Buy on Amazon
Best toddler football goal for portability: Foldable Football Goal for Kids - Buy on Amazon
Best 2-in-1 toddler football goal: Little Tikes 3-in-1 Sports Activity Centre - Buy on Amazon

There are plenty of options on offer, so we've rounded up 8 of the best toddler football goals to help little sports stars practice their skills safely.

The best toddler football goals 2024

Best toddler football goal set

Two toddler football goalsSmyths

For toddlers who are serious about their football, you'll need two goals and this junior football goal set has all you need for a match. The two goals will let them play against a friend or two, and one grandmother who bought them commented that "these were bought for my Grandson for his 7th birthday. He was thrilled with them and couldn't wait to have a footie game with his Dad, Uncle and Cousin."

Some reviewers noted that they were fiddly to put together so these might be best for putting in the garden and having up all summer, rather than folding them down and bringing them out when needed.


  • Small enough for little tots to score into
  • Two goals allows you to have a mini football match


  • Fiddly to put together so not great for travelling or putting up only when needed

Best for toddler football goal for interactive play

Toddler football goals
Price: £40.99

This goal can either remain stationary or move from left to right to create an even more exciting game for your toddler and test their football skills. When they score a goal, a celebration song and lights will go off and motivating music will play to help your little one to put their best foot forward. Reviewers liked this interactive play aspect, with one commenting that "it can be set to make sounds when the ball goes in the goal or set to press the button instead. The goal is on wheels so can glide side to side also. It arrived fully assembled and ready to play!" Parents liked that it came with a ball and that this is suitable for little kids, with one mum saying "the little ball that comes with it is perfect for him too."


  • Three game modes
  • Uses lights and sounds to celebrate goals
  • Comes with a ball


  • May outgrow it quickly

Best toddler football goal for portability

Foldable toddler football goalAmazon
Price: £26.99

Lightweight and highly portable, this goal is brilliant for a kickabout at the park with their best mates. It even comes with a carry bag to make it even easier to take with you. The frame is made from reinforced 9.5mm thick fibreglass poles, and parents thought this made it strong enough for their toddlers, commenting that it's a "solid build and great fun for any little football lover". One reviewer did feel it was "great for smaller kids (under 4s) but flimsy for anyone with a harder shot."


  • Foldable so easy to take on trips to the park
  • Comes with a carry bag for easy portability
  • Available in different sizes


  • Best for smaller kids as the frame might not take a harder kick

Best toddler football goal with multipurpose use

toddler football goals
Price: £43.49

This colourful football goal comes with three switches that light up and play rhymes to entertain your toddler while playing. There's also an interactive whistle and a goalkeeper that moves for a bit of a challenge. As well as helping tots with motor skills, the buttons at the top will keep them entertained with letters, numbers, songs and nursery rhymes. It can be set to English, Spanish or music mode to help with language development. Suitable for toddlers from 18 months, it’s sure to offer plenty of football fun and one reviewer commented that it's "definitely worth the money to keep an energetic child occupied."


  • Multipurpose and also helps tots with language development, numbers and music
  • Elephant goalkeeper is removable


  • Ball isn't included so will need to buy separately
  • Some thought it was smaller than expected so worth checking the measurements

Best 2-in-1 toddler football goal

toddler football goals
Price: $38.99

Suitable for 3 years+, this electronic sports centre includes a football goal and a basketball hoop for plenty of fun. The LED screen will record your toddler's score while they shoot baskets and will play fun animations while they try to get the ball in the goal. Reviewers loved that it has multiple uses with one noting that it would last and grow with the child as "there's plenty to keep him entertained and it will last a while - he's not walking yet, but he can use the netball feature and roll the football into the net. The netball feature can be raised higher and grow with him". Another agreed, saying "we got this for our girl's 1st Birthday as we thought it would be something we can play with her easily. She loves it and picked it up quickly from us what to do. First she would crawl with the balls and now she's walking at 14 months she carries them."

Parents liked that it's easy to put together - "Was really simple to build, all just clicked together with 4 screws to hold the ‘net’ in place" - and felt it's good quality though some mentioned that the goalie falls down easily.


  • Adjustable height
  • Can be both a football goal and basketball net
  • Plays 18 melodies and 4 songs


  • The goalie can fall off which is frustrating for tots

Best 3-in-1 toddler football goal

Keep your toddler entertained for hours with this Little Tikes Activity centre, aka one of the best toddler football goals on the market which is also a basketball hoop and bowling kit. When your toddler is all tired out, this activity centre can be neatly folded up, making storage easy and is suitable for 12 months+. One reviewer felt it was appropriate for her one year old but would also be good when he's walking, saying “we bought this for our grandson who is 1. He soon got the hang of the basketball hoop and bowling. He isn’t steady enough on his feet to kick the football himself yet but he rolls it into the net. We like that it will grow with him for when he is toddling properly.”


  • Digital screen tracks points
  • Is a three-in-one games centre, with football goal, basketball net and bowling pins
  • Includes 3 balls


  • Batteries aren't included

Best 4-in-1 toddler football goal

toddler football goals
Price: £40

Your toddler can become an all round sports star with this 4-in-1 football goal, which also transforms into basketball, bowling and golf. The interactive pictures will also help develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and it’s suitable for 18 months+. Infrared sensors keep track of the score and it's displayed on the LED display.

With a golf club, golf balls, bowling pins and a ball that can be used as both a basketball and football, it's a great bit of multi-sports kit that will keep your toddler occupied while helping them with their developing motor skills.

One reviewer said: “I got this as a 2nd birthday gift for my grandson. It's smaller than I expected but I'm sure he will love it. I found the clips didn't quite connect in a couple of the elements but after a bit of a struggle they went in. I just hope there isn't a problem when it needs to be adjusted for the golf and skittles games. The music it plays on the football selection is very loud and can be annoying to adults. It seems that you need to hit the net in a specific place to register the goal but we'll see when he receives it. All in all, for the price, it's a canny enough piece of kit which I'm sure he'll enjoy.”


  • Infrared sensors
  • Bowling pins, golf clubs, golf ball and ball included


  • Toddlers may need help to adjust it

Best toddler football goal with a net

Toddler football goals
Price: £43.80

This fun football game has three different electronic gaming modes and 25 different melodies for endless entertainment. Flashing lights and music create a celebration when your toddler scores a goal and it’s suitable for 2-5 years.

This is one for serious footballing toddlers, with three challenges to play alone or with friends, including Penalty Kicks, Golden Goal and Challenge. Our mum testers found that their kids loved this aspect, with mum tester Zoe saying "it’s easy to put together, the kids enjoyed using it, so much so that it got us all up and playing some football games. The kids enjoyed using it because every time they would score a goal, it would play a different sound, which they always loved hearing."

Another mum said “my 2 year old loves this toy. He loves kicking balls around and we were pretending goals before this. Now he loves getting cheered on my the crowd and the flashing lights cheering him on as he scores. My only negative to this product is the connecters for the net and the frame seem to always come loose now after a couple of weeks play. It means I have to reconnect the net after every goal."

Read our full review of the Chicco Goal League Interactive Football Net Game


  • Solo and multiplayer challenges
  • Has three competitive activities to keep kids occupied
  • Wipe clean plastic


  • Net may become unattached if moved with force

What to look for when buying toddler football goals

Size - When buying a football goal for kids the first thing you'll need to consider is the size. Not only to determine whether it'll fit in your home or garden, but to ensure that it will see them through many years of playing the sport. A lot of goals can be adjusted which will increase their longevity and usability.

Durability - For those first few years, a simple small goal with a lightweight ball for toddlers will do. If your little one has a lot of strength in their kick, you may want to opt for a sturdier goal for them to kick a football into, as cheap ones could fall apart with the impact.

Features - Many kids' football goals have fun interactive features to keep them entertained, such as lights, bright colours, movable features and songs and sounds.

Usage - Whether your toddler will be using the football net outside or indoors is a key point to consider, as some goals are bigger than others or less sturdier.

Top tip: If your goal is a bit wobbly or unsteady, purchase a sports mat with some grip and place it underneath the goal.

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