Nûby Natural Touch 6 Pack of Feeding Bottles

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Nuby Natural Touch 6 Pack of Feeding Bottles

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Nûby’s Natural Touch feeing bottle is made from premium materials and is easily integrated into a baby’s routine.

The nipple-like teat makes the product great for mixed feeders; it has been designed to allow for easy latching and the soft nubs on the teat-surface are great for soothing sore gums. It also features an advanced anti-colic system with three venting valves that allow air to flow back into the bottle, resulting in a more continuous feed although the air holes in the teat sometimes create a high pitched squeal, which might distract some babies from feeding without disruption.

The bottle has a wide neck, which makes it easy to spoon powder in without spilling but the lid can be a bit fiddly; if the teat is not aligned with the lid then milk will leak when shaking to mix the formula. Measurement markers on the bottle could be a little clearer but otherwise, a fantastic product that is good value for money.

Tested by mum Kyra Hill, 26, from West Midlands, mum to Kian, two weeks old. She says:

‘This has a good feel. Kian latched on easily, although the teat was firm and inflexible. Boiling water created pressure inside the bottle, so formula spurted out of the teat and the vents. But Kian seemed in much less pain after a feed. And after winding, he had one big burp rather than several smaller ones.’

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Nuby Natural Touch 6 Pack of Feeding Bottles

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