Tommee Tippee Made for Me Nipple Cream review

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Tommee Tippee Made for Me Nipple Cream

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Tommee Tippee Made for Me Nipple Cream locks in moisture to help keep nipples soft and supple, making mum feel comfortable throughout her breastfeeding experience. It has 100 per cent natural soothing ingredients including avocado oil, beeswax and shea butter. Its food-safe formulation is also safe for mum and baby.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Carla: As a breastfeeding mother this product is a lifesaver. It's easy to apply and has no scent so baby can feed right away. It also leaves the skin feeling smooth and soothes any soreness caused by feeding, it's also cheap and fits into any family budge,

Kimberley: This product makes mum life easier by adding comfort to nipples that have become sore during feeding! Being a new mum is difficult enough with all of the aches and pains so once the pain of breastfeeding is added, it can become easy to quit. Tommee tippee made for me nipple cream helps to soothe sore nipples and is so easy and convenient. It can be applied straight after feeding and doesn't need washing off before the next feed. It's natural and safe for baby and mum!

Finella: It's been great for me, easy to grab when in a hurry. It's a good size to fit in the front of my nappy baby bag so I can get it whenever I need to reapply. The texture of the product is so soothing, I make time to get it and apply it, a lot of things you don't get time to do when you're busy with 2 babies but I have always reached for this product to put it on, I really like it.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Danielle: I'd suggest this cream to other breastfeeding Moms who are looking for an every day moisturising nipple cream. The quality is fantastic and it's so convenient since it doesn't need washing off before feeding. It doesn't have a strong or unpleasant smell either which is a big plus for me. The tube is a good size and fits well into my nappy bag. I also love that the ingredients are natural and food-safe, I had no hesitation in feeding my son after using this product.

Kimberley: I would recommend this product to a friend/fellow mum because it actually works!!! It soothes sore nipples and really helps with the breastfeeding journey. Its safe for babies with natural products so doesn't need washing off making it brilliantly convenient. It's small enough to fit in your bag but a little goes a long way so it also makes it a good value product to buy.

Hannah: I would definitely recommend this product to both new mums and experienced mums as the relief the cream provides you get is instant and very much needed - especially in those early days when sore nipples is a given. The size of the product is very handy and perfect for popping into your change bag. It's also very easy to use one-handed while baby is in your other arm!

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Carla: Yes I would choose this product over all the others because it fits into my families budget and fits in with mine and my baby's needs. It's also widely available and easy to buy. With skin allergies in my household, I'm very cautious of what I buy and so far this product has been perfect for us.

Hannah: I would choose this product above all others on the market as it's from a well known and trusted brand for many baby products. The cream does exactly what it says on the tin and more. The relief is instant and the product is extremely reasonably priced for the relief it gives you. The product packaging is very sleek as well.

Danielle: I really like this cream because of how quickly it absorbs and how silky it feels, it doesn't drag or feel sticky like some of the other creams I have used and ultimately abandoned in a drawer as they were too painful to actually use. I think that the price point of the product is spot on, I've paid £16 in the past (My Expert Midwife No Harm Nipple Balm) and didn't like/feel the benefit of that product as much as I do this one. I think this cream would be a worthy winner for anyone looking for an every day cream however I'm not sure it would have cut it in the first few weeks of breastfeeding when my nipples were cracked and bleeding as it isn't very thick though I'd defiantly purchase it to try it out should I ever be in that situation again.

What changes would you make to this product?

Fenella: I can't think of anything, maybe I would like the product to be bigger although a little amount does go a long way. The colours are very classic which I like but sometimes I couldn't find the tube in my bag with everything else, if it was slightly brightly coloured I may be able to reach for it quicker especially during those late-night feeds in the dark. The cap is great and the tube itself I wouldn't change, so I'd say just the size so I could use more of it as I love it.

Rebecca: I wasn’t a fan of the smell, I think it was the shea butter. I would prefer more of a coconut smell if I could pick or no smell. Also if it has a smell and a new mother has a painful and dramatic time breastfeeding the smell of the nipple cream will be a constant trigger for them so having no smell would be far better.

Hannah: If I had to change one thing about this product it would be the size of the tube to make it bigger - however having said that the size it is currently is perfect as it can be used one-handed whilst holding baby in the other hand. It's also the perfect size to go in the change bag pocket so that it doesn't take up any valuable space.

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