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The Supersprogs 100 per cent cotton hoodies are cut to allow for a fuller bust, but they aren't sized like pre-natal/maternity wear and have two discreet zips, which un-zip from under the arms to allow optimum coverage whilst breastfeeding.  This also allows for tandem breastfeeding.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Leanne: It does exactly what it intends to do- makes breastfeeding that bit easier when out and about! I especially like that it is a hoody- so you can feed in folder weather such as in the park. I have previously had to undo my coat and then feed as most places only sell tops. I love the shoulder pads too.

Kate: This hoodie is really soft and warm and comfortable to wear. The zipped access for feeding makes it extremely practical for feeding outside. It is discreet and soft very material that is comfortable for the baby to snuggle up to as well. It is very thick and perfect for winter wear. I think this would be very practical. The removable shoulder pads and bibs mean that you can wash the hoody less frequently rather than only being able to wear it once!

India: The breastfeeding hoodie is amazing as it is so comfortable. As a mum to two boys, I am often tired and wanting to lounge in cosy clothes. With most loungewear, you have to lift your clothes up or pull them down but this hoodie provides easy access to your breasts and is super discreet. It is perfect for when you have family visiting!

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Kayleigh: I would absolutely recommend this product to any mum who chooses to breastfeed. The jumper was, comfy, soft, it was not restrictive I had plenty of room to manoeuvre. The zips are discreet in look and easy to access and open/close. It has an attractive design and additional special features. The jumper is easily washed and has had no fading or bobbling so far.

Jennie: I would recommend this product to fellow mums regardless of whether they’re breastfeeding or not. I think that the removable bibs are genius and very unique! My baby was very sicky before she was weaning, and I wish I had this hoodie then – would have saved so many outfit changes! This is a really fun bright design without being too childish, and I liked the large single point of interest on it without it being too busy. The material feels nice and seems to be of good quality. The company are making an effort to not use single-use plastics. When it was delivered it was appropriately packaged but without a hint of plastic wrapping in sight. This was nice.

Gemma: I would absolutely recommend the Supersprogs Breastfeeding Hoodie to other mums. It is such a fantastic design. With easy to use zippers for breastfeeding access it's a great item anyway, but add in the removable shoulder bibs which can either catch an over-the-shoulder vomit, or be removed for your baby to wear, and you can't go wrong! There are three different designs and each has a slightly different placed zip so you can choose the design which would work best for you. The fit is true to size and the item is lovely and soft and has washed really well so far.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Leanne: Yes, there aren't that many on the market a lot of nursing clothes are a bit dull and boring. I haven't had a warm hoodie that you can feed in before and I am on my third breastfeeding baby. Love the shoulder pads - genius idea! Love twinning outfits - every mum does! Would make a great gift. I am going to get my sister one as the money also goes to charity that encourages reusing and recycling clothes.

Kate: I think the ethical stance of the company really makes them stand out. The designs are very unique as well and this is a real benefit of an independent company. The design is clearly very well thought out and offers features that I have never seen with another company without looking immediately like 'nursing' clothing.

Kayleigh: I would definitely choose this product to purchase. It’s hard to say if I would choose it over other similar products on the market as it’s roughly the same price and quality. I’d say the cute design and added feature may pinch the sale, and also the fact you can choose to have matching child jumpers too.

What changes would you make to this product?

Gemma: The Supersprogs Breastfeeding Hoodie has been so well thought out it is hard to find an obvious thing to change, it is certainly a product I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. It's a minor point, but I think perhaps a tweak to the design of the shoulder bibs might make it even better, as I found the fit not quite right for my little one to wear.

Jennie: The sleeve length is marginally too short for me, and I think I have a pretty normal build and arm length. I don’t have this issue with other jumpers or long-sleeved tops. If the sleeves were about 3 or 4 cm longer it would be perfect, and I’d be tempted to buy more. If they were available in a thinner fabric as well that would be great, so I can wear them throughout the year. Same design, but done as more of a lightweight summer/autumn top.

Kayleigh: Personally I would not choose to change anything about this product. I think it’s fair value for money, good quality and makes life easier for breastfeeding mums. If I was forced to say one thing to choose. I would like to see the item slightly cheaper as this may encourage me to purchase more than one.

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