Lola & Lykke breastfeeding starter kit review

Lola & Lykke breastfeeding starter kit

by Maria Martin |
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Lola & Lykke breastfeeding starter kit includes everything you need to get you started on your breastfeeding journey - a pump, storage bags, nursing pads, carry and cooler bag, nipple teats, spare silicone part, baby bottle and 24/7 breastfeeding support.

The Lola & Lykke pump itself is a smart electric pump that's wireless, lightweight and portable. It charges through a USB port and has smart, touch screen technology. This entire kit is also a Mother&Baby Awards 2023 Silver winner.

Overview of the Lola & Lykke breastfeeding starter kit


  • Includes lots to get you started, including a pump, storage bags and nursing pads

  • Breast pump is touch screen

  • Milk storage bags are pre-sterilised

  • BPA free silicone is used


  • Not a dual breast pump

  • Breast pump shield arrives in one size, 24mm

The <meta charset="utf-8">Lola &amp; Lykke breastfeeding starter kit is a Mother&amp;Baby Awards Silver winner.

Testing the Lola & Lykke breastfeeding starter kit

Our mum testers put the Lola & Lykke breastfeeding starter kit to the test and here is what they thought.

Samantha said: "I wasn't too sure about how I'd get on with the smart electric breast pump as I'd tried a few different types of pumps when I first became a mother and felt like I was a complete Medela convert. However I really enjoyed Lola & Lykke's pump, it was very easy to use and quite effective. The digital screen was very helpful and not too sensitive."

Kristina said: "In my experience the Lola & Lykke smart electric breast pump it's great and quite comfortable to use. It automatically turns off after 20 minutes, so if you get caught up and don’t pay attention to the timings, you aren’t in danger of causing too much breast discomfort. There are different levels in the stimulation and expression modes, allowing me to fine-tune the settings to find the most comfortable setting quickly. The pump remembers the last settings I used, meaning I wasn’t required to adjust it each time. The machine also automatically swaps from stimulation mode to expression mode after two minutes, allowing you time not to have to think or look at it. When the machine arrived the instructions looked complex, but after one or two uses I was able to get a handle on all the different aspects of the machine and understood how to use it easily. It’s also very quick to drain the breast, making it easier to use quickly during the day while taking care of my baby."

Harriet said: "I really enjoyed testing out and using this product. Expressing milk can be challenging at the best of times, and this pump having only limited parts and no wires or tubes etc. made this so much easier. I was able to use the product while breastfeeding, and it was also easy to take out and about when needed."

Emma said: "I really liked this product, it was easy straight from unboxing to set up. It came with very clear and simple instructions, easy to clean parts and sterilise pre use. It was very easy to change the settings and I quickly found the right mode to work for me. In no time we had 3 ounces of breastmilk, which has taken me much longer on alternative pumps before. Unfortunately my baby wasn't too keen on his first bottle!"

Sian said: "I loved this breast pump. Setting up was really easy out the box, a few parts to put together and away we go (after the initial charge). The pump worked so well. I managed to get 3 ounces of breastmilk very quickly without needing to miss a feed. That was enough for my evening out that day so I was really happy. Next time I used the pump and I was able to feed baby from the other breast really easily as the device isn’t too bulky and I could prop it on a cushion to be hands free. I was also able to go and make a cuppa whilst using it."

Natalie said: "I really liked using this product, it was easy to use and easy to install. I wish I had two so I could pump both breasts at the same time to save time as pumping one breast at a time takes too long. The breast pump is quiet and not noisy like others and the glide pump is so smooth I didn't feel that my nipples were being pulled off."

Lola & Lykke breastfeeding starter kit specification

Material: BPA free silicone

Includes: a pump, storage bags, nursing pads, carry and cooler bag, nipple teats, spare silicone part, baby bottle (6oz) and 24/7 breastfeeding support

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