Natal Active breastfeeding, nursing and maternity hoodie review

natal active maternity hoodie

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The Natal Active breastfeeding, nursing and maternity hoodie is a stylish hoodie that's suitable during pregnancy and post natal when breastfeeding. It's made from thick cotton/spandex fabric with a fluffy fleece lining for added comfort.

This cute hoodie, also seen on former Love Islander Camilla Thurlow, has a discreet zip that's long zip from bottom to top to keep you warm during the colder months. It has thumbholes for hands and is a Mother&Baby Awards 2023 Silver winner and a Gold winner for the Mother&Baby Awards 2024.


  • Great outer wear
  • Soft material
  • Stylish, comfortable hoodie
  • Perfect size zip for breastfeeding


  • Not quick dry
  • Price point
  • Sizing not exact

Testing the Natal Active breastfeeding, nursing and maternity hoodie

Our mum testers put the Natal Active breastfeeding, nursing and maternity hoodie to the test and here is what they thought.

Joanne said: "The hoody is really comfy and excellent for the colder months. The stretchy material makes it good for pregnancy (I received mine after the baby was born) and also for changing body shape in post natal days. The zips are an excellent size and position for access and not in any way scratchy for the baby which was perfect. I didn’t have anything for colder weather for easy access so this was perfect."

Jazmine said: "I really liked the hoodie, it was comfortable, soft and very cosy. It's particularly great that it adapts with your growing belly during pregnancy but also doesn't look baggy when in the post partum period breastfeeding. It goes with everything and makes breastfeeding in public easier due to the zip meaning that you don't have to pull up your top if you are feeling a little self conscious."

Natal Active breastfeeding, nursing and maternity hoodie

Vicky said: "First of all, I just want to say I really loved this product. Delivery was speedy and communication was excellent. On first receiving the breastfeeding hoodie the first thing I noticed was how lovely it felt. It is so soft and it is extremely well made. More so than any other hoodie I own and I do have quite a few! It is the second time I have used a breastfeeding hoodie and it is much better than another product I have used. The hidden front zip is genius, and I have had a lot of wear out of it. In fact I would wear it even if I wasn't breast feeding over other hoodies I own! My 11-month-old also gets on well with it and I think as the weather cools it will become my jumper of choice!"

Hannah said: "Great outerwear for the months where it is too hot for a coat but too cold for a T-shirt. It is generally quite hard to find something cosy to wear whilst breastfeeding your child, but this hoodie was a great addition to my maternity wardrobe. It allowed me to discreetly breastfeed whilst keeping warm. I was able to sit outside comfortably on a park bench to breastfeed instead of having to go to the car."

Paighton said: "The maternity hoodie is amazing, it fits perfect and is true to size. I was shocked with how amazing the quality was and how comfortable it felt when wearing it. The hoodie has two zips either side of the chest area which is perfect for breastfeeding your little one. The material is super comfy and soft and is quite stretchy which I prefer as it does not grip you in any way. The material made me feel slimmer and good in myself. A pocket is provided on the front of the hoodie which is super ideal and the cuffs of the hoodie have two finger holes which i love. I chose the hoodie in navy and so glad I did as the colour is lovely and I was able to wear with most outfits. I had many compliments when wearing my hoodie due to how it looked and felt."

Kay said: "I absolutely loved this hoodie. It was soft, warm and most importantly really great when it came to breastfeeding. The zips meant that I could easily and discreetly feed my baby without having to remove the hoodie. I used it constantly on a family holiday where we were out and about every day. I felt so confident breastfeeding in public. The colour was perfect and it didn't show much when my baby dribbled some milk onto the top."

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