Haberman Suckle Feeder review

from Haberman
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The Suckle Feeder is the only bottle that allows a baby to actively suckle, mimicking breastfeeding. Designed with a valve system that helps babies feed at their natural pace, it uniquely restricts three routes to air ingestion, from inside the bottle, o

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2015 – Shortlisted for 'Best Product for Bottle Feeding' Award!

The Suckle Feeder by Haberman is an intuitive bottle that adapts to the strength of your baby’s sucking reflex. It has been designed to complement breastfeeding and is particularly effective as a pre-weaning bottle as it mimics the natural flow of breast milk. The strength of the milk flow can be changed during a feed as opposed to using separate teats, which is genius (and cost efficient).

The Suckle Feeder will probably not make sense unless the instructions are thoroughly but once the ideas and the method have clicked into cognisance, using the bottle will be quite simple. Nonetheless, a quick, less complicated promotional video would be helpful!

A clever product that is good value for money.

2015 – Shortlisted for 'Innovation of the Year' Award!

Haberman’s Suckle Feeder is great for combination feeding – breast and bottle. The self-releasing teat allows babies to feed from the bottle as if it were a breast; it requires more effort (than with a free-flow teat), which can tire baby out but the product’s natural inclination makes it much easier to swap between breast and bottle without causing confusion. If the bottle is used correctly, it should also stop baby from sucking in air, which is good for little ones who suffer from colic or reflux.

The aesthetic of the Suckle Feeder is a bit daunting and seems complicated at first glance but after studying the instructions (of which there are many) it becomes a lot clearer although a quick link to a promotional video would be a handy addition to the manual.

A clever product that has the potential to make complicated feeds considerably less complicated. Good value for money!

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