Emma-Jane Maternity 821 Breastfeeding Top

from Emma-Jane Maternity
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Emma-Jane Maternity 821 Breastfeeding Top

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As an item of clothing this breastfeeding top is attractive, and you can happily wear it without a second top over it, as it looks just like a nice, normal vest.

The clips to open the top are easy to use and can be opened and closed with one hand, and have kept their shape after numerous time of opening and closing. The top has a built-in supportive layer across the bust.

The material wasn't too thin, so it helps to keep your tummy tucked in. However, not having a pattern meant it showed baby drool very easily.

It was slightly higher cut than other nursing vests, giving greater coverage. It gave good support too.

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Emma-Jane Maternity 821 Breastfeeding Top

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