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After the weaning stages and introducing your baby to new foods, you'll notice that your toddler is developing a sense of independence when it comes to meal times. During this phase, you may want to encourage their autonomy by involving them in shopping trips, allowing them to choose between meals and eating from the best toddler plates.

As well as helping to develop their fine motor skills, using cutlery that's specifically for toddlers keeps them engaged during meal times with their fun designs. That's why we've rounded up plenty of toddler plates suitable for their little hands.

There's a variety of toddler plates available, from divided plates to suction plates. Either way, it all goes towards helping you raise a happy eater.

What to look for in a toddler plate?

There's a lot to consider before making a purchase when it comes to a new plate for your little one. Here are some things to look out for when buying a plate for toddlers.

Is it within budget? Thankfully, these products tend to be fairly affordable. However, it's good to stick to a budget if an expensive cost is something you're wanting to avoid. There are some great budget options available at local supermarkets.

What material is it? Your toddler's plate needs to be made from a lightweight, durable and easy to clean material that isn't going to smash if it falls off the table (and believe us, it will). If sustainability is important to you, choosing non-plastic alternatives like bamboo is a great option. If you do prefer to use plastic, look for certified non-toxic materials without traces of BPA.

Is it dishwasher safe? A plate that's easy to clean is a must, but having one that's suitable for use in the dishwasher is an even bigger bonus. If this is something that's important to you, always read the specifications to see if it can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Does it have suction cups? If you have a mischievous little tot who likes to make a bit of a mess during meal times, perhaps a plate with suction cups on the bottom may be an idea. These plates stick to the table and stop them from moving their plate about too much.

Is it divided? A lot of toddler plates tend to be divided into sections, but if this isn't your thing, you can always choose a plate that is undivided. This generally comes down to preference, or whether you have a tot who's a fussy eater.

Best toddler plates

Best toddler plate set bundle


This bundle was awarded Gold in our [2023 Mother&Baby

Best tray-style toddler plate
Price: £16.99


The [EasyMat MiniMax won Silver in the Mother&Baby Awards

Best toddler plate with dividers
Munchkin Stay Put Divided Plates

Rrp: £15.37

Price: £14.98


Meal times can get messy with a new self-feeding baby or toddlers that are learning their

Best toddler plate with no dividers
Vital Baby Nourish Perfectly Simple Plates
Price: £3.75


Not only are these plates great value for money, but they're also free from toxic chemicals such

Best toddler plate to keep their attention

Rrp: £7.42

Price: £6.00


Munchkin Lil' Apple Plates are ideal for toddlers learning to eat a variety of foods, with three

Best toddler plates with deep dividers
WeeSprout Silicone Divided Toddler Plates, Pack of 3
Price: £17.74


These divided plates are microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe. They're easy to clean and

Best stain resistant todder plate
Price: £12.01 (was £20.01)


The Sili Elephant plate is perfect for picky eaters with its deep compartments, and a great way to

Best toddler plate overall
bamboo bamboo® Toddler Suction Cup Bamboo Plate
Price: £16.99


Shortlisted Best Toddler Food Range/Product at the 2021 Mother&Baby Awards
[**Read our

Best toddler plate with simple design
Price: £11.65


There never seems to be enough plates in the cupboard with your snack-happy toddler around. These

Best toddler plate with deep base
Price: £10 (was £12)


A stylish pick for snacking, dividing, dipping or portioning, that grips surfaces firmly and helps

Best toddler plate with novelty design
Price: £9.99


This plate has a unique design in bright colours to make mealtime more fun for your little one.

Best toddler plate with cute design

Rrp: £12.95

Price: £8.99


In colour choices of pink, blue or green, this toddler plate with a suction cup base will have

Best toddler plate with spoon
Price: £18.99


Yet another sustainable alternative to plastics, this ethically made and organic bamboo plate

Best transitional toddler plate
Price: £8.50 (was £14)


The doddl Plate is expertly shaped for gaining mealtime skills. The lip at the back helps keep

Best ceramic toddler plate


Ready to make the transition from plastic to a grown-up plate for your toddler? This porcelain

Best toddler plates: Our verdict

The best plate for toddlers would have to be the bamboo bamboo® Toddler Suction Cup Bamboo Plate. As well as having a number of differentdesignsavailable, the fact that they're made from bamboo means they're one of the more sustainable options.

Not only are these toddler plates better for the environment, but their designs are adorable too. From unicorns to bears to foxes, your toddler will recognise some of these friendly faces. With suction cups placed strategically on the bottom, it makes it harder for them to knock their plate over.

Finally, the bamboo bamboo Toddler Suction Cup Bamboo Plate is the highest-reviewed product on this list. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon from fellow parents who can't recommend this toddler plate enough. Therefore, this plate has to take the winning spot on our list.


Why do toddler plates have sections?

Toddler plates with sections allow the parent to divide portions according to a healthy balanced meal. Visually, this may help with the meal planning process for your toddler. It's good to get a variety of healthy food on your toddler's plate - and these sections remind us how to portion their food according to the food groups.

Are divided plates good for toddlers?

A divided plate may help toddlers with sensory sensitivities when it comes to enjoying their meals. Sensitive eaters may dislike their food touching, putting them off the whole meal. Therefore, divided plates allow them to really enjoy their meals, as this way, their food can be separated.

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