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BabyBjörn Baby Bouncer Balance Soft

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This folds flat for easy storage, and offers three recline positions. The fabric is especially soft (and machine washable) and the ergonomic design offers good hammock-style head-and-back support. This seat is suitable for up to age two and is chic, sleek and stylish. A compatible toy arch is also available.

Tested by Jen Naulls, 31, mum to William, three months. She says:

Beware toddlers rocking this over-enthusiastically, as it’s really bouncy! It’s lightweight and folds flat, which is perfect for travel. The fabric is soft and supportive, and the button fastener doesn’t nip your fingers, like buckles can. For the price, I’d expect the toy bar to be included.

Tested by Katy Tanton, 34, mum to Joseph, four months. She says:

Initially we loved this chair. The fabric is super-soft and the seat position is great. It’s slim and space-saving, and looks very stylish. Joseph quickly worked out how to rock himself, which he loved. But there’s no toy bar or entertainment, so he was bored within minutes. I’m slightly worried my nephew might catapult him across the room, too!

Tested by Amanda Lancaster, 31, mum to Lottie, three weeks. She says:

Sleek, stylish and streamlined, this is gorgeously designed. It takes up minimal storage space when folded, and is easy to move around the house. The lack of toy bar and music or light features is a plus for me, as it’s lighter than others and no batteries are required. Lottie’s really happy in this and has started bouncing herself.

Tested by mum Elizabeth Porter for the M&B Awards 2016:

Why would you recommend this product to a friend/fellow mum?

I would recommend this bouncer, I am a fan of the bjorn brand and think they really think about the comfort of the baby alongside their physical development. It is easy to use, clean, fold away and having the different height options make it useful for relaxing or playing. My little one loves it she gets over stimulated with vibrations etc and this really seems to keep her happy as she can control the movement. It can be used for older children as well which makes it value for money. I also like how it looks as it is not too intrusive wherever we put it.

How does this product make your life easier as a mum?

It is a nice safe place to put our little without her having to lie flat. She is she coming more interested in things and this helps to entertain her. This means I can get on with my jobs and look after the others too.

If you could change one thing about this product what would it be?

I would probably like to have an option to have an additional cover ‘wash one use one’ included as it can get quite dirty with my dribbler.

Tested by mum Danielle Reuby for the M&B Awards 2016:

Why would you recommend this product to a friend/fellow mum?

This is a very practical compact bouncer, it may not have the bells and whistles of the others but in many ways this is better. The 3 seating positions is better than some of the bouncers and my son looks very comfortable in it. Its ability to be easily cleaned and dried is excellent when you have a refluxy baby. It has 3 different heights which is great for different moods. It folds down very easily making this extremely transportable from room to room or for visiting. I have also found it cool enough to bring out into the shade in the garden too. It can convert into a seat when older. We have tried this and our son seemed quite comfortable too. Therefore it could be value for money as it can last longer than many. I am not 100% sure how a tiny newborn would take to it, there is something about the padding or the ones that lie flatter seem better in the early weeks.

How does this product make your life easier as a mum?

It is a nice comfortable place for baby to go after his feed. He has reflux so needs to stay upright as much as possible. This does the trick as it is just the right height. This allows me to do my jobs or play with my toddler allowing my little man to either sleep or watch his brother. If we are visiting for any length of time this is an excellent addition to throw in the car so baby has somewhere to sit/ nap. As it can get a little messy with spitting up or accidents, This really is quick and easy to clean unlike some of the more hi-tech bouncers being it can be back in action in no time.

If you could change one thing about this product what would it be?

As it is more transportable than most bouncers maybe a carry bag to store it in. This would make it even more suitable for visiting / transporting.

Tested by mum Andrea Holden for the M&B Awards 2016:

Why would you recommend this product to a friend/fellow mum?

This is a compact little bouncer seat, which is easily transportable as it folds down flat. The different seating positions are a handy addition to make it quite useful. i like the deeper seat which looks comfortable it is a little un-stimulating though and quite expensive for the lack of features.

How does this product make your life easier as a mum?

I have used this to help start the weaning process as she looks more comfortable than the high chair.

If you could change one thing about this product what would it be?

To have some toys or something to create interest.

Tested by mum Jane Hobday for the M&B Awards 2016:

Why would you recommend this product to a friend/fellow mum?

This bouncer has nice soft fabric and the rocking motion is really smooth. It's extremely easy to use straight from the box and the best thing about this is that it lies completely flat when not in use. It is a simple and understated design which goes with any room and isn't like the usual brightly coloured baby tat!

How does this product make your life easier as a mum?

I like how smal this rocker packs away so you can slide it under a bed or sofa and take to put when you need it - this means the house looks tidier and it makes it transportable to grandparents etc.

If you could change one thing about this product what would it be?

I really liked this product - it's just so simple. I think the only thing that could be added is a toy bar to keep baby occupied. As a seat it's great but you do have to entertain baby if you want him to stay in there happily.

2015 – Shortlisted for 'Best Bouncy Chair, Rocker or Seat' Award!

The BabyBjörn Baby Bouncer Balance Soft is easy to put up and folds down flat for storage purposes. It offers three different positions (for play and rest), converting to a chair for toddlers, and is very stable. The cover is removable and washes well; it’s also simple to get back on.

Unfortunately the toy bar that is made for the chair is an added extra, which merely ups the cost of an already pricey product. The bouncer has no extra features, like lights, music or a vibrating function (as many other bouncers do); whether the product will keep a child over 12 months entertained is uncertain.

However, the bounce action is good and the colour options are modern and super stylish. It’s expensive for a chair that doesn’t do very much but it is convenient – light and easy to transport – which is appealing; a factor that many parents will be willing to pay for.

2014 – 'Bouncy Chair, Rocker or Seat' Award!

BabyBjörn’s Baby Bouncer Balance Soft is user-friendly – assembling easily and folding flat (which is great for both storage and transportation). It is comfortable for baby and has three positional features for play, rest and sleep. The chair’s spring action is natural and gentle, and babies seem to love the fact that when they kick their legs the chair bounces. The fabric seat is soft and moulds to the shape of baby’s body. It can also be removed for washing. The chair includes a harness is safe and secure for even the wiggliest of babies.

The quality of the bouncer means that it will last a long time but as babies get older and are keen to move around a lot more, the chair will lose its appeal – a mere recline will not be enough to keep baby stimulated. BabyBjörn does do a ‘Wooden Toy’ and ‘Soft Toy’ add on for the bouncer but this would, of course, increase the cost of an already pricey product.

All in all, a well-made bouncer that won’t disappoint.

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