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If your little one is struggling to settle and it almost seems like they never want to be put down, the next best thing for them might just be a baby bouncer. As well as being a super source of entertainment, baby bouncers can also help to soothe babies so that they're ready for their nap. Yet, so many baby bouncers on the market are becoming increasingly expensive, with some as much as £300! Taking this into consideration - we've put together a list of cheap baby bouncers (with many doubling up as baby swings) to make cutting costs easier.

Is a baby bouncer suitable to use from birth?

Age suitability totally depends on the style of baby bouncer, so it's always worth double-checking the product specifications. Some bouncers require babies to be able to lift their heads independently in order for them to be suitable for them to use, especially jump-style bouncers.

While there are bouncers that say they're suitable from birth, newborns should not be in them for long periods due to the angle of the seat. Baby bouncers, should not be used for any more than 20 minutes. Staying in this position for too long can cause strain on spine development and restricted airflow to the lungs in babies.

Additionally, baby bouncers are not designed for babies to nap in, so if baby doses off, you should put them down in their cot where they can lie flat on their back. Once they're able to sit up unaided, a baby bouncer is no longer safe for them, as they could easily tip the bouncer over.

Here are some vital tips on baby bouncer safety:

1. Check first that the product is safe to use and away from any hazards.

2. Never leave your baby unsupervised while they are in their bouncer.

3. Always make sure to use the bouncer on the floor, not on tabletops or beds.

4. Do not carry baby bouncers with your baby inside.

5. Make sure straps are secure but not restrictive.

6. Limit time in the bouncer to 20 minutes a day or less.

7. Don't allow your baby to sleep in the bouncer - if they dose off, move them to their crib.

8. If your baby can sit up unaided, a baby bouncer is no longer safe for them.


The best cheap baby bouncer 2022

Here's our list of the best cheap baby bouncers, for as low as £40 and less.

A simple and easy to assemble baby bouncer that gently rocks the little one, keeping them occupied. They'll be a joy to watch as they kick their little feet to rock themselves in this bargain bouncer.

Brightly coloured and full of fascinating jungle animals, pop your cheeky monkey in this bouncer, and they'll be giggling in no time.

Review: "I bought this for my grandson to use when he visits. It is just want I wanted. It's not only padded enough to lie on, it's also brightly coloured to help him to interact. I am super happy with this item. It was a very good bargain and excellent quality."

Complete with hanging toys to keep their little hands busy, this bouncer also comes with a setting to add soothing vibrations that baby may find settling.

Review: "Great quality for the price. My son is five weeks and starting to want to look at everything, so the attachments on the chair really keep his attention."

Likewise, this comfy baby bouncer comes with a soft toy bar, but this one is detachable. As well as vibration settings, this musical bouncer also plays sixteen different tunes to keep them engaged.

Review: "I recommend anyone looking for a baby bouncer this is the one!! Good price and good quality"

This rocking bouncer is brightly coloured and comes with hanging toys to keep their interest. Featuring jungle animals with different textures, baby won't be able to help but be totally immersed. However, the toy bar is removable if you're wanting them to settle. Just turn on the vibration setting to soothe them.

Review: "We brought this for a spare to put in the car. But actually swapped it for our main one from our more expensive alternative. It’s really bouncier and also the toys make it really entertaining for my little one."

cheap baby bouncer
Price: $71.25

A removable toy bar featuring plush elephants will allow baby to keep themselves entertained for a little while.

Review: "With all the expensive and extravagant baby bouncers and chairs on the market, I was tempted by some of the big brand ones. But I just couldn’t bring myself to spend loads on a baby chair that my baby might not like sitting in or may not be in for very long. I am really pleased I bought this chair. For the first week or so, it seemed huge so I supported my baby at the sides with a muslin. Since then it has been perfect."

A super fun bouncer that securely attaches to the doorframe for the little one to bounce around with Lenny the Lion. They'll be delighted with Lenny's crinkle mane and squeaky nose - he even comes with a teething ring. To ensure correct posture, this bouncer has a snug and supportive seat. This bouncer should only be used when baby can lift their head unaided, and for short periods of time.

Review: "Finally I have time to tidy the table and wipe up the mess after breakfast by popping the little one in this. With this hung up in the kitchen doorway, she’s happy bouncing around for 10 minutes or so because she can see me. It looks very secure and the height is adjustable."

Another great option from Fisher-Price is this more muted design, but still fun nonetheless. With a removable toy bar and soothing vibration setting, baby will be fascinated by the jungle animal toys that hang around them.

Review: "Nice material and good design, but best of all newborn granddaughter loves it. She happily coos and gurgles at the animal shapes on the bar, the zebra being her favourite. We see her for overnight stays twice a week and she has been using it from six weeks old and she definitely remembers it. Good buy highly recommended."

This soft, cosy bouncer comes in pink featuring bunnies, flowers and butterflies. It's the perfect gift for a new addition to the family, or as a way to keep your own little one occupied. A detachable toy bar means that when it's time to settle, you can turn on the vibrations to help calm baby down for their nap.

Review: "I got this for my 6-month niece, she loves playing with the toys, especially the butterfly. The bouncer is also in pretty pink colour and feels soft enough for baby to sit in."

How much do baby bouncers cost?

Baby bouncers can cost anywhere from £10 to £300. Depending on the design, the more high-end options can come with features like MP3 plugins, built-in sound and different rocking patterns.

Meanwhile, cheap baby bouncers can be bought pre-owned on sites like eBay. However, it's worth checking whether the product has been recalled before purchasing. Always be aware that used items generally don't come in perfect condition, potentially running risks of hazards later down the line.

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