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Inspired by the carefree float of a leaf on a breeze, simply give this Nuna rocker a gentle nudge to sway it from side to side.

How long can baby use the Nuna Leaf Grow?

The Leaf Grow is suitable right from birth until your baby is 60kg. It comes with a cosy infant insert when your baby is tiny and easily removes as your child grows. The seat pad has a three-point harness which is also removable and it can then be transitioned to a toddler seat.

Thanks to the three-point recline, the rocker can be adjusted so it's suitable low down for a baby and higher when your toddler wants to sit more upright to watch Hey Duggee.

The Nuna Leaf Grow sway

One of the major selling points of the Leaf Grow is that it doesn't make a sound, rocking side-to-side to soothe your baby. It's impressively smooth and with a gentle nudge, it'll glide for roughly two minutes. Some parents prefer a bouncer that is motorised and they don't need to assist with but we like that this one has no wires or batteries and is so much quieter.

Storing the rocker

Quick to assemble (we're talking seconds!), the instructions are really easy to follow and you'll be using it pronto.

While it's certainly attractive enough to keep out if you want to, you can simply remove the Nuna Leaf Grow bouncer from the base to store it. It is still fairly bulky though, so you'll need a decent amount of storage space.

How safe is the Nuna Leaf Grow?

There's absolutely no need to worry about your baby's safety with the Nuna Leaf Grow. As well as being easy to get your child in and out of, the velcro straps to strap them in with are sturdy but comfortable.

It also easily locks in a stationary position for feeding or playtime. It won't move around on any type of flooring either, whether you've got carpet or wooden and laminate floor.

Plus, the fact there are no wires or cords for your baby to obviously a huge bonus, meaning there's nothing for your little one to chew on or for you to trip on. Phew!

Is the Nuna Leaf Grow worth it?

With an RRP of £240, the Leaf Grow is definitely on the pricier side when it comes tobaby rockers and bouncers. That said, the longevity of the product is really impressive and we love how well it fits into our home, it really is a stylish bit of kit that won't ruin the aesthetic of your living room.

Nuna Leaf Grow reviews

"Love this stylish baby rocker - ordered it this time round as having baby number 3 and wanted my other 2 children to be able to use it also whereas any other bouncer would have broke."

"It’s quiet, not plastic, will grow with my little man and it is beautiful. He loves it and falls asleep in the swaying motion. Also, it’s light enough to carry from room to room. He plays with his duck while I make coffee in the kitchen. It’s worth it. Also, it can be your baby chair as your child grows. This was a great investment!"

Product Information

  • Dimensions: H44 x W70 x D70cm

  • Weight: 6.9kg

  • Suitable from birth to 60kg

  • Certified Oeko-tex® fabric and GOTS certified organic insert fabric

  • Base has motion lock for feeding or playtime

  • Seat simply detaches from base for storage or quick trips

  • Three recline positions

  • Seat pad with 3-point harness is removable and transitions to a toddler seat.

  • Machine washable fabrics

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