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A selection of the best door bouncers

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Spending time playing and exploring the world is a big part of your bubba’s day as they grow older. It’s how they start to build on their gross and fine motor skills. They may not be completely crawling or walking yet so they’ve got to be able to strengthen their muscles somehow. A door bouncer may just be the best thing to help with that.

Wondering what a door bouncer is? It’s basically a seat that attaches to your door frame that baby can sit in and use their tiptoes to push themselves off the floor and bounce around. Not only will it give your little one a chance to develop their body strength, but it also provides some entertainment for them too. The best door bouncers will also have some extra elements attached like teething toys and mirror to provide additional fun and make it into a sensory experience for them.

If you haven't got a lot of room in your home for a separate baby jumper, a door bouncer might just be the next best thing. It will securely hang from a door frame, so it won't take up additional floor space around the house.

Are baby door bouncers safe?

The best door bouncers are safe to use, but only for short periods of time. According to the NHS, it's best to use any kind of baby bouncer, walker or seat for no more than 20 minutes at a time. Bouncers encourage babies to stand on their tiptoes and can delay walking if your baby uses them a lot. Your baby should never be left alone and should be supervised at all times while in their door bouncer too.

Always make sure that your chosen bouncer is fully secured to your door frame before you put your baby in one. Plus, you'll want to make sure the straps or harnesses are secure but not too restrictive, making sure your little one is safe but also comfortable.

Some door bouncers have recommendations on the thickness of your walls and the width of your door frame for the safest use. The wider the door frame the better, as your little one will have plenty of room to bounce and jump around without accidentally bumping into anything.

What age are door bouncers suitable for?

For safety purposes, you should only allow your baby to use a door bouncer when they have enough strength to fully support and hold their head up. This is around the six-month mark.

You should make note of the manufacturer's recommended weight limit when you install your door bouncer. This will give you a good indication of when your little one should stop using it. If your baby is too heavy for their bouncer, it could put extra strain on the springs and straps and cause them to snap. This varies between each of the best door bouncers on our list, but the average maximum weight is around 12kg.

The best door bouncer 2023

Wondering what the best door bouncer is? You've come to the right place. We've searched the web to bring you a selection of baby door bouncers and jumpers that are sure to keep your little one entertained.

Best for no tool assembly
Bright Starts, Door Jumper & Bouncer
Price: $29.99
Alternative retailers
Target$29.99View offer
Walmart$29.99View offer
Macy's$29.99View offer

Wherever you go, this jumper fits right into almost every doorway and stays right in your sight. The frame is lightweight and easy to remove so you can take it wherever you need to go.

Review: "My grandson absolutely loves this item. It’s strong and easy to assemble. Highly recommended"


  • Straightforward to assemble


  • Some reviewers felt it would be better for baby to have more comfortable support
Weight limit:12kg

Best door bouncer with toys attached
Bright Starts Bounce 'n Spring Deluxe

Rrp: $49.99

Price: $39.99
Alternative retailers
Target$39.99View offer
Walmart$64.77View offer

A deluxe version of the Bright Starts bouncer featured above, this one includes a mirror for self-discovery, a leaf teether and two plush toys to keep them occupied. It’s also got a padded seat ring and a soft pillow attached to ensure your bubba has the utmost comfort while they're bouncing.

Review: "One of the best things for a baby to have! He is having so much fun, plus momy and daddy gets free hands! Easy to use. Funny to watch bouncing and swinging baby."


  • Colourful design


  • Some reviewers felt the seat was a little wide for younger babies
Weight limit: 12kg

Best lion bouncer

Little ones will love playtime with Lenny the Lion. His mane is crinkly, his nose is squeaky and he comes with two teether rings, all designed to encourage your bubba to bounce. For your peace of mind, it has adjustable straps and a back buckle for a secure fit.

Review: "Lovely bouncer. Very affordable price and it certainly seems sturdy and secures my 6 month old well. He absolutely loves it- gives him a chance to move around in a way that is economic with space as we didn’t have room for anything big like a jumperoo. He also seems to enjoy the crinkle texture and rings on the little lion toy. It can be a little awkward to get the baby in and out of but it seems very safe once they are in."


  • Plenty to keep baby occupied


  • Some parents had difficulty getting their little one in and out of it at times
Weight limit:12kg

Best bouncer with removable toys

If you're worried about your walls and doors getting scuffed by a door bouncer, this one has rubber foam surrounding the playtray and a spring-loaded door clamp that are both designed not to leave marks. A great choice for both parents and babies will love that it comes with colourful toys attached too.

Review: "Oh this must be the best buy for my entertainment as well as my lil one. She jumps so high and loves it soo much. What makes me giggle is her feet when she jumps. Looks like ballerina feet, you'll have to see it to understand. Very cute ."


  • Seat pad can be removed and put in the washing machine for easy cleaning


  • Height can't be adjusted as much as parents would have liked
Weight limit: 11kg

Best compact bouncer
The Original Jolly Jumper Baby Exerciser with Door Clamp

Rrp: $93.01

Price: $70.01

The Jolly Jumper helps develop their rhythm and coordination, strengthens their muscles and improves their balance. It'll give them the feeling of having complete freedom of movement while being safely strapped in.

Review: "We bought the Jolly Jumper for our (then) 5 month old as a Christmas present. We were torn between this and a floor unit jumper but we are so glad we went for this product in particular. It is sturdy and feels so secure. Little man is very comfy in the harness. It travels with us everywhere, to grandparents and around the house so he can jump whilst I get on with jobs. It's latest adventure is to come with us to South Africa where we are visiting family and little man jumps around in the shade looking at the garden. The best thing is he absolutely loves it. It's building his confidence and always makes him laugh. He is now so strong on his legs and tries to jump on everyone and everything! Would definitely recommend."


  • Can be machine washed in cold water


  • The price
Weight limit:12.7kg

Best brightly coloured bouncer

Strong, secure and designed to support the forces of a child at play. The seat is fully supportive, super soft and padded, ensuring your little one maintains the correct posture and can stay comfy while they bounce.

Review: "This is a great door bouncer. It is well made and easy to adjust to the right height. It grips the door frame well and the harness around the baby is secure. I have no worries about my babies safety whilst in it. My baby loves it! First time in it was a bit unsure as its different to what he is used to. He now loves it and his face lights up when he goes in it."


  • Designed to make putting baby in and out of it easy


  • Some reviewers mention they felt it would be best suited for wide doorways
Weight limit:12kg

Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper

Rrp: $39.99

Price: $29.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$39.99View offer

The Evenflo door jumper helps develop core muscles and provides entertainment for your little one without taking up floor space. We love the cute owl print on the seat.

Review: "Amazing product with excellent quality & even fabulous looks. Must buy to make ur child active. My child loves to jump in it."


  • Cute print


  • Lower weight limit compared to other door bouncers on our list
Weight limit:10kg

Best door bouncer alternative

If you’re not sure whether a door bouncer would be right for your little one, a jumper may be a better option. Just like a door bouncer, your little one will be able to bounce around in their seat by pushing their toes to the floor. The difference is that jumpers don’t need a door frame for support as they already have their own frame. They usually have more features to keep baby’s attention too, such as colourful toys, stimulating lights and enchanting music.

Here are a few of our favourites, but if you’d like to see more options, we’ve got a whole article dedicated to baby jumpers.

Best rainforest baby jumper
Fisher-Price Roarin' Rainforest Jumperoo

Rrp: $172.00

Price: $131.99

With a 360-degree rotatable chair, your little one will be able to discover the world around them with ease. It's fully equipped with music, lights, sounds and toys to encourage bubba to bounce, designed with fun rainforest theming.

Review: "Bought as a Christmas present for my 7 month old grandson. He loves it. Great that it can be height adjusted. Good quality. He is very interested in the toys around it. Very pleased with my purchase."


  • Easy to fold and store away


  • Batteries not included
Weight limit:12kg

Best Disney baby jumper
Bright Starts Peekaboo Baby Activity Jumper & Bouncer

Rrp: $109.99

Price: $99.98
Alternative retailers
Walmart$99.98View offer
Target$99.99View offer

Is your bubba a fan of all things Disney and in particular Minnie Mouse? They'll love this jumper. The lights and sounds have been 'Minnie-fied' plus there are 12 engaging toys, including a heart-shaped mirror and a bead chaser to keep them busy.

Review: "Brilliant for my granddaughter! She loves bouncing around and watching the mirror. She’s a bit young yet but I’m sure she’ll grow into it"


  • Seat pad can be machine washed


  • May not be suitable for those with epilepsy as it produces flashes
Weight limit:11kg

Best ocean-themed baby jumper
Baby Einstein, Neptune's Ocean Discovery Baby Activity Jumper
Price: $99.99
Alternative retailers
Target$99.99View offer
Walmart$99.99View offer
Macy's$109.99View offer

Your baba can dive into discovery with ocean-themed activities in every direction. Not only is it fun to play with but it's educational too as it introduces numbers and colours in English, Spanish and French.

Review: "I brought this for my 6 month old granddaughter for Christmas, and she loves it. Her smiling face said it all. It goes together very easy, but I think because it is obviously still new, a bit difficult to take apart. But that is just that the little push in buttons for the legs are a bit stiff. As said, I think because new. It is quite large so does need a bit of space. It has 3 different heights to grow with the child. There are plenty of toy attachments to keep a child occupied for some time. Definitely worth the money in my opinion."


  • Easy to wipe down and clean


  • Some reviews mention it takes up a lot of space

Best door bouncer FAQs

Door bouncer or baby jumper: Which one is best?

Wondering whether a door bouncer or a baby jumper would be best for your little one? With the help of Bababing, we're here to help you make the decision and weigh up the pros and cons.

Does it take up much space?

Baby jumpers are much bigger than door bouncers, so unless you have a lot of extra room in your house, one might not fit. Door bouncers take up less room as they can be fitted on most door frames around your home. It may be slightly annoying having to move a door bouncer out the way when you need to go through, but they’re easier to walk around than a baby jumper that takes up more space.

Is it easy to take your baby in and out?

It can be difficult to get babies sat securely in a door bouncer seat because they move around more freely than a baby jumper. Baby jumpers have more study plastic or metal frames that won’t move when placing your little one inside.

What’s the cost?

Baby jumpers are normally more expensive than door bouncers. This is due to their larger size, framework and additional features, like toy trays, music, lights and sensory objects, that cost more money to make. If cost is the deciding factor, a door bouncer is the way to go.

However, the extra accessories on a baby jumper are usually more fun for your little one to play with. That’s not to say that door bouncers don’t have some of these features, they just don’t have as many to keep your little one entertained.

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