18 Family Festival Essentials You Don’t Want To Arrive In A Field Without

18 Family Festival Essentials You Don’t Want To Arrive In A Field Without

by Maria Martin |
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Gearing up for your family’s first festival or a regular at Camp Bestival since your baby arrived, these buys will make your weekend trip with your children the best it can be.


Ear Defenders1 of 18

Protective Headphones, £15, Jojo Maman Bebe

Make sure you enjoy the best (i.e. noisiest) bands by taking along a set of noise-reducing headphone to protect your baby’s ears. This easy-to-wear set lessens loud sounds without shutting them out altogether – so your tot can still enjoy the music but at a kiddie-safe volume.

Dry Shampoo2 of 18

Dry Shampoo, £4.99 for 400ml, Boots

Even if you have intentions of showering every day, definitely pack a bottle of dry shampoo to keep your family’s hair looking, feeling and smelling fresh.

Tent3 of 18

Tent, £120, Cath Kidston

A tent is obviously a necessity at an overnight festival, but it doesn’t have to be a bog standard one that will be hard to spot in a sea of them. This bright country cottage Cath Kidston tent will comfortably sleep you, your partner and your tot and best of all will keep you dry all night.

Baby Wipes4 of 18

Mamia Sensitive Baby Wipes, 64p, Aldi

Baby wipes are as essential at festivals as rain boots. They’ll wipe messy faces, clean you all of mud splatter and keep you all generally spick and span. At only 69p, these Aldi wipes are strong and soft and come highly recommended by mums.

Skin Balm5 of 18

Saviour Skin Balm, £28.99, Antipodes

Perfect for using on your whole family’s skin, this 100 per cent natural balm has antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial qualities to treat all manner of summer-related skin troubles that you may battle while enjoying your festival. Use it to treat bruises, chapped lips, rashes and sunburn.

Rain Boots6 of 18

Rain Boots, £19.99, Crocs

Come rain or shine, keep your small person’s feet mud-free and dry with these rain boots from Crocs. They’re fully waterproof and made from a brilliant lightweight and flexible material – making them comfy to wear all day long.

Hygiene Mat7 of 18

Huggies Hygiene Mat, £6.99, Boots

If you’re braving a festival with your baby in tow, this hygiene mat will be your best friend while you’re away. It’s perfect for creating a clean space to put your little one on and keep her feet clean while changing her and can simply be popped in the washing machine when you get back home.

Picnic Rug8 of 18

Picnic Rug, £34.99, Joules

This family picnic rug has more than enough room for your whole clan to sit on and rolls up easily, making it simple to carry. Plus, it’s a great seat for watching bands from when you all need a little R and R.

Hat9 of 18

Hat, £10, Jojo Maman Bebe

If the forecast predicts sun *jumps for joy* then a sun hat is an essential item to pack for your baby. This gingham style features a frilly brim to help protect your tot’s face and neck from the sun. The loose Velco strap that fastens under her chin will make sure that it doesn’t get lost.

Poncho10 of 18

Poncho, £7.70, Kiddie Kloud

Great for keeping your little one dry and warm – and offer more freedom than a regular rain coat – this cute rain poncho comes with a matching carry pouch that it can easily be packed away into. Available from ages three to six.

Bottle Insulator11 of 18

Bottle Insulator, £14.99, MaByLand

Heading to a day festival? Keep your baby’s milk or your tot’s lunch at the right temperature in this insulating bag. It retains the temperature for four hours, keeping the contents warm or cool.

baby Carrier12 of 18

BabyBjörn One Carrier, £119.99, BabyBjörn

A baby carrier is without a doubt a brilliant way to remain hands-free during your festival fun. This BabyBjörn One carrier is suitable from birth up to three years and provides extra support plus has padded shoulder straps, so you'll stay comfortable for hours.

Umbrella13 of 18

Umbrella, £13, Squid London

When this children’s brollie gets wet, duck images magically appear on it. Genius! Squid London also makes grown-up umbrellas that do the same with skylines and other prints.

Camera14 of 18

Diana Mini Lomography Camera, £49, Science Museum Shop

If ever there’s a time to take seriously beautiful retro-style pics, it’s at a festival with the colours, sunshine (hopefully) and your toddler rocking those wellies and ear defenders. The best thing about this camera is how easy it is to use – minimum effort for great results. And the old school fun of waiting to get the film developed to see the results, too.

Bum Bag15 of 18

Bumbag, £20, River Island

Yes, your favourite 90s teenage accessory is back. Skip a shoulder bag and keep your valuables safe in this cream zip bumbag, complete with hippie chic woven trim.

Hand sanitiser16 of 18

Organic Children Hand Sanitiser, £9.95, Green People

A festival essential for everything from nappy changes to mealtimes. This is gentle on skin so works for both adults and little ones.

Toy Wagon17 of 18

Wagon, £109.99, Toys R Us

For carrying your toddler around if he’s tired or a bit grouchy. There’s storage space for lunch/sun cream/toys, plus it doubles up as a luggage holder if you can’t park near the tent. You can also hire trolleys at most festivals.

Backpack18 of 18

LittleLife Toddler Daysack – Dinosaur, £19.99, Mothercare

This toddler backpack comes with reins so you can hold onto him in case he decides to do a runner into the crowd. Choose from other designs including ladybird and butterfly.

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