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Split image of Stych Mermaid Crown headband and a Pink Heart Locket

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If your little one has a summer of parties and festivals lined up (because we all know our kids have better social lives than us, right?) then there’s one brand you need to know about. Up until recently Stych has only been available in a handful of smaller shops but it’s now available in John Lewis so you can expect to see more adorable embroidered capes, mermaid crowns and covetable, colourful jewellery on stylish kids this summer.

Stych’s Spring/Summer '24 launch is bursting with fun and character, with clothing and accessories inspired by the themes of Garden Market and Mermaid. This is a joy-filled collection for sun-drenched summer days, guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of any mini-fashionistas. In fact, it’s practically written in their DNA - Smile Till Your Cheeks Hurt. From a sequin mermaid shell bag to a juicy red apple locket that opens up to hold their tiny treasures, this collection of mermaid accessories, fruit embroidered clothing and easily giftable goodies will make your little one stand out for all the right reasons. Read on to discover Mother&Baby's favourites, as tried, tested and loved by our own kids.

Split image of Mermaid crown headband and child wearing the mermaid crownStych and Mother&Baby/Maria Martin

Mermaids are clearly the motif of the season this summer, and we're seeing them spring up everywhere, from mermaid bedding to mermaid toys, so if your kid is mermaid mad, chances are they'll fall in love with this magical shell beaded crown. Whether for parties or playtime, it's a talking piece and an imagination-sparker.

Our tester, Digital Group Editor Maria Martin, absolutely adored the detailing on this headband crown, with its embroidered shells and gem appliqué and said it's "what every fashionista needs – a shell headband crown! My daughter loves underwater creatures and anything sparkly, so marry that up into a headband and this little gem has become her go-to accessory. It's an extremely robust headband, made with soft satin, and the seashells detailing is colourful and playful. I would recommend to friends and family, plus it's a lovely gift idea."

Child wearing the Stych Mermaid Beaded Shell Hair ClipsMother&Baby/Digital Group Editor, Maria Martin

For keeping hair out their eyes while your little one is running around at parties, these embroidered hair clips with colourful gems are just the ticket. Continuing the mermaid accessories theme, they're a perfect companion to the Mermaid headband so ideal to gift together as part of Stych's Build a Gift offer.

The addition of the colourful gems on the silver embroidery makes this a fun but elegant hair accessory, and Maria described them as "beautifully decorated and very well made. The designs are chunky so if you're looking for small clips then that's something to bear in mind. My 3-year-old loves the designs and colours and she wanted to wear all the clips in one go."

Original photo of child wearing the Stych BECHARMED Heart LocketMother&Baby/Digital Writer, Rebecca Lancaster

With its colourful beaded chain and pink heart locket, this necklace is a super cheerful accessory that will go with any outfit. The magnetic clasp on the locket makes it easy for little fingers to open and shut. Mother&Baby's Digital Writer, Rebecca tried this necklace with her daughter who "has been asking for a locket for a good few months and her eyes lit up when she saw this pink heart locket. The necklace itself feels sturdy and as if it should stand up to being handled by young children." It might be worth being prepared with a photo before giving your child the necklace as Rebecca noted "she's now desperate to find a photo small enough to fit in the locket so I probably should have found one in advance."

It's perfect for birthday presents, as it comes with it's own pink cotton drawstring gift bag and you can also add extra charms so there's the option to add to it for future birthdays or Christmas. With a range of BE CHARMED! accessories available, your little one could create a matching set.

Original photo of the Stych Unicorn Crossbody bagMother&Baby/Group Editor, MARIA MARTIN

This delightful Unicorn crossbody bag can go from toddlers right through to 7–9 year-olds so your little one can love it for many years. Our mum tester, Maria thought it was "a decent size bag, fitting little toys and knick-knacks. The bag itself is extremely high quality, with robust applique and patchwork design. The strap itself is comfortable and a shimmering gold, which adds to the high-quality look." However, she did find that the strap on the bag she tested with her daughter "has already started to fray after only really 1-2 proper uses, so perhaps it would be good to look at that design again. Otherwise, we love it!"

Split image of a BE CHARMED! Bracelet set and a child wearing the braceletsStych and Mother&Baby/Digital Writer, Rebecca Lancaster

This bracelet set is actually a two-in-one, with a colourful beaded bracelet with locket and a separate chain charm bracelet. Just like the Heart Locket Necklace above, the beaded bracelet has a magnetic opening heart locket where little ones can pop a photo. Our tester, Rebecca suggested that "having tested this bracelet I'd suggest sticking the photo in just incase the bracelet is knocked and opens - it's a strong magnet but we all know how energetic and busy little hands can be!"

Rebecca's daughter was "as besotted with this bracelet set as she was with the necklace and is a particular fan of the charm bracelet. We've added a number of colourful charms to it already but I thought this could have been a perfect present for a birthday, with the potential to then buy the charms for future birthdays and special occasions."

This is one for the super-stylish mini-fashionistas! The adorable embroidery features fruits, flowers and rainbows and could be perfect for both a special occasion and as a dressing up item. Mother&Baby's Digital Group Editor, Maria tried this out with her daughter and said "this is simply one of my favourite items in my 3-year-old daughter's wardrobe, it's stylish and can be dressed up or down for any occasion." Her daughter was equally happy and " loves wearing it and it just makes her feel like a superhero."

While it has a fairly high price tag, Maria felt this was justified, noting that "for the type of item it is, with such artisan design work in the beautiful appliqué, it's worth the current price tag. If the budget allows I could add this to any child's wardrobe."

Stych Ivory Embroidered Ruffle BlouseMother&Baby/Digital Group Editor, Maria Martin

Another cute fruit embroidered outfit, with a soft, vintage look in the ruffled collar and fabric-covered buttons. The ric-rac appliqué and cross-stitch embroidery features beautiful apples, strawberries, hearts, flowers and delicate butterflies and it comes in three sizes, from 3-4 years, 5-6 years and 7-8 years.

Our tester, Maria's daughter "wore it to a party and got plenty of compliments from family and friends." Maria thought it was "eye-catching and unique" and said the "blouse is beautifully created, with a soft material giving a shirt like look, without the rigidity of an actual shirt. It's extremely comfortable and made of cotton, allowing the blouse to be breathable – perfect for the warmer months. The appliqué detailing is dainty and cute, and my 3-year-old daughter loves wearing it."

Rebecca Lancaster is a Digital Writer for Mother&Baby, drawing on ten years of parenting her two children to help others navigating their own parenting journey. As a freelance writer, she spent ten years working with leading lifestyle brands, from travel companies to food and drink start-ups, and writing everything from hotel reviews to guides to the best British cheeses. She’s particularly interested in travel and introducing her children to the excitement of visiting new places, trying different foods (less successfully) and experiencing different cultures.

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