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If you're going somewhere with your baby and expect high noise levels, such as a fireworks display or where there's a lot of construction noise, it's wise to invest in a pair of the best baby ear defenders for your baby's comfort and safety.

We take precautions to protect little ones from the sunlight, so why not protect their ears from loud sounds? Even as adults, extreme noise can be really uncomfortable, so you don't want your little one getting scared or upset or even experience ear damage by loud noises.

Best baby ear defenders 2023 shortlist:

Best overall baby ear defender: Alpine Muffy Baby Ear Protection
Best compact baby ear defender: Ems 4 Kids Ear Defender

Children with sensory processing disorders or autism might also prefer to wear ear defenders when in busy environments.

It's important to remember when buying baby ear defenders, is that you choose the right fit. Ear defenders for babies need to be designed specifically for them – you can't use adult earplugs or any other ear protection designed for adults.

Your children also need to be able to move their heads when using them without the protectors slipping or falling off. You also want to make sure that they don't put too much pressure on their heads.

The Best Baby Ear Defenders 2023

Before using baby ear defenders and protectors, make sure you read all the instructions and recommendations and bear in mind that most of these products are not supposed to be used for long periods of time.

Best overall baby ear defenders

Price: £25.95


​The Alpine Muffy baby ear defenders are designed not to put any pressure on baby's head; they're


  • No pressure on fontanelle
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable and easy to fit
  • Includes a carry bag


  • They're described as anti-slip, but some parents found they didn't always stay in place

Best snug-fitting ear defenders

Price: £16.99


Whether you're attending a family party with fireworks or taking your mini-me to their first


  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy and robust
  • Choice of fun colours and designs


  • Could be more lightweight

Best long-lasting baby ear defenders

Price: £17.99


Perfect for any noisy environment, the Snug Kids ear defenders will keep your little one's ears


  • Padded ear cup and headband
  • Adjustable headband
  • Foldable


  • Only muffles noise

Best baby ear defenders for on-the-go

Price: £20.06


Reducing sound by up to 45 decibels, these ear protectors are great for loud events or


  • Good sound reduction
  • Compact design
  • Velcro headband fastening


  • Can slip down with little movers

Best eco-friendly baby ear defenders


These Iwinna Baby ear defenders are soft and lightweight, making them great for young, sensitive


  • Lightweight and soft
  • Adjustable


  • Limited colour options

Best ear defenders for crowd visibility

Price: £28.95


Coming in two brightly coloured designs, the 3M Peltor ear defenders are durable and well-made,


  • Soft and comfortable on the ears
  • High-vis colour for better visibility in crowds
  • Good noise reduction


  • Some parents weren't fans of the bare wire

Best baby ear defender for adjustability

Price: £19.99


Adjustable and with comfortable padding on the headband, these should provide a comfy fit for


  • Lightweight
  • Zero-pressure headband
  • Adjustable


  • Some little ones might find them difficult to sleep with

Best baby ear defenders for longevity

Price: £21.95


Available in seven colourful designs, the flexible headband of these Zohan Kids ear defenders


  • Great value
  • Long-lasting
  • Carry bag included


  • Described as having Active Noise Cancelling - they won't block out noise, but they will reduce it

Best compact baby ear defender


Described as the 'original baby ear defenders', these will provide support and protection -


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Comfy and soft
  • Easily adjustable
  • Easy to wash


  • More for babies than toddlers

Best baby ear defenders: All you need to know

Choosing the right ear defenders for your baby

When buying ear defenders for your baby, there are many factors that you need to consider before purchasing. Ensuring that they are the right size and weight to sit comfortably on your baby's head is incredibly important, and also factoring in whether the material will be comfortable.

Padded ear defenders will be a lot more comfortable than ones without padding and also be gentle on their little ears and soft spot.

Another thing to consider is ease of transport. You already have lots of things to take on the go with you in your baby changing bag, so consider how easy the baby ear defenders are to store - bonus points if it comes with a case!

What level of noise is too loud for a baby?

Your baby is more sensitive to loud noises compared to you because their ear canal is smaller, so the sound pressure that is generated in the ears is much more. If you're travelling by plane with your baby, it would be worth investing in some ear defenders.

Even toys that make loud sounds might be too loud for babies as they play with them closer to their heads. It's important to check noise levels from toys before your child plays with it.

When do babies need ear defenders?

There are many environments where your baby might need to use ear defenders, in particular, fireworks displays at festivals and some parties where loud music is playing.

Even if you don't anticipate a place having loud noises, it's good practice to keep a pair in your baby changing bag just in case.

Digital Editor Maria Martin's son Parker in his ear defenders:

Can babies go deaf from loud noises?

According to, "noises softer than 80 dB will not damage hearing unless the exposure lasts for several hours."

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