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Mum-of-two and former TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh's new mum buys are available to grab from Amazon and at local supermarkets. We simply can't get enough of her top tips and shopping essentials for new parents.

The Instagram influencer is not only known for her appearance on the reality show, but she's also known for her relationship with Coronation Street's Ryan Thomas. The couple were engaged back in 2019, and are now the proud parents of two, Roman Ravello and Lilah Rae.

Lucy took to her Instagram stories to share some of her essential buys for new mums. Being a mum-of-two means that she's done it all before. In other words, it's safe to say this mama knows her stuff!

These essentials have gotten her through the parenthood journey, making it a little bit easier to raise her two little ones, Roman Ravello, and new baby, Lilah Rae. Just take a look at some of these parenting must haves.

Shop: Lucy Mecklenburgh's new mum buys

Here are some of the products shared on Instagram that have been revealed as Lucy Mecklenburgh's new mum buys.

Best new mum buy for rocking them to sleep

'Again, I used this for two years with Roman! So handy for naps out and about.' Lucy posted on her Instagram story. With a gentle rocking motion, this device attaches to the pram to help settle them down. They'll be asleep in no time!

Online review: 'We love our Rockit, it’s genius. Saves us hours of rocking and gives me some time hands free to get on with other tasks. We have the other products by Rockit too, can’t recommend enough.'


• Helpful in soothing babies and toddlers to sleep
• Can be attached to all buggies and prams
• Showerproof


• Runs on batteries so it isn't rechargeable

Best new mum buy for sanitising

'When you're out - for dummies, bottle teats, teething toys. When older, cutlery etc.' The influencer mum shared. With no smell or taste and made from water, this sanitising spray is safe for a number of uses.

Online review: 'Very handy and small product to have with you. Great for on holidays and to quick fix sanitising.'


• No smell or taste
• Alcohol free
• Handy size to pop in your bag


• We couldn't think of any

Best new mum buy for keeping cool

Rrp: $35.99

Price: $29.99

For the warmer months, Lucy revealed she uses a portable fan for babies and toddlers when she's out and about. Given that it wraps around pram handles, it makes for the perfect solution for an outing on a hot day. She said, 'It's rechargeable and we have used it the last two summers and during our holiday for Roman.'

Online review: 'Purchased this fan to keep our new born cool whilst going around a large outdoor theme park in 30 degree heat. The folding grip legs attached to the handle very well and stayed in place over reasonably rough ground. The fan has variable speed and light settings, both of which worked well. The fan strength was sufficient to keep my baby cool which was the ultimate goal. Would highly recommend. Great Value.'


• Flexible tripod can be wrapped around strollers, cribs and other surfaces
• Quiet and powerful, with long battery life
• Rechargeable


• Blue light cannot be turned off while fan is in use

Best new mum buy for bathtime
Price: $27.19

Lucy shared this baby bath seat on her story, which has thousands of highly rated reviews across Amazon. Not to mention, it also comes in different colours such as blue and pink, as well.

Online review: 'Absolute must have for any new parent! My now 4-month-old has used this pretty much every night and it's perfect. It moulds well to her shape and has a small line so you know how much water you need in the bath.'


• Practical and easy to use
• Able to bathe baby with free hands
• Soft against their head


• Low water line

Best new mum buy for nightly feeds

'I used this for all feeds every night for months', Lucy continued. Every new mum needs a soothing breastfeeding night light so as to not wake up baby while feeding. Some night lights double up as a room thermometer too, which is an added bonus.

Online review: 'This is probably the best product I bought for myself and my baby. I use it all the time. Baby is now 7 months (bought when he was born) and there is no fault with this light. I use it for all nappy changes at night and now use it whilst baby is about to go to sleep in the colour changing mode. He loves it and it helps him to relax.'


• Emits a relaxing glow
• Colour changing options
• Rechargeable


• Low battery life

Best new mum buy for baby clothes

The mum-of-two and reality star posted this soft wrapover top on her Instagram highlights. In three different designs, this little top comes with foldover cuffs to protect their delicate skin against their little nails.

Online review: 'Absolutely gorgeous bought another one in a different colour highly recommended this little top.'


• Soft material
• Foldover cuffs
• It washes well


• More colour options should be made available

Best new mum buy for nursing
Price: $5

Lucy shared these disposable breast pads as one of her new mum essential buys. With 60 pads in a pack, these discreet and non-slip breast pads will work wonders at keeping leaks at bay!

Online review: 'My main tip for any new mum who is planning to breastfeed is to not skimp on cheap breast pads.
These pads may be the most expensive on the market but there is a good reason why. They have two stickers to hold them in place (most other brands have one) and they have great absorbency. Having tried other brands which have moved overnight and need replacing more regularly I would always recommend Lansinoh pads.'


• Comes with two stickers to hold them as opposed to one
• Fantastic level of absorbency
• Stay put all through the night


• On the more expensive side

Best new mum buy as a keepsake

'A lot of you were asking about Lilah's blanket,' Lucy posted on her story, 'It's more of a luxury purchase, but it's so gorgeous and soft. We've already used it so much. Great for a present as you can get it personalised.'

Online review: 'Beautiful quality product!'


• A beautiful keepsake for years to come
• Soft high quality cashmere material
• Can be personalised


• Expensive

Best new mum buy for cleaning bottles

Nimble founder Von Sy says: 'It’s great to know that we are being noticed by (and helping!) such a well-known celebrity mum. In turn, our safe and effective solution to a common and stubborn problem is being shared with fellow parents!'

Online review: 'Bought for my grandson's bottles and found this so much better than the old washing up liquid I used with my own children. Lovely clean bottles with just a couple of squirts.'


• Gets rid of stubborn milk stains and cloudy bottles
• Uses non-toxic and plant-based ingredients
• Easy to use


• Expensive for what it is

Best new mum buy for swaddling

Lucy revealed she uses these muslin swaddles for her little girl Lilah Rae, 'To use for a summer blanket, swaddling at night, if baby is sick. You can never have enough!!' she posted.


• Beautiful prints
• Four different designs to choose from
GOTS certified, organic and sustainable


• On the more expensive side

Best new mum buy for checking bath temperature

'We still use it now!' Lucy told her followers. To make bath time fun while checking that the temperature is safe for baby, this duckling bath thermometer is the perfect combination.

Online review: 'In summary, this duck is built to last and it's very accurate. The only reason that it loses a star is that the battery compartment, as another reviewer has observed, is a complete PITA to open! I'm sure there were justifiable safety reasons for designing it this way but it's difficult to open. At this price, it's replaceable though and if this one lasts for another 2 years I'll be very happy.'


• Cheap and cheerful
• A bath toy and thermometer all in one
• Gives you peace of mind


• Reliability with turning on

Best new mum buy for baby set

Another gorgeous buy from H&M, Lucy posted a picture of little Lilah wearing this 3-piece set on her story. 'Lots of DM's about her outfit, I'm obsessed too!' she posted.

Online review: 'Oh my the sweetest little set. Bought as a gift and it’s lovely and soft and I know H&M always washes up perfectly.'


• Comes as a set
• Different designs to choose from
• 100 per cent cotton


• May run smaller or shorter

Best new mum buy for storage

'To wash baby bottles, pumps and dummies separate. Takes up no cupboard space.' revealed Lucy on her Instagram. Anything that folds to create more space is a must for us.

Online review: 'Easy to put away and store, but very handy for grandkids to play with water or even help to wash up a few dishes.'


• Versatile uses
• Folds down for space
• Sturdy


• May be shallower than expected

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