The Big Jubilee Lunch: ideas and recipes

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The Big Lunch is the UK’s annual date to share food, celebrate and say thank you to our neighbours. With millions of people taking part each June, the party is bigger than ever this year as the event gets a royal makeover to become The Big Jubilee Lunch, an official part of the Platinum Jubilee programme from 2 to 5 June.

Set to bring the spirit of the Jubilee into every neighbourhood in the UK, The Big Jubilee Lunch is inviting neighbours, families, friends and community groups to put the kettle on and start planning for a very special summer celebration.

The Big Jubilee Lunch top tips

If you fancy organising a Big Jubilee Lunch this June, get the ball rolling with some top tips and bright ideas to make it a special day for big and small guests alike…

 • Local gems – The Big Jubilee Lunch is all about getting together to celebrate the special things where you live. That might be a knees-up with the neighbours that saw you through lockdown in a back garden, a big party in the school playground, or a get-together with your mother and baby group at the village hall.

 • DIY decorations – Decking your Big Jubilee Lunch out in red, white and blue doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming! Brighten up trestle tables with flowers picked from your garden, get kids to add colour to the street with chalk, or get everyone involved in making homemade paper pom-poms (see below for instructions).

 • A royal banquet – Set up a mouth-watering sharing table by asking everyone to bring something sweet and something savoury to enjoy. If your event has lots of toddlers and small children coming along, you could even set up a special child-friendly table so your little ones can snack away!

 • All hands on deck – Life is busy enough already so don’t feel like the organising duties all have to fall to you! Chat to your guests and divide and conquer – perhaps a crafty mum could make some bunting, a family of music lovers could create a playlist full of old and new hits, while grandparents could be tasked with making a special cake for the occasion.

 • Keep it classic - Make sure everyone stays entertained and include a fun nod to the 1950s by putting on some old-fashioned games, such as an egg and spoon race or hopscotch. But be warned - competitive spirit is sure to take hold once the family three-legged race gets going!

 • Making memories – You might remember celebrating Jubilees in years gone by with your community, so why not ensure your family can look back on the historic Platinum Jubilee celebrations by creating a memory box. Filled with items such as a Big Jubilee Lunch invite, a triangle of bunting, a printed photo and a drawing from the day, a memory box is sure to be a treasured keepsake in years to come!

The Big Jubilee Lunch recipe ideas

Spiced courgette, pea and feta fritters with turmeric yoghurt

Macaroni Cheese with Cherry Tomato Topping

Tuna pasta bake

Animal cupcakes

Champion chocolate chip cookies

Speedy scones

White chocolate and raspberry brioche pudding

Goat’s cheese and chorizo breakfast muffin

Banana bread

Fruit and nut flapjack squares

Crunchy honeycomb tiffin

Vanilla cupcakes

Have fun with pom-poms

People and food are all you really need for a Big Lunch, but if you’re looking for an all-age activity to help bring people together, why not brighten up your community with some fun paper pom-poms?

Decorate a tree or special spot in your neighbourhood, hang them from the ceiling of your community hall or use them as flower-like centrepieces on your Big Lunch tables.

How to make paper pom-poms

You’ll need

• Coloured tissue paper or old newspaper (8-12 sheets per pom-pom)

• String, ribbon or thin wire

• Scissors

If you’re doing this together at your Big Lunch, ask people what materials they can bring along on the day!


  1. Stack the sheets of paper on top of each other - the more sheets you use the fluffier your pom-pom will be. Go for the same colour - or mix and match sheets for a colourful pom-pom.

  2. Accordion fold the paper into sections, approximately 4cm long, until you reach the end. Press down to crease the folds.

  3. Trim the two ends with scissors to make a round scalloped edge.

  4. Cut 30cm of string or wire and wrap it tightly around the centre of your folded paper. Knot the string or twist the wire to secure. You may want to add string or ribbon for hanging at this point too.

  5. Open your pom-pom by fanning out the concertina and gently pulling out each sheet. Carefully continue until you’ve pulled apart all the sheets - ruffle and reposition to get an arrangement you’re happy with.

Find out more

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