The best decorations to celebrate your little one’s first birthday

first birthday decorations

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Whether you’re planning a big or a small first birthday party, making the most of this milestone date is important!

However you decide to celebrate, remember what really matters is spending quality time with your baby, family, and friends. Being prepared with decorations, food and drink means you can relax and enjoy the party.

Your little one might not understand the concept of a party, but they will still have fun. Try to keep it simple, because you’ll still have to deal with feeding times, nappies changes, and nap times.

We know you want to make the most of this celebration, so to help you we have gathered some of the best first birthday decorations, whether you go for a colour theme or for an animal theme, you will find one that will make your little one happy.

Best pink theme

This set comes with all you need to decorate your little one’s first pink birthday party. You get one 'I AM ONE' banner, one star garland, one XXL golden foil balloon, Four foil star balloons, one twelve month photo banner, one party hat, Four paper pom pom flowers and other cute decorations. All of this in a beautiful pink colour.

Best all-in-one set

An all-in-one super-value set, this complete package includes one Happy Birthday banner, one cake topper, paper tassels, balloons, and a blue flower crown.


If you want to give your birthday decorations a personal touch, print out and hang up photos from the previous year, showing just how much your baby has grown and changed. This ready to go set means you can easily decorate your party room with photos of your little one, with room for a photo for each of the past 12 months.

If you want a decoration that is going take everybody's breath away, this is it. This Rose Gold Balloon Arch Kit comes with everything you need to WOW your guests. It's also super easy to esemble at home. You'll need to blow up 85 balloons though - so it might be worth buying one of those inflator machines!

Jungle Safari Animals Party Decorations
Price: $9.99

These swirl decorations are so easy to put up, they just take few minutes to gently separate, then can be hung indoors or out, from the ceiling, wall, window, mantel, doorway, archway, branches in trees, etc. They are sure to make a great backdrop for your party, and the great thing is they're reusable too!

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Everything you could need is included in this pack of decorations, from the balloons and banners to plates and cups! WE love the cute unicorn theme!

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Farm Animal 1st Birthday Party Supplies
Price: $17.99

Is your little one a fan of farm animals? Then go for a barn theme - this set includes a great selection of balloons plus a banner. The tots will love playing with the 'walking' animal balloons too!

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This pack comes with a great assortment of colourful rainbow decorations, complete with a range of balloons, cake toppers, a banner and a rainbow garland. You really do get everything you need with this kit!

Planning a dino themed birthday party? This set comes complete with confetti balloons, coloured balloons and four dinosaur balloons for a roar-some celebration!

Another photo banner idea, this time with a cute woodland theme. You could even reuse the numbered banner as a sweet bit of nursery decor. Your guests will love to see how much your little one has grown! It also comes with a fox themed highchair banner, so your tot will feel like the star of the show.


High Chair Banner For 1st Birthday

A high chair banner is a great addition for a first birthday perfect for memorable photos of your little one's special day. We love the hot air balloon theme on this banner, which is available in pink or blue.

Does your little one love to play with diggers and tractors? If it’s a resounding ‘yes’, then why not theme their birthday party with them. Turn your house into a construction site with decorations that will make your little one jump for joy.

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