Adam Binnie

Adam Binnie
Adam Binnie

Adam Binnie is Affiliate Operations Editor and contributor to What’s The Best. He looks after the team of writers that brings you expert product recommendations across Bauer Media’s online portfolio.

He has been a journalist for 15 years – covering news and reviews for some of the largest and most loved magazines and websites in the country, such as What’s the Best, Motorcycle News, The Telegraph, Yours, Parkers, The Independent, Mother&Baby, RiDE, Closer, CAR Magazine (and CAR Products), Modern Gardens.

Outside of work, Adam enjoys riding motorbikes and mountain bikes, going to gigs, driving radio control cars with his son, and photography. He is an expert in cars and car accessories, fitness, parenting and cooking.


After studying English at university, Adam completed a post-graduate news journalism qualification (NCTJ) and spent five years as a local news reporter and web editor.

He made the switch to automotive journalism in 2015, where he wrote about and presented videos on anything with an engine for, and CAR magazine.

Career highlights have included driving on the closed Isle of Man TT circuit, visiting the Toretto house in LA, and setting very average lap times on F1 tracks around the world.

But helping car buyers choose their next set of wheels with informative and entertaining writing was always the most satisfying element of this role, and it’s this consumer-focus that he brings to Bauer’s commercial content team and Mother&Baby.

Car accessories

Believing that a car is never complete unless it has something attached to the roof or tow bar, Adam is always looking for a new way to transport his children or bulky sports equipment around.

Whether it’s a bike or a canoe, or simply a way of getting his son’s RC race set up in the boot without squashing something expensive, there are no practicality solutions too complex.


Adam thinks there’s nothing better than being on two wheels and has spent the last decade of his life slowly filling the garage with bikes. Both engined-powered and of the pedal variety.

He rides at the local bike park at least once a week and fills the gaps between by running in the woods nearby. To say he is obsessive over the latest mountain bike equipment and tech is an understatement.

Adam is an expert in...

• Cycling

• Bike carriers

• Car cleaning

Adam's top tips for CAR readers are:

“Consider buying a bike rack with one or two more carriers than you think you need – it’s better to have too much capacity than too little.”

“Roof rails are a superb, flexible solution for carrying bikes, but a folding tow-bar mounted rack is the ultimate luxury.”