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Contigo Gizmo water bottles at a glance:

Usually ‘Leakproof’ and ‘easy for toddlers to use’ are two features that don’t go together – stopping water getting out often means stopping anything else (like your child) getting in. Not so with these Gizmo bottles, which feature a clever and simple to clean mechanism that promises zero spillage and independent use.

Product specification: Suitable for 3+, BPA free, 420ml capacity, lots of designs, carry handle

How did this product make your life easier?

If you are under five, thirst can strike with very little warning. In the case of my toddler, it usually happens about half a millisecond after she sees me drinking something. Either way, the best solution is to have some water in a bottle on standby, but herein lies the problem.

Anything easy enough for her to open herself either results in water being poured out over her shoes/my car, and that’s if it all hasn’t leaked away to start with. The Gizmo Easy Clean has a spill-proof valve that stops water from escaping even when the integrated spout has been deployed, which is done easily and conveniently by pressing a button on the side.

Unlike some bottles with spouts this one needs to be held upright as there’s a long internal straw that reaches to the bottom. This is the only part of it that needed explaining, and occasionally my daughter will tip the bottle up and get nothing out.

My son is at an age where he needs to take a bottle into school and also needs to be able to use it himself, so the Gizmo Sip offers a more grown-up mechanism for older kids who are ‘too big’ for drinking vessels with spouts.

This has a simpler dispensing system but there is still a cover that pops open at the press of a button, and offers the same leakproof promise.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

I was initially worried that the complicated looking mechanism would harbour grime and pain to clean, involving bottle brushes or some other faff, but they can be completely disassembled and put in the dishwasher.

They are also BPA free and feature a protective cover over the drinking outlet to keep germs and other dirt out.

Both can be thrown into a rucksack or schoolbag without any worries of leakage, whether they’re upright or just rolling around at the bottom. They’re also both available in a wide range of colours and designs so the kids can get exactly the combination they want. I’ve recently learned how important this is to my three-year-old.

Best of all though both of them can hold and use these bottles without any help from me, boosting their independence when we’re out and about and ensuring they can stay hydrated in situations where I might have my hands full.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Yes, and it’s because of little things like the fact the straw on the Gizmo Easy Clean is tethered to the lid, so when you take it all apart to clean it, there are no loose parts rolling around to lose.

It’s that attention to detail and the leakproof promise that puts these above generic drinks bottles, and the fact the lid doesn’t have to be done up so tight a child can’t get into it for it to perform properly too.

There’s also the cute designs to take into account, these bottles look brilliant and there’s enough difference between them so that you won’t get them mixed up on the school run.

Finally, you can get a food container that can keep things hot and cold, with designs that match the bottles. This has a tightly fitting lid that can be screwed on or off with a chunky, rubber top to aid grip for little hands.

What changes would you make to this product?

On the Gizmo Easy Clean, you can put the spout and protector cap down in the wrong order, which means the former won’t click into place. My three-year-old has worked this out but potentially this could be an irritation if you have to sort it out for them over and over.

Otherwise there really is nothing to complain about with this solidly built and considered design. Easy to use, keep clean and free from leaks – I can ask no more.

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