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When it comes to dressing up your children's bedroom, picking the right bed can be a difficult task. You want enough space underneath to fit boxes or even a trundle to pull out for sleepovers. If you have a particularly small home, toddler beds with storage might be the best choice for you.

These small beds are compact but efficient - and it's surprising how many places you can fit extra storage under and around a bed. From underneath the bed with drawers or extra shelves at the foot of the bed, you can ensure that every child has their own space.

So, there should be no more toys laying around with these best toddler beds with storage included - although we can't promise anything! At least you'll have extra space for clothes, accessories and other toddler bits that you'll need through their development.

What is the best bed for my toddler?

As we mentioned, it can be hard to know which bed is exactly the best one for you and your family. Those children grow up quickly, so investing in a toddler bed that's durable and useful is a perfect option. On the other hand, you don't have to splash too much on a bed for it to be comfortable, cosy and clean.

These transitional beds are perfect for children around the age of two when they start to get a little bigger but are not ready for a full-sized single bed yet. Finding a toddler bed that's a good budget for you while also efficient to put up isn't hard if you know where to look. You want something that's durable but not too expensive for when you have to move to a bigger bed.

Something you may also want to consider is a railing that can fit onto toddler beds. Whether removable or built-in, they're a great way to make sure your child stays safe and doesn't fall out of bed at night. While they're still young, it may be a good investment when moving up to a big bed.

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The best toddler beds with storage 2022

Best themed toddler bed with storage
Peppa Pig Toddler Bed Cube & MattressArgos

Lots of children love Peppa Pig, and we love this themed bed that has loads of fun storage options. Including two under-bed drawers as well as a bed cube to pop away any toys, this is sure to make any Peppa fan happy. It also comes with a Silentnight Healthy Growth toddler mattress, making it all-in-one.
Dimensions: L167, W77, H77cm
Mattress size: Standard toddler
Storage: Under-bed drawers and cube baskets
Material: MDF frame
Review: "This is such a cute toddler bed. High quality and went together well. It's so low to the floor I'm not worried about safety. My son loves it!"

Best toddler bed with storage and trundle
Eufaula 2 Drawer Cabin Bed with Trundle by Harriet BeeWayfair

If your child is a fan of sleepovers, play dates or if you generally have lots of guests round your home, it may be worth investing in a toddler bed with a trundle underneath. This is usually a roll-out bed that extends to make another single or just extra space for your child. We love this Eufaula cabin bed which has a trundle and two storage drawers, made with efficiency in mind.
Dimensions: 160cm H x 77cm W x 147cm L
Mattress size: Toddler (70 x 140cm)
Storage: Two under-bed drawers
Material: Solid wood and manufactured wood
Review: "Perfect for the little ones but a bit complicated to set up."

Best budget toddler bed with storage
Habitat Ellis Toddler Bed Frame with Storage - WhiteHabitat
Price: £184 (Was £230)

A great high street option, you can grab this Habitat toddler bed frame from Argos which your children can climb into. The under-bed large drawer gives enough space for storage and you can also buy this bed with a mattress included. Basic in style but durable with solid wood makes it great for any home.
Dimensions: L144, W75, H57cm
Mattress size: Standard toddler mattress
Storage: One under-bed drawer
Material: Solid wood
Review: "Looks good, toddler loves it. Was a bit tricky to put together as the side bar hadn't been drilled correctly so the holes didn't line up but were easily fixed. The draw would be better if on runners but works ok."

Best toddler bed with storage and mattress
Lauryn Convertible Toddler Bed and Mattress by Zipcode DesignZipcode Design
Price: £231.49 (was £324.49)

Sometimes, you don't want to have to buy anything extra with new purchases, so if you're looking for a toddler bed with a mattress included then this Lauryn Convertible Toddler Bed could be a good choice. It has two drawers and detachable guardrails, so you can change the bed as your child develops.
Dimensions: 61cm H x 70cm W x 140cm L
Mattress size: Available in Toddler, and two European Toddler sizes
Storage: Two drawers
Material: Manufactured wood + solid wood
Review: "Great bed we have had this for a couple of years now ideal for my little boy. He's now four and still has plenty of growing room. Good for a small room with storage draw underneath."

Best toddler storage bed with headboard
Dunelm Mission White Storage BedDunelm

This traditional-style Dunelm storage bed has no guardrails so is better for growing older toddlers. It has three drawers and a big headboard to make up a sturdy bed that looks elegant but is also durable. Perfect for those parents looking for a long-term solution to a toddler bed.
Dimensions: H 80cm x W 100cm x L 196cm
Mattress size: Toddler Single
Storage: Three under bed drawers
Material: Wood
Review: "Great bed, looks lovely and is of good quality. The drawers are a little fiddly but otherwise really happy with it."

Best low sleeper toddler bed with storage
Stella Oak Wooden Kids Low Sleeper Cabin Storage Bed Frame - 3ft SingleHappy Beds

This modern-style oak bed will fit into any house that's looking for a contemporary way to save space. With two shelves and two drawers to pop books, toys and more on, your child can cosy up on this 3ft bed. You can also choose whether or not you want to include a mattress in the order, for more efficiency.
Dimensions: 196.5 x 122.5 x 196.5 cm
Mattress size: Standard single UK mattress
Storage: Two shelves and two drawers
Material: Veneered wood
Review: "My little girl wanted a bunk bed. She's three, so I got this as it's got a little step and she loves it. It's solid, very heavy wood, not like with a lot of wooden beds. All the pieces were numbered and all the screws and parts were labelled in their own bags. The bed is very solid so it won't move. Great price for such a good bed."

Best easy-to-assemble toddler bed with storage

Not all beds have to be hard to set up with loads of instructions, sometimes we like things to be easy. This MEBLEX toddler bed has a safety foam mattress, built-in headboard, rails and two drawers. It's a basic toddler bed that comes in loads of colours including blue, pink and green as well as two different sizes. If you're looking for an easy solution, this toddler bed could be a great choice.
Dimensions: 144x75x62cm
Mattress size: 140x70x7cm or 160x80x7cmStorage: Two under-bed drawers
Material: Engineered wood
Review: "It is very sturdy and the design means my son won’t fall out. The mattress is also of great quality and an added bonus. My son loved it straight away and there were no issues with the cot to bed transition. Would recommend."

Best basic toddler bed with storage

You don't have to splash out hundreds on a new bed for your toddler if you don't think it's worth the money. This basic toddler bed has enough under-bed storage with fabric covers but also builds together easily. At just over £100, you can be sure to keep your child cosy but save your pennies on a bed they might grow out of.
Dimensions: 142 x 77 x 59 cm
Mattress size: Toddler single**
Storage:** Two under-bed drawers
Material: Wood
Review: "Really lovely, sturdy toddler bed. Nice easy flat-pack instructions to follow. Storage boxes push right under the bed so you don't even know they're there. Very happy with this purchase. Thank you."

Best solid wood toddler bed
Solid Wood Toddler Bed by NordvilleWayfair

Durable solid wood is a great investment in furniture if you're looking for something that's going to last you years. This Solid Wood Toddler Bed on Wayfair has a guardrail and a long under-bed drawer for you to fit lots into. You can also remove the bed rails when your child gets older and wants to have more space.
Dimensions: 60cm H x 87cm W x 164cm L
Mattress size: Sold separately, single 9cm widthStorage: One under-bed drawer
Material: Solid wood
Review: "The bed is very well made and it even smells like real wood. Delivery worked great too."

Best toddler loft bed with storage
Isabelle & Max Byron Single (3') Loft Bed with Shelves by Isabelle & MaxWayfair

Available in oak, grey or white, this Isabelle & Max loft-style toddler bed has masses of storage that you and your little one can use. Including four shelves, a built-in ladder and some toddler 'rails', you'll know this bed will keep your child comfy but safe. They'll love this bed that they can climb in and out of.
Dimensions: 100cm H x 131cm W x 198cm L
Mattress size: 3-foot single mattress
Storage: Four shelves, two drawers
Material: Manufactured wood
Review: "Super bed! Really happy with it. Did take around two and 12 hours and that’s my hubby and dad (who’s an engineer!) but after the initial under bed drawers etc had been made the actual bed itself was a piece of cake. Great storage and ideal for my four-year-olds' small room."

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