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Baby with bath toys

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Bath time is always a joyful experience, watching your little one play in their bath seat with their toys and belly laugh at all the bubbles. But what happens to all those toys once the tub is empty and your tot is tucked away in bed?

If you haven't got a baby bath tub just for your little one, we know we can all be guilty of just wanting to leave their toys in the tub ready for their next bath (and we've probably all done it too), along with their bath seat or support, because finding somewhere to put them can sometimes be tricky when you don't have the space.

If you're wondering how you can enjoy a relaxing bath yourself, without those pesky rubber ducks and other favourite bath toys floating about, then our pick of bath toy storage is the one for you to browse. Bath storage is also a great way of getting bath toys to dry quicker and reduce the risk of mildew.

From scoops to nets and caddies, and even a frog, we've found plenty of storage solutions to keep your bathroom tidy (until the next time).

Best corner bath toy storage

Rrp: £9.99

Price: £5.97
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Boots£8.99View offer


Making use of the bathroom space, this corner bath organiser has a mesh bottom to allow water to


  • Strong suction cups
  • Takes up less space


  • Some said adhesive pads came off after awhile

Best freestanding bath toy storage
Price: £19.99


This two-part bath storage has large draining holes for fast drying and a drip tray to catch the


  • Modern design
  • Convenient size
  • Dishwasher safe


  • More expensive than other storage

Best bag bath toy storage
Large Net Toy Storage
Price: £9.99


With four heavy-duty lock suction cups, this storage net is perfect for popping on the wall next


  • Doesn't collect water
  • Suction cups make it easy to move
  • Mould resistant


  • It occasionally needs re-sticking

Best bath toy storage scoop
Munchkin Super Scoop

Rrp: £17.99

Price: £16.99


Picking up toys after a long bath and bedtime can be one of the reasons you don't want to tidy


  • Large mouth makes cleaning toys up easier
  • Helps prevent mildew


  • Some found it

Best over bath toy storage
Munchkin Quack Bath Toy Caddy
Price: £20.89


The sides of the caddy extend to fit any tub wide or narrow and come with Xtra Grip handles for


  • Extendable sides to fit different bath sizes
  • Drain holes for quick drying


  • Not secured and can be knocked

Best turtle bath toy storage

Rrp: £17.95

Price: £15.95


A fun addition to any bathroom, this turtle bath toy storage is made from mould resistant material


  • Large storage pocket


  • Some found the suction became weak over time

Best value bath toy storage
Scarlet Gem Bath Tidy Storage

Rrp: £12.99

Price: £6.99


Rid yourself of clutter with this highly affordable bath storage solution. Made of waterproof


  • Multiple pockets
  • Strong suction cups


  • Not suitable for heavy bath toys

How to make bath time enjoyable

Toddlers are not always delighted when it comes to bath time, so here are a few things you can do to make that time of the day just a little bit more exciting for your tot.

Toys: Rubber ducks, little water guns, boats and any other toys you can think of so your little one has plenty to keep themselves entertained with.

Music: Introduce some of your bubba's favourite tunes to bath time so they can have a little sing-along while they're splashing about.

Bath bombs: Child-friendly bath bombs and salts can help soothe your toddler and will also make the water colourful and all the more enticing.

Join in: Combine your bath time with your baby's bath time, and we promise they'll enjoy the extra company and some one-on-one bonding time.

How to keep bath toys clean

Cleaning bath toys can feel like a bit of a chore, and most bath toys will be fine to rinse with fresh water at the end of bath time.

It's good practise to empty the bath when your little one is finished, so that the toys aren't floating in the water hours after bath time is over. Good bath toy storage will also help keep them dry and this can help prevent mould growing.

Fill the bath or sink with an inch or two of water

• Make sure any assembled toys are taken apart and them all to the water

• Add in a few sterilising tablets and let the toys soak

After, empty the bath and lay all the toys out, preferably on a towel in a warm room, and let them dry thoroughly.

Doing a deep clean every few months is a good way of making sure bath toys stay clean, and you can check bath toys regularly to make sure they aren't broke.

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