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If your little one is as big a Disney fan as you are, decorating their bedroom in the theme of their favourite film is be a cute idea. Fall in love with these Pinterest ideas and get inspired with our DIY tips to try and replicate these beautiful designs.


Disney Bedrooms

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Fairy skirting boards

Your little one will love the magical feel of these tiny doors. Super simple to make the secret fairy doors are made from dolls house doors, then painted to match the rest of the room. Accessorise and encourage your tot to keep an eye on it.

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Cinderella Bed

This really is the Disney princess room of dreams! Every Cinderella fan will fall in love with this carriage shaped bed and (hopefully) this will keep them in bed, all night. If you don’t have the room, or time, to build something this impressive, take a look at this equally adorable Disney Princess Feature Toddler Bed.

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Peter pan wall sticker

Another cute, easy way to transform your toddler’s bedroom, this Peter Pan and Tinkerbell sticker adds a touch of magic. The best part? You can safely remove the wall sticker if your little one moves bedroom. You can find a similar peter pan wall sticker here.

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Toy story walls

If your little one is obsessed with Buzz Lightyear and Woody, why not give them their own Toy Story themed bedroom? Simply get a cloud stencil, some blue paint, and a few little green army men to dot around the room.

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An Ariel themed world under the sea

We love this cute idea, with a large mural to let your little one live under the sea with Ariel. The mesh net is also a great idea to let your tot make playtime more fun. Fill it with cushions and a rug for a special little space. Take a look at this similar play net on Amazon.

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A Cars-inspired bedroom

If you’ve not got the artistic skills, or patience to paint a similar Cars inspired scene, why not invest in a Lightening McQueen bed for your little one? This cute feature bed has a storage drawer for toys and a bright design your mini racing driver will love!

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Keep things simple

Of course, you don’t need to have an art degree to create a magical space your little one will love. Find Disney Princess Wallpaper and create a fairy-tale inspired feature wall.

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Frozen themed fun

If you’ve got an Elsa fan in your brood, this is another DIY option. Simply cut out some foam snowflakes and get your little one involved with painting and decorating them. All you need next is a Frozen bedspread, a few verses of ‘Let it Go!’ and you’re finished!

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Set sail

We love this pirate themed bedroom for your little explorer. With a large feature bed shaped like a boat (bound to make bedtime more fun), and a few themed accessories, your little one will love their pirate themed room. We also love this Little Tikes Pirate Toddler Bed, complete with a Ship’s Wheel and built-in toy box!

Cinderella baby room11 of 12

A royal baby

It’s not one your newborn will appreciate, but what could be cuter than this Disney inspired bed for your precious new arrival?

fairy bedroom12 of 12

A handcrafted creation

This is certainly one of the cutest fairy-themed bedrooms we’ve ever seen. We’re not quite sure how you’d go about replicating this one, but flower garlands are always a cute addition to your toddler’s room.

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