Oxo Tot 4 Piece Feeding Set review

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Oxo Tot 4 Piece Feeding Set

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Oxo’s Tot 4 Piece Feeding Set consists of a bowl, plate, fork and spoon. The crockery features a non-slip weighted base and a curved ring that helps guide food onto utensils (stopping it from being swiped off the side); the ring can be removed when tots are eating confidently. The cutlery is short and stubby, which is good for small hands although a little on the heavy side. The bowl comes with a very useful lid but it is quite deep; the sides are too high to enable the food to be scooped onto the spoon easily – a shallower bowl is better suited to novice eaters.

Something great about the product is that there should be no staining, even though it is in part white – not even tomato paste or Bolognese sauce should change the colour of the crockery! On the down side, it does scratch easily. It is also quite pricey, especially if more than one set is required but if you can afford it, you won’t be disappointed.

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Oxo Tot 4 Piece Feeding Set

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