The best weaning books to get you through the weaning journey

best weaning books

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When it comes to weaning there can be so much information that you don't know where to start. The main problem is knowing what foods to use that will give your little one the best nutrients and how to start introducing them. So we've found the best books to buy when weaning your baby and toddler!

From delicious weaning recipe books to baby-led weaning advice from other mums, we've picked the best books that will help you and your little one on their weaning journey that will make it as stress-free as possible. ​

Wean in 15

Rrp: $29.99

Price: $20.59

We all love Joe Wicks’s Lean in 15 recipe books, and now, the dad of two has published his approach to weaning your baby with healthy, nutritious, and interesting food combinations. If you love his Instagram feed, then you’ll be a fan of this book. Joe approaches weaning in the same no-nonsense way he does his workouts. There are 100 recipes to try and lots of the latest advice for weaning your baby successfully for a healthy lifestyle.

Weaning Made Simple

Rrp: $29.99

Price: $24.99
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With tips, myth-busting ideas, recipes and meal plans, this is the newest weaning advice book from Annabel Karmel – she’s written more than 40 books in the past 25 years, all designed to help parents make weaning more manageable and fun for you and your little one. There’s advice about reducing how much milk your baby has, and info on allergies and special diets. Some of the recipes will last beyond the weaning stage, and would be great for sharing with your older children too.

Top 100 Baby Purees by Annabel Karmel
Price: $24.32

If you’re taking the pureed food approach to weaning, then you’ll need some inspiration to stop yourself, and your baby, getting bored of the same old carrot and butternut squash combos. This might be from 2005 but the recipes are still interesting and simple to create.

River Cottage Baby and Toddler Cookbook

Rrp: $34.00

Price: $17.26

If you’ve ever watched Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s TV shows about River Cottage, then you’ll know the type of approach this book takes – sustainable, fresh, wholesome recipes for your little ones. The food is easily shared by the whole family, with blueberry pancakes and home-made pizza for everyone to try.

Truly Scrumptious Baby

Rrp: $27.99

Price: $18.00

This book is the complete guide to help you with weaning little ones who are six months old and above. Written by Holly Willoughby, she talks about taking the next step on introducing colourful and yummy foods to your little one's diet.

Quick and Easy Weaning
Price: $16.33

From your baby's first puree to introducing more complex flavours, the Quick and Easy Weaning book aims to take away the stress away from your baby's transition to solid food. The recipes are all developed for busy parents too, keeping them quick and simple to prepare, whilst still being packed full of nutrition to keep your baby healthy and happy.

Ella's Kitchen: The First Foods Book

Rrp: $99.00

Price: $13.90

With every step of your weaning journey covered, there's more than 130 recipes to explore with each one meeting the Ella's Kitchen nutritional standards. It also has top tips from nutritionists and parents, giving you the confidence you need when weaning your little one.

Weaning: New Edition

Rrp: $21.67

Price: $13.63

Once again, our very own weaning expert Annabel Karmel will help you to wean your little ones confidently and safely. With tips on what foods and purees to introduce first, to over 60 recipes, Annabel includes up-to-date information about allergies, intolerances and how to encourage baby-led weaning.

A Time to Wean by Marlene Susan
Price: $11.69
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This lovely little book is perfect to read to little ones who are weaning. Follow toddlers' favorite animals as they grow, discover new things, and nurse less, with the reassurance and comfort from their mums never changing. This book is ideal for introducing the idea of weaning and preparing your little ones before officially starting their weaning journey.

The Allergy-Free Baby & Toddler Cookbook

Rrp: $28.99

Price: $25.33

With more than 100 delicious recipes, it gives advice for however you choose to wean, along with practical advice and nutritional expertise that will support you through every step of your little one's journey.

Weaning Made Easy
Price: $17.99

From advice on traditional weaning and baby-led weaning, nutritionist Dr Rana Conway gives advice on weaning so that you can choose the best way for you!

Young Gums: Baby Food with Attitude

Rrp: $26.95

Price: $23.79

This book is perfect for parents who are starting their little ones weaning journey, and is a modern guide to happy, healthy weaning. With family meal ideas to fun baby-led and spoon-led weaning, this book has a lot of information, nutritional advice and recipes that are safe to introduce from six months old.

How to Wean Your Baby

Rrp: $33.99

Price: $29.58

This step by step guide to weaning by Mu0026B's favourite nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed will encourage babies to love their veg. As a mum of two, Charlotte has designed this guide and over 50 recipes with real family life in mind. These fun and nutritious recipes can be adapted for different stages and dietary requirements (vegan and vegetarian), and introducing allergens is incorporated into the 30-day plan. Many recipes are also suitable for the whole family.

What Mummy Makes

Rrp: $19.99

Price: $16.43

With this smart way to introduce solid food to your baby, you'll cook a single meal and eat it together as a family where your baby will learn how to eat from watching you. Each of Rebecca's recipes are quick to prepare and easy to adapt for different ages and dietary requirements meaning less faff for you. Yay!

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