8 Bamboo baby plates your weaning tot will love

I'm obsessed with Joe Wicks' bamboo weaning bowls

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So much of our tots weaning gear (bowls, plates, spoons, everything…) is made from plastic. Which is why we're such huge fans of bamboo baby plates. Not only are they super cute, but they’re also made from natural bamboo, so they’re great for the environment too.

Weaning expert and PE teacher to the nation, Joe Wicks, first sparked our obsession with these eco-friendly plates after using them for both his children's weaning journeys.

They are now very popular, meaning there is now a wide range of plastic-free children’s crockery and cutlery, bowls and plates to choose from. We’ve chosen our favourites you can buy today, ready for you to try out lots of new weaning recipes ahead of you starting your weaning journey.

What are the benefits of bamboo plates?

Plastic-free alternative - Plastic is damaging to the environment.

It is eco-friendly - Bamboo is sustainable, and it doesn’t require pesticides for production.

Safer - A growing body of research has found that plastic cutlery and tableware are harming human health.

Durability - Unlike glass, bamboo is virtually unbreakable. It can handle all of the times your tot throws it on the floor.

Easy to clean - Just wash with soapy water, rinse and leave to dry.

Fashionable - Bamboo tableware looks fabulous! Much more interesting than plastic - in our opinion.

Best bamboo baby plates 2023

Sweetest bamboo plate

Cute as a button, this little panda bamboo plate is just adorable. You can (if you have the time) arrange your little one's food to make it look even more like a panda's face.

Includes a plate and a spoon
Some parents had issues with the suction pad after a few months

Review: "Bought for our new granddaughter as an early Christmas present along with many other items. We are collecting for her this first Christmas. It's a beautiful item with matching soon well designed and made."

Best bamboo unicorn plate

The unicorn trend is here to stay and your unicorn-obsessed tot will love this fun plate. Plus, we're more than happy to have this weaning crockery out on the sideboard and not hidden away in the cupboard with the rest of the plastic stuff.

Perfect for any unicorn-obsessed bubbas

Would be nice if some form of cutlery was included

Review: "I absolutely love love love all these plates, they're not only so cute but the sections make room for a different variety of foods for your little one to choose from, my little girl absolutely loves them every time I get a plate out she dances because she knows it's food time lol.. and the suction is amazing as when she is finished she can't throw or pick up the plate and end up dropping whatevers left!! We have a whole drawer full, they are so worth every penny ❤."

Best bamboo spoon and bowl set

Suction is an important part of weaning bowls - it keeps things in place when your baby would rather throw everything around the room. This bamboo bowl comes with a cute matching spoon, too.

Comes in six different colours

Some parents found it to be fragile

Review: "This is a beautiful product and well deserving of its design awards. I bought it out of desperation after trying several bowls with really poor suction. My 11 month-old grandson would simply pull them off and food would go everywhere. The suction on this is brilliant, and I love the deep shape which allows him to easily scoop food out. The spoon looks big but is surprisingly manageable for small hands. I ended up buying a second one so that he could have one in his own home as well. It might seem a bit on the pricey side, but worth every penny. I wish I'd spotted it before wasting money on other, cheaper but rubbish products."

Best bamboo plate for doggy mad tots

This natural bamboo plate is sure to be a hit with puppy-loving tots. It is perfect for little hands and has sections for different food types.

Heat-resistant and freezer safe

Hand wash and dry only

Review: "This is a gorgeous item. I’m so excited for my little boy to start weaning so we can use it. It’s incredibly sturdy too, you know if it gets dropped it’ll be fine! Great item, and good price too."

Best full bamboo weaning set

We love this set that includes a bowl, plate and two spoons. They're all made from natural, hypoallergenic bamboo and food-grade silicone so it's free from BPA, phthalates and other toxins.

Both the bowl and plate have a non-slip base to stop them from sliding around

One reviewer mentioned they thought they might be too big if you baby is just starting on their weaning journey

Review: "Bought this for my 18month old as I was after a plate with different sections. It was an added bonus that I found one with suction, we have the antilop high chair and they stick really well to it. I love the spoons, they're a great size for him now he's independent I would say they are too big if you are just starting to wean but don't be put off by that as it won't be long until they'll be able to use them anyway."

Best bamboo teddy bear plate

Offering a creative way of separating food, this plate features three sections that make up the shape of a teddy bear. Not only will it make mealtimes fun, it means little mess is made too.

Includes a bowl and a spoon

Some reviewers thought the suction could be stronger

Review: "This teddy plate, bowl and spoon set is good. It is easy to use and works. The design is nice and the spoon is soft and bendy. It also has a suction cup at the bottom so it can not move. It is easy to clean."

Best bamboo dinosaur plate

A roar-some choice if your little one is mad for all things dinosaurs. It features a partition to accommodate a variety of foods and raised edges to prevent spillage.

Made of 100 per cent organic bamboo material

Could have more than two sections included

Review: "This weaning set is just perfect. It washes really well. The spoon can be easily gripped and the plate suctions really well onto the high chair. I love the cute designs available too and a variety of different colours. I like that the plate is sectioned too."

Recommended bamboo weaning set

Prevent spills and messes thanks to the powerful suction base that will withstand accidental knocks and the deep sections for easy scooping. All the items are made with two bamboo layers so that they're long lasting.

Made for serving different food groups 

Some reviews mention the suction base is hard to get off when you need to wash it

Review: "This is the perfect set, we’ve had it over a year now and it still suctions well and nothing has broken. They’re easy to clean."

Best bamboo spoons

Now we know that these aren't plates, but what do you need to match your new bamboo plates and bowls? Cute spoons, of course! The silicone heads can be removed for cleaning (hand-wash only).

Five in a pack

Would be nice if a bowl or plate were included to have a full weaning set

Review: "We love our Bamboo Bamboo spoons! We're doing baby led weaning since our baby turned 6 months old and these spoons are perfect for it! They're a great size and shape for our baby to hold, and he's able to feed himself with ease using them."


Can I use bamboo baby plates in the dishwasher and microwave?

Unfortunately, most bamboo products are hand-wash only and not suitable for the dishwasher or microwave. The fantastic news is bamboo is naturally antibacterial so warm soapy water is all you need to get it nice and clean.

How long do bamboo plates last?

Unfortunately, bamboo plates do have a limited lifespan as they eventually get damaged by moisture. However, you can expect them to last up to two years if you properly hand-wash and dry them after every use. You can also use a paper towel and apply a layer of coconut, almond or walnut oil over your bamboo plate to extend its lifespan.

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