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For entertainment for all the family, the Nintendo Switch is a great choice. You might buy it for the kids, but you won't be able to resist the temptation of joining in and before you know it, it will become a family game. It is a great option for gaming because it gives users the chance to play it handheld, or as a home games console connected to your TV, or there are online options too. This means it might be a handy way to keep kids entertained in the back of the car on those long journeys they like to moan about, and playing video games is a good indoor activity when it is cold or wet outside.

There are different Nintendo Switch models to choose from, the original and the Lite, as well as the newest model the Nintendo Switch OLED, which has a 7-inch OLED screen, a wide adjustable stand, a dock with a wired LAN port, 64 GB of internal storage, and enhanced audio. The Nintendo Lite is a dedicated handheld device and it is compact, and lightweight with integrated controls. It is perfect for gamers who want to play on the go, or outside of their home.

The original Nintendo Switch is a great option too, with 32GB storage and 6 inch screen. It offers TV mode, tabletop mode and handheld mode, plus there are lots of accessories to add to it to enhance your gaming experience such as, Joy-con wheels, All Sport Kit and extra controllers as well as some really exciting game choices.

As a family, playing video games with kids can be a great bonding experience and a great way to unwind and add some some friendly competition to your household. Children will enjoy being able to share a game with their parents (and probably beat them) and parents will love the thrill of engaging with their children and embracing screen time as a family.

Best for gaming on the go and at home

Nintendo Switch
Price: £309

The Nintendo Switch is a great option for people who want a handheld device they can use on the go as well as one they can use at home. It has impressive graphics, even on the handheld version and boasts a 6 inch screen as well as 64GB of storage. Along with the original Nintendo Switch, there is now the newer OLED model, or the lighter, more compact Switch Lite model. The Nintendo Switch offers a wide range of games and accessories to support and enhance your gaming experience. The Nintendo Switch comes with a dock, 1 x neon blue Joy-Con (L), 1 x neon red Joy-Con (R), 1 x Joy-Con grip, 2 x Joy-Con Strap, 1 x HDMI cable and a Nintendo Switch AC Adapter. In this bundle, the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game is also included.


  • Great for 2 or more players
  • Clear graphics
  • Can be played at home or on the go


  • Bigger than traditional handhelds
  • Right hand analogue stick is a little awkward
Screen size6 inch
Storage32 GB
  • Can be used online, at home or on the go
  • 6 inch screen
  • Includes two controllers
  • Accessories available to purchase

Testing the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is popular with users. They are impressed with the graphics, the usability and range of games. Generally it seems to be easy to set up and to play, with both children and adults finding it accessible.

One reviewer said: "As someone who uses my Nintendo Switch daily, the investment has proven to be valuable. The enhanced visuals, better controls, and overall improved gaming experience make this version a wise expenditure in my opinion."

Another reviewer added: "This was bought as a treat to myself that I’ll probably have to share with the kids at some point but for now it’s mine. It’s a large screen, easy to hold and to navigate instructions. So many games to choose from. I’m reliving my youth playing Final Fantasy and getting up to date with the kids with Pokemon Violet. Bought a screen protector and hard carry case for durability separately.

While Rafael, said: "It had been a while since I last bought a console. Perhaps over 20 years? Not that I stopped playing video games, but they had to run on a PC or a Mac. My friend lent me his Switch, and I loved it immediately. I loved playing classic SNES games. I am now into the new games, such as Super Mario Odyssey, and Mario Kart 8. I 100% recommend it!"

How easy is the Nintendo Switch to use?

The Nintendo Switch is versatile and has the ability to be used both as a handheld and at home console, however, does this make it more complicated? Reviewers didn't seem to have any problems using it, with most saying it was simple. There is also an option for online play on the Nintendo Switch and with a range of accessories, such as Pro-Con Wheels and Sports Kits, reviewers enjoyed the experience and it was easy to use overall.

One reviewer said: "It was easy to setup and use straight out of the box, great for co-op games, the joy-con controllers can be detached and used by two people, the plug and play into TV is fantastic. I would recommend getting some pro controllers for extended use though."

Tom was really pleased and added: "Is great it's mobile and easy portable. Kid and I can play in the living room on the big tv screen, or we can play on the old pc monitor in his room. We can even play in bed, the car, airplane, train and whenever you like. How cool is that?"

One user said: "Simple to use, nice design, accessibility, online features like downloading games, 5 stars. There are some problems with demo where it is supposed to show how it works but it is quite intuitive and in the end does the job."

The graphics on the Nintendo Switch

The graphics seem to be impressive on all versions of the Nintendo Switch, however, the Nintendo Switch OLED has a better and bigger screen, although all players seemed to enjoy the graphics across all the models.

One reviewer said: "The display is absolutely gorgeous with extremely vivid colours and the purest of jet black when displayed, making bright and colourful games such as Zelda, Mario Kart and Animal Crossing look gorgeous whereas Horror Games such as Doom, Corpse Party and more have much darker vibes. Playing this in a dark room late at time shows truly how gorgeous the display is and I’ve never regretted this purchase once, so I bought this one for my partner and they love it just as much!"

Another user added: "An amazing device. I have upgraded from the original switch for the amazing OLED display and games pop with better colour contrast and a brighter, vivid display. Games just pop!"

How entertaining is the Nintendo Switch?

A reviewer said: "I always wanted a Nintendo when I was younger but never had one... I bought my lad this and he loves playing on it. It keeps him occupied when on long car journeys etc, it comes with USB C charging capability so easy to charge in the car or any other place as long as you have a cable and a USB port."

Another user added: "The last Nintendo console I owned was the N64. Since then I have only owned playstations and the xbox 360. I have never owned a handheld games console. So far I am really happy with my purchase. I am currently playing Fifa 22 and taking a break from Zelda BOTW. I haven't signed up to Nintendo online but intend to do seems good & is very reasonably priced."

One reviewer, Sarah, said: "I got this about a month ago, and I love it. After wanting one for a while and never committing to it, I went for it, and I am so glad that I did. It is exactly what I was after, and there are so many different games available for it."

Final thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is designed to be versatile and is different to its competitors, the Xbox and Playstation, because it can be both a handheld console and also a play at home console. For that reason, some reviewers said the graphics were not as good as the Xbox or playstation, but they liked the fact it was portable. Comparisons were often drawn between the WiiU and the Nintendo Switch, with both being interactive, but overall reviewers preferred the Nintendo Switch. For many reviewers there was a nostalgic element to the Nintendo with familiar characters like Mario bringing back memories of childhood which added to its appeal.

The Nintendo Switch is a great games console, popular with both adults and children, with games to appeal to all ages. It has good graphics, fast responses and is very versatile with a host of accessories to enhance your gaming experience. We think this makes it a great buy, especially for families.

Frequently asked questions about the Nintendo Switch

Is the Nintendo Switch worth it?

We think it is! It is family friendly but more importantly there is no other games console out there which is as versatile as the Switch. It gives you an option of where and how to play and it is compact and has a great range of games. If you want a console to entertain the whole family, then the Nintendo Switch is a great option and worth the money.

Is the Nintendo Switch suitable for young children?

The Switch is colourful and robust, so compared to competitors, it is probably the most suitable for young children. However, some of the games will contain unsuitable content and it is advised that parents monitor the games their little ones are playing. However, Nintendo are synonymous with family friendly games and they have lots of options for younger children from age 3 plus.

Which Nintendo Switch is the best?

The Nintendo Switch OLED is the newest model, however, all three are excellent choices. They all play the same games but the screen on the OLED is better and it has more powerful speakers, as well as storage space. It is a personal decision, dependant on what you want from your console. If you want something lightweight and compact, or for little hands, perhaps the Nintendo Switch Lite is the best, whereas if you prefer impressive graphics, or need larger storage, then the OLED might be the Switch for you. The original is excellent though and will do everything you need it to for great family entertainment at home or out and about.

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Best lightweight Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Lite Black Friday deals
Price: £199

If you're after a smaller screen, the Nintendo Switch Lite is the one to go for. Available in four stylish colours, the device is lightweight and easy to use.

One reviewer said: "Just as brilliant as always! Quick and easy to set up and fast to charge! I went for the lovely mellow yellow. This time around I've popped on a case and screen protectors (also from Argos). The price was great too... You won't be disappointed."


  • 5 hours battery life
  • Lightweight an easy to transport


  • Doesn't support output to TV

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