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Best Video Games For Preschoolers

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There's no denying how popular video games are with people from PS5 games to Switch games, and despite some of the negativity they receive, they can help with social skills, problem solving and concentration.

With a huge array of video games on the market, including ones that have educational elements, a lot of them feature children's favourite characters, including Peppa Pig, the PAW Patrol team and even Bluey.

Black Friday deals on video games for kids

Black Friday deals are still everywhere right now which means there's a whole host of Black Friday toy deals, so a discount on video games for kids is a huge advantage! So if you want to grab a bargain, here are the retailers that have the best deals right now or keep scrolling to continue reading our buyer's guide.

• Save £90 on the PlayStation 5 at Argos.

• There's £40.99 off the Nintendo Switch Neon Console & Super Mario game at Very.

Get 25% off Xbox Series X at Amazon

As much as you might not want your child having too much screen time, it can be good for keeping them entertained for a little bit and great for encouraging teamwork if you have two children and play on multiplayer.

Best games for Xbox for young children

on sale

PJ Masks: Heroes of The Night
Price: £9.95


Any child who loves PJ Masks will love this adventure-based game. Your little one can use their

Gigantosaurus The Game
Price: £15.31


Explore and race across the prehistoric world of dinosaurs. In this game, your little one can


What would a video game round-up be without Sonic the Hedgehog? The iconic blue hedgehog was first

Best PS5 games for kids

on sale

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Rrp: £19.99

Price: £17.99


Fun for single player and multiplayer mode, you can go on so many adventures and travel to


If your child is car obsessed, this is probably the game for you. Your little one will be able to

Price: £31.99


Discover and capture all 100 different species of Bugsnax using a variety of contraptions. Bugsnax

PS4 games that preschoolers will love

Farming Simulator 22
Price: £53.95


Your child can enjoy and virtually experience that world of farming. This agricultural adventure

on sale

Race with Ryan
Price: £24.93


Ryan's World has become one of the most popular YouTube channels for preschoolers. Ryan often

on sale

Paw Patrol The Movie Adventure City Calls

Rrp: £34.99

Price: £23.99
Alternative retailers£25.69View offer


Your child will be thrilled to learn they are needed to help on a PAWsome adventure. Your child


Your little one will be able to become a veterinarian through this engaging game. Your child will

Best Nintendo Switch games for kids

on sale

Bluey: The Videogame
Price: £32.99 (was £34.99)


Bluey: The Videogame is set across four interactive episodes, where children can explore iconic

on sale

My Friend Peppa Pig (Nintendo Switch)

Rrp: £34.99

Price: £20.80


Your tot can enjoy creating and dressing their character, they can meet Peppa and begin a story

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Price: £39.95
Alternative retailers
Currys£39.99View offer
Jacamo£39.99View offer
JD Williams£39.99View offer£40.00View offer


Your little one can create their very own paradise. They can customise their character, home and

on sale

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats (Nintendo Switch)
Price: £27.99


If your child is desperate to have their very own pet, this is a great introduction to the world


So, what are the benefits of video games?

Historically, video games have got a bit of a bad wrap. It could be because of its addictive qualities. With the rise of e-sports and more research, we now know there are also advantages to video games. These include:

Skills development - If you have ever played a video game, you will know that many require strategy, planning, concentration and visualisation. These are all fantastic skills which will help your child throughout their lives.

Social skills - When your little one is playing, they should always have adult supervision. It's a chance for you and your little one to communicate. You will be able to talk through tasks with your child and help guide their decision making; although, be prepared for your child to firmly tell you that they can do it on their own.

Competitiveness - Competitiveness, like video games, can be seen as a bad thing. But this isn't always the case. Being competitive not only teaches children to work harder towards their goals. It also teaches them how to deal with failure and promotes a 'try again' attitude.

Relaxation - Video games can help to promote a better state of wellbeing for your little one. If they are playing a video game, it may improve their mood. Another aspect of gaming is that it allows them to relax, which reduces anxiety.

How long should my child play video games for?

There are no official guild lines on screen time, so it is at your discretion as a parent. However, there are some evidence-based guidelines that suggest the following: children shouldn't be exposed to more than two hours of leisure screen time a day - this includes watching TV.

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