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kid friendly switch games

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There's no denying that of all the toys for children available, Nintendo has been a huge part of childhoods over the years, so if you're looking for a Nintendo Switch to buy, it's good to consider what kid friendly switch games are available too.

Different consoles and video games are often popular amongst children and the great thing about a Nintendo Switch is you can take it on the go, making it great for travel. It even has three modes which also allows you to play it on the TV. But when it comes to games, it can be hard to know what will be child-friendly and easy for them to play.

Best kid friendly switch games at a glance:

Best dog and cat kid friendly switch game: Little Friends: Cats and Dogs - buy here on Amazon
Best long lasting kid friendly switch game: Minecraft- buy here on Amazon
Best classic kid friendly switch game: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - buy here on Amazon
Best easy to use kid friendly switch game: My Friend Peppa Pig - buy here on Amazon

You don't want to choose a game that is text heavy or is complicated to follow, so age appropriate games are the perfect kid friendly switch games to choose, plus the Nintendo Switch has lots of age appropriate games for you to choose from.

Best Nintendo Switch games for kids

Best TV show kid friendly switch games

PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay!
Price: $23.49

Is your little one ready to save the day? The PAW Patrol Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay! game is lots of fun. Your child can play as different PAW Patrol characters or even double up on missions to help make Adventure Bay great again after a fallen meteor leaves it a mess.

One customer review said: "I got this game for my 3 year old who loves Paw Patrol and it went down so well. He LOVES it! I wish there were more levels as it seems a fairly short game but he is enjoying it and learning to be a little gamer so that is all that matters!"


  • Play as different pups on different missions
  • Easy instructions to follow


  • Some mentioned they wish it had more levels
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • 7 heroic missions
  • 7 mini-games
  • Pup pup boogie game

Best dog and cat kid friendly switch games

Best kid friendly switch games Little Friends: Dogs & Cats

Rrp: $37.64

Price: $30.80
Alternative retailers
Walmart$43.99View offer

If your little one keeps asking for a dog or a cat, then the Little Friends: Dogs & Cats would make a great game for them! They can have up to 12 pets of there own, with three they can look after at once. It'll help them to understand the responsibility of owning an animal, as they need feeding, bathing and walking (even if it is digitally)!

One customer said: "I got my daughter this game and am amazed at all the dog breeds she knows and recognises now! Teaches all the work that goes into a pet a great practice for when we got her a real dog she has a lot of fun playing my 7 year old can play and figured it out on her own"


  • Their very own pets
  • Helps teach about responsibility


  • Small children may need support in teaching commands
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • House up to three pets
  • Own up to 12
  • Play and train their own pets
  • Accessorise their cats or dogs

Best relaxing kid friendly switch games

This game isn't just for adults, but Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a wonderful and relaxing game for children to play. They can create their own little island, style their home, dig up fossils and capture bugs and fish! It's a great way for them to learn about different animals through trying to complete their museum collection.

One customer wrote: "Bought for daughter’s birthday 4 weeks ago. She’s got into the game and still enjoys playing with it. All in all a good purchase." Another review said: "My daughter loves this game and it was one of the main reasons for getting a switch!"


  • More than one person can live on the island (up to eight per switch)
  • Never ending game


  • Younger children may need support at setting the game up
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • Create your own island
  • Catch bugs and fish
  • Dig up fossils
  • Plant flowers
  • Explore other islands

Best kid friendly switch games for animal lovers

Best kid friendly switch games My Universe: Pet Clinic

Rrp: $38.99

Price: $29.63

The My Universe: Pet Clinic helps young veterinarians treat and care for animals and helps to teach them about this important profession. They can expand their clinic and help animals along the way. Pay close attention to each animal to try and figure out what's wrong!

One reviewer said: "Got this for my 5 year old daughter, there is quite a bit of speech to read throughout the beginning but once they get the hang of how it works its simple enough." Another review said: "Quite simple game but my 6yo easily understands and enjoys playing."


  • Help take care of animals
  • Inspire a veterinary profession


  • There's quite a lot of text to read through at time, smaller children may need help
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • Bond and care for the animals
  • Expand the vet clinic
  • Learn new skills

Best kid friendly switch games that'll last

Best kid friendly switch games  Minecraft
Price: $28.97
Alternative retailers
Walmart$8.99View offer

You've probably heard of Minecraft and while you might think it's mainly for older children, it's actually a fun game that can be played by young children too. You can turn off all online features and they can play in creative mode, exploring towns, mountains and even under the sea. They can even build their own homes and own their own farm animals.

Our writer said: "my son has had this game since he was four years old and while he didn't understand the gameplay survival mode, he loved the creative mode. He was able to farm lots of animals, create his own homes - it was so lovely to see all his creations and him use his imagination and creativity in a game. He's had books where he's been able to copy houses and farms to build and learn how to grow crops on the game. He's six now and has just started playing the survival mode, but still likes being creative."


  • Create your own farm
  • Explore a whole world with caves and jungles
  • Creative and survival mode


  • Survival mode might be too complicated for young children
Suitable for ages:7+ years
  • Creative and survival mode
  • Build houses
  • Grow crops and farm animals
  • Defeat zombies

Best downloadable kid friendly switch games

Best kid friendly switch games Carnival Games
Price: $23.06

Carnival Games are so much fun and the fact you can play them at home with this game can bring so much fun for everyone n the family. With 20 fun games to play, you can play solo or with up to four other players. Be mindful that there is no game with this, just a download code in the box.

One review said: "Great value, bought the item in the sale my son is very pleased with it. We thought it could be used multi player but from what we figured out you have to have 4 players. But still a great game, both of my sons enjoy it. No game in the box only a code to redeem!"


  • Multiplayer options
  • Up to 20 games to play


  • No game card, just a code
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • Download code
  • 20 games to play
  • Up to four players
  • Fun for all the family

Best classic kid friendly switch games

Best kid friendly switch games Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Price: $47.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$48.00View offer
Target$49.99View offer

A classic game that most parents will have played as children too! Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is not only fun for children, but will take parents right back to their childhood. With the option to play multiplayer or solo, join Donkey Kong and his friends as he travels through seven worlds collecting all the stolen bananas.

One customer wrote: "Such a good game for the whole family, I can not count the amount of times the kids have had to work things out and work as a team and the adults are brought back to being kids trying to be better then the next, I would really recommend"


  • Seven worlds to explore
  • Multiplayer and single player options


  • Some mentioned it was quite easy to complete
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • 7 worlds to explore
  • Collect all the stolen bananas

Best PJ Masks kid friendly switch games

Best kid friendly switch games PJ Masks: Heroes of The Night
Price: $27.94

This PJ Masks: Heroes of The Night is a great game for beginners. Visit eight familiar locations from the TV series and play as Catboy, Owlette and Gekko. They'll love stopping the baddies, finding hidden collectibles and saving the day!

One person wrote: "Bought for a 5 and 3 year old. Perfect game to learn the controls on the console. A very engaging and interactive game. Highly recommend for beginners on a console." Another review said: "Grandson couldn’t take his eyes off it and now my 8 year old grandson wants one too"


  • Easy for beginners
  • Stop the baddies and save the day


  • Some mentioned the character voices were a little different
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • Explore eight locations
  • Find hidden collectibles
  • Use the characters super powers

Best easy to follow kid friendly switch games

Best kid friendly switch games My Friend Peppa Pig

Rrp: $33.88

Price: $27.26
Alternative retailers
Walmart$34.77View offer

Your child will love staring in their own little Peppa Pig story. My Friend Peppa Pig lets your child create and dress their very own character and join Peppa on stories created by your little one. Find Daddy Pig's glasses, follow animal tracks through the forest, and even splash in muddy puddles.

One reviewer said: "Fab little game for my 4 year old who just got the switch and is still getting used to the controller. She can play it perfectly, super easy for a beginner" Another person wrote: "Our 3 year old had her own switch for Christmas after she kept stealing her brothers and this game is fab for her age"


  • Play with Peppa
  • Create your own character
  • Explore Peppa's world


  • Some mentioned the character voices were noticeably different
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • Design your own character
  • Create own storylines with Peppa
  • Easy to follow

Best Yoshi kid friendly switch games

Best kid friendly switch games Yoshi's Crafted World

Rrp: $51.90

Price: $46.99
Alternative retailers
Walmart$46.99View offer

A simple game that's easy for children to follow. The Yoshi's Crafted World allows your child to explore different levels and even go back on levels to collect items. It's a great little spin off to the usual Mario games, and there are even side levels for them to play and enjoy.

One customer wrote: "Love this game - super simple, great fun. The story line is straight forward, Yoshi has very easy commands - in essence jump and eat. No violence, perhaps some might say there is indication of it when eating a turtle, throwing eggs or jumping on a turtle to make way to pass, but it's very harmless. I have completed this game with my nephew, absolutely nothing scary about this game. And I don't know anyone who is this careful about the choice of games to avoid any bad surprises."


  • Explore different areas with Yoshi
  • Easy to follow and fun to play
  • Plenty of side quests


  • Some mentioned the colours were a bit more muted than they were vibrant
Suitable for ages3+ years
  • Two difficulty modes
  • Team up with friends option to complete levels

Best Bluey video game

A great game for Bluey fans! This is a brand-new story set across 4 interactive episodes. For the first time ever, your little one can interact with their favourite Bluey locations such as the Heeler House, Playgrounds, Creek and a bonus beach location, as well as playing their favourite games from the TV show, including Keepy Uppy and Chattermax Chase.

For the first time, all 3 original Spyro games are available on a Nintendo console! Now players can jump, glide, charge and flame their foes as they take on the challenges and adventures both on the go in handheld mode or from the comfort of the sofa in TV mode.

Which Nintendo Switch should I buy?

If you've found kid friendly switch games that you want to buy, you might be wondering which console to get. While the Nintendo Switch Lite has many similar features, it is smaller than the Nintendo Switch Console and doesn't have detachable joy sticks, or a TV mode play option.

Best kid friendly switch games consoles

One review said: "Great portable, quality hand held device & ALOT of game options & reasonable prices! Great feature to connect to tv with this model." Another person wrote: "Brought for my grandsons. They love it, plenty of games to choose from from little kids to adults"


  • So many game choices
  • Fun the whole family
  • Three ways to play


  • Children should be supervised when using
Suitable for ages:3+ years
  • TV mode
  • Table-top mode
  • Handheld mode

What age should a child have a switch?

While a lot of the games are suitable for children aged three and over, the switch itself might be a little complicated to use. For independent play, the Nintendo switch is ideal for children aged six and older, but children as young as four years old and three can also play, but with support from a grown up.

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