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Looking to fuel your daughter's creativity with LEGO sets for girls? You're in luck! Today's LEGO offerings for girls go way beyond traditional stereotypes, offering a diverse range of themes and challenges to inspire budding builders. Whether she's into exploring ancient ruins, building futuristic cities, or crafting fantastical realms, there's a children's LEGO set out there to ignite her imagination.

First things first, consider her interests. Does she love animals? Check out LEGO Friends sets, where she can build animal sanctuaries, vet clinics, or even rescue missions. Is she a fan of adventure? LEGO Disney toy sets bring beloved characters to life, from Elsa's ice castle to Moana's island paradise.

The best LEGO sets for kids at a glance:
Best animal LEGO set: LEGO Friends Forest Horseback Riding Center, Buy now from Amazon
Best for Disney LEGO: LEGO Disney Princess Moana's Wayfinding Boat, Buy now on LEGO
Best new LEGO set: LEGO DUPLO Peppa Pig Supermarket, Buy now from LEGO
Best big LEGO set: LEGO Friends Farm Animal Sanctuary, Buy now on LEGO

Next, think about the level of complexity. LEGO DUPLO sets are perfect for beginners, with larger pieces and simpler instructions, while older builders might enjoy the intricacies of LEGO Creator or LEGO Architecture sets, which offer more challenging builds and realistic details.

Lastly, consider her personal style. Whether she prefers pastel palaces or bold, vibrant designs, there's a LEGO set to suit her taste. So, take your time browsing the options, and get ready to watch her creativity soar with every brick she stacks!


Best animal LEGO set

LEGO Friends Forest Horseback Riding CenterLaura Healy, Mother&Baby

Rrp: $89.09

Price: $80.49
Alternative retailers
Walmart$76.00View offer

Whether you're little one visits the stables or dreams of becoming a future show-jumper, this set is brilliant for any kids who adores ponies and horses - it even comes with all of the realistic accessories such as helmets, bridles and saddles.

My seven year old loves horses and so this Lego set was a real hit. At first she was a bit daunted when she saw the amount of pieces it included, but the steps are easy to follow and she quickly got the hang of it and was able to build the set independently (in fact she was better than me when I tried to help).

It is a really detailed set, which once built, was also fun to play with and entertained her for hours. She now has it proudly displayed in her bedroom. It was a great introduction to larger Lego sets, moving away from Duplo, or small sets, and it is a perfect set for any horse fans!

This product was reviewed by our Mother&Baby Commercial Content Writer, Laura Healy.


  • Windows and doors open and close
  • Includes realistic horse-related accessories


  • A lot of pieces (511) which may be daunting for some young builders
Age rating:7+
Number of pieces:511


Best for Disney LEGO

LEGO Disney Princess Moana's Wayfinding BoatSamantha Ball, Mother&Baby

Rrp: $59.99

Price: $39.00
Alternative retailers
Walmart$61.00View offer

My children love LEGO and I find it helps to keep them entertained and their mind and hands busy. This LEGO Moana was simple to build, but it provided a good hours worth of concentration which was a great way to unwind after a busy day and helped to pass time between getting home and having tea.

My son helped my daughter with this as she was a little young for the recommended age, but they had so much fun building it! It's so vibrant and looks lovely on display in my daughters room, and she loves playing with the Moana figure and dolphin too.

Reviewed by Samantha Ball, our Senior Writer at Mother&Baby.


  • Vibrant colours and details that look just like the cartoon/film
  • Has storage and a removable shelter


  • Users wish the set includes more of the main characters from the film
Age rating:6+ years
Number of pieces:240


Best LEGO plane

LEGO City Passenger AeroplaneSamantha Ball, Mother&Baby
Price: $132.84

This LEGO City Passenger Aeroplane was super great value for money as you not only get a really big airplane, but you get the little details such as the steps to the plane and the luggage transporter. It kept my son entertained for hours and is great for playing with too - I loved the little details like the plane seats and toilet too!

They can carry it around and pretend that the plane is flying through the sky, or they can remove the roof which opens up even more playing opportunities. Plus, it comes with 9 minifigures which can sit on the seats - fantastic!

This review was written by Mother&Baby Senior Writer Samantha Ball.


  • Roof is removable and reveals a detailed interior
  • Perfect size for small hands to hold and glide through the air


  • Expensive but it is a durable, high quality set
Age rating:7+ years
Number of pieces:913


Best Encanto LEGO

LEGO Disney Princess Antonio's Magical DoorLaura Healy, Mother&Baby
Price: $28.99

A must for Encanto fans and parents looking for Lego for 5 year old girls and boys (although, I have a four year old who was very excited with this set). It is extremely colourful and the characters are recognisable, even for younger children. It was too complicated for my four year to build by herself but her big sister happily helped her and they worked on it together which was an added bonus.

We did think it was a book you could close and carry around after building, but that doesn't seem to be possible, however, that didn't really impact the fun, it just made storing it trickier.

It can withstand some quite heavy handed playing and while it may not look exactly like it is meant to now it has been played with, it has provided lots of fun and imaginative entertainment. 

Reviewed by Laura Healy, a Commercial Content Writer at Mother&Baby.


  • Easy to build, with recognisable characters
  • Durable pieces which can withstand heavy handed play


  • Not very portable, as it doesn't fully close
Age rating:5+ years
Number of pieces:99

Best new LEGO set

LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig SupermarketLEGO

We are just as excited as the kiddiewinks are to see that they now do Peppa Pig Lego! This supermarket scene features four members of our favourite Pig family, a trolley, some pretend food and even the iconic red car! How cute.

It's suitable for toddlers and children aged 2 plus, meaning that even the littlest of fans can get involved and pretend to scan items at the checkout or stock the shelves.


  • Comes with a car (that fits all 4 pig figures inside) as well as the supermarket
  • Large pieces that are suitable for toddlers (aged 2+)


  • Checkout could be more distinguishable
Age rating:2+ years
Number of pieces:70


Best LEGO flower set

LEGO Creator SunflowersSamantha Ball, Mother&Baby

Rrp: $14.99

Price: $11.99
Alternative retailers
Target$11.99View offer
Walmart$12.97View offer
Kohl's$14.99View offer
Best Buy$14.99View offer

This LEGO Creator Sunflowers set doubles up as decoration for your home, plus it's easy to store as each plant has thin stems that can fit into a vase or storage container.

I helped my daughter build this as she loves sunflowers and LEGO, but some of the parts were fiddly for her little fingers. They were bigger than what we were expecting but they look incredibly beautiful! The LEGO flowers are just as lovely. 

I'd recommend it as a LEGO set because it looks great on display, and fun for children to build and learn about the flower.

Samantha Ball, our Senior Writer at Mother&Baby reviewed this product.


  • Bright and vibrant colours
  • Can pair them with other LEGO flower sets to build a faux bouquet


  • Small pieces which can be fiddly for little fingers to put together
Age rating:8+ years
Number of pieces:191


Best LEGO train set

LEGO DUPLO Number TrainAmazon
Price: $55.58

Your little one can build a colourful locomotive with the LEGO DUPLO Number train. It comes with 10 number blocks and three characters to play with. Our mum testers like that it's 'easy to put together' and 'great for independent play'.

Reviewer Ali Saunders says she "would 100 percent recommend this product" and noted that "The train was so easy to clean. It's good size, so I can pop it in my bag and take it out with us for the day when my son needs distracting or wants to play with his own toys.

The toy has no sharp edges or small pieces, meaning I don't have to worry when my son is playing by himself or when other mums bring their younger children over. This product also kept my child entertained for a good period of time, not just ten minutes or so, as is sometimes the case with other toys."

Read our full LEGO DUPLO Number Train review here.


  • Large pieces with smooth, rounded edges
  • If it gets dirty it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth


  • Testers would prefer a different storage box as cardboard tears easily
Age rating:1½-3 years
Number of pieces:23

Best big LEGO set

LEGO Friends Farm Animal SanctuaryLEGO

It seems like a rite of passage that every child should have a farm set to play with at some point in their lives and this LEGO Friends Farm Animal Sanctuary is one of the best. They'll get to build a home to look after the goat, cow, chicken and chicks, or drive around a farm and harvest vegetables. They can even construct their very own windmill, too!

The set encourages children to explore emotion and take into account other people's, or in this case - animals, feelings. One user said, "As the "Lego Friends" branding suggests, are more about cooperation and social harmony. In this set, three (varied gender, varied ethnicity) friends are running a sanctuary that also, it seems, grows vegetables. What could be more peaceful?"

It's marketed as Lego for 6 year old girls and boys, boys, but younger children can still play with it as long as they are supervised.


  • Diverse group of minifigures
  • Interactive elements (including empty jam jars that get full as they come out of the machine)


  • A lot of pieces, which could make storage difficult
Age rating:6+ years
Number of pieces:489

Best Peppa Pig LEGO set

LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig Boat TripLEGO

Youngsters can enjoy a day at the beach with Peppa and Grandpa in the LEGO Duplo Peppa Pig Boat Trip. It's aimed at pre-schoolers, with bold colours and large, smooth pieces that are easy to grip and manoeuvre.

We love that the cabin door opens and that you can take the top of the boat off, which gives you space to store some of the smaller pieces.It even promotes sun safety with a parasol and sunscreen bottle block!

For more of a sensory experience, you could add real water or sand to the equation.


  • Small number of pieces (23), easy to store and quick to build
  • Could add water for an added sensory and realistic play


  • Some children may find the constructuon element too simple
Age rating:2+ years
Number of pieces:23


Best for Harry Potter Lego sets

LEGO Harry Potter Dobby the House-ElfSamantha Ball, Mother&Baby
Price: £19.99 (was £24.99)

If you have off-spring that are Harry Potter obsessed, they'll probably love this LEGO Harry Potter Dobby the House-Elf.

This was perfect for a little Harry Potter fan! It was easy to build but there was some support needed on some tricky steps. It's cool that you can swap out the book for the cake too so it changes up how Dobby looks.

Our Senior Writer Samantha Ball is the author of this review.


  • Affordable price for a reasonably-sized model
  • Comes with a storage stand an interchangable accessory


  • Not reccomended for younger children due to small parts
Age rating:8+ years
Number of pieces403


Best LEGO space set

LEGO Star Wars Yoda's Jedi Starfighter LEGO
Price: $39.06

My 6 year old loves LEGO and he spent hours following the instructions to build this set, then playing with it. He was able to build it without help too. It makes a really good Star Wars collection addition.

Reviewed by Samantha Ball, Senior Writer at Mother&Baby.


  • Interactive play thanks to spring-loaded shooters and adjustable wings
  • Yoda and R2-D2 Droid figures included


  • Some users found it too simple a build
Age rating:8+ years
Number of pieces:253


Best LEGO Duplo set

Price: $85.32

With the LEGO DUPLO My First Alphabet Truck, your little one can learn their ABCS as they stack the blocks onto the vehicle. It blends creative building, imaginative play, and alphabet learning into one fun-filled truck!

The 26 bricks can help toddlers to enhance their motor and reading skills as they build and play, Once they become familiar with the alphabet they can start spelling basic words (like F-U-N!).

Our mum testers said that it's a perfect way for toddlers to learn and have fun at the same time. The only criticism our testers have is that the letters are only displayed in uppercase, which could be confusing when your child is first learning to identify letters of the alphabet.

Read our full LEGO DUPLO Alphabet Truck review here.


  • Promotes motor skills through grasping and stacking blocks
  • Sturdy bricks and alphabet sheet included


  • Our reviewers noted that the letters are all in uppercase, with no lowercase versions
Age rating:18 months +
Number of pieces:36

Things to consider when buying LEGO for children

When buying a LEGO set for children, there are several factors to consider to ensure the set is appropriate and enjoyable. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Age appropriateness:

  • Check the recommended age range on the box. LEGO sets are construction toys that are designed with different age groups in mind, ensuring the complexity and safety of the pieces match the child's development level.

Interests and Themes:

  • Consider the child’s interests. LEGO offers a variety of themes such as cityscapes, superheroes, space exploration, and fantasy worlds. Choosing a set that aligns with their hobbies or favourite characters can enhance their engagement.

Complexity and Piece Count:

  • Assess the difficulty level of the set. Younger children may prefer sets with fewer pieces and simpler instructions, while older kids might enjoy more challenging builds with intricate designs and higher piece counts.

Safety and Durability:

  • Ensure the set is safe for the child's age group. For younger children, opt for sets with larger pieces to prevent choking hazards. LEGO Duplo sets are ideal for toddlers as they have larger, safer pieces.

Educational Value:

  • Look for sets that offer educational benefits. Many LEGO sets can help develop fine motor skills, spatial awareness, problem-solving abilities, and creativity.


  • Consider the cost. LEGO sets vary widely in price. Establish a budget and find a set that provides good value without overspending.

Playability and Longevity:

  • Think about how much play value the set will have after it’s built. Sets that can be reconfigured or combined with other sets may offer more extended play opportunities.

Instructions and Support:

  • Check if the set comes with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. LEGO provides detailed manuals and often has digital instructions available through their app, which can be helpful.


  • If the child already has LEGO sets, ensure the new set is compatible with them. Most LEGO pieces are universally compatible, allowing for expanded creativity and building potential.

Space for Building and Storage:

  • Consider where the child will build and store the LEGO pieces. Ensure there is enough space for the construction process and a dedicated storage solution to keep pieces organized.

Do boys play with Legos more than girls?

It's 2024, of course girls do play with LEGO, but you may be wondering if they use it as much as boys do, we have found some statistics for you. LEGO Group conducted a study and found that found that 90% of their fans were males, but they have since made some of their sets more diverse and have added more ranges to their collection to cater for both girls, boys and all genders.

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