The best construction set toys for little workers

Best construction set toys

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Having toys all over the floor is just part of being a parent nowadays. From dolls and Barbies to cars and trucks, there's a toy for every child (or child at heart!) out there. One toy you may have found hanging around is buildable models, also known as construction set toys. These are great for developing your child's motor skills and can help encourage healthy learning with play.

Whether you want to start with easy and chunky building blocks for your child's construction set or go all out and buy a huge new LEGO collection, building toys should be a staple in your home.

Problem-solving, helping spatial awareness and creativity are all great positives of investing in construction set toys. What makes them even better is they're actually a lot of fun for our children too.

What are construction toys?

Perfect for children who love to get hands-on, building blocks and construction sets are toys including a variety of shapes that can build up to a larger toy or model. As the name suggests, construction toys are ones that have to be assembled. There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of finishing a long build.

Popular brands include the iconic LEGO or Mega Bloks. Every parent is sure to have heard of those brands - or have inherited stock from family and friends! There are loads of places you can grab construction toys from, and we've hunted down the best that you can find.

What age should I buy construction set toys for?

Construction sets are great toys because there are different building parts and toys for every age. Larger building blocks are available for babies and toddlers working on understanding shapes and colours, as well as spatial awareness. As kids get older, they can continue playing with more complex construction toys with smaller parts. Think how LEGO sets get bigger and have more fiddly toys, the construction just gets bigger, and there's more to play with!

Make sure if you're buying sets for smaller children that there are no choking hazards within these toys. Sticking with big blocks and shapes are best for toddlers and ages younger than four-years-old.

The best construction set toys 2022

Best classic construction toy set
LEGO 10698 Classic Large Creative Brick Box Construction SetAmazon
Price: $71.67
Alternative retailers
Walmart$83.00View offer

LEGO has been around for decades and shows no sign of its popularity waning. This classic set - with a huge LEGO-shaped storage box - has everything you could want from a large construction set. With a variety of colours to play with, models to build and shapes to use, the fun will never end with this set.

Review: "Bought this as a starter set for our 4-year-old, and he has hardly stopped playing with it since it arrived. Plenty of pieces for him to get started with, handy ideas for the first few projects and links to online demos. Great value for money, I would say, given the number of pieces and a good gift."

Age:4+ Years

Best magnetic construction toy set
Playmags 3D Magnetic Blocks for KidsAmazon
Price: $52.95
Alternative retailers
Walmart$49.99View offer

The good thing about these Playmags 3D magnetic blocks is that they make it easy to build up bigger projects with the sturdiness of the blocks. They're tiles, so they give a slightly different shape to classic construction sets, making it a different experience for your child.

Review: "I was concerned they might not be as good, but actually, the magnets are slightly stronger, and they work well alongside the more expensive Magnatiles. My kids (three & six-year-old boys) love playing with these, and the included letter tiles are helping my three-year-old learn some basic letter sounds too. Every child who plays with these loves them! Definitely worth the money."

Age:3+ Years

Best construction toy set for toddlers

We recommend this Kidtastic set as an introductory construction set for younger kids to introduce them to the world of building, with seven exciting characters your child can play with and pull apart. With kid-friendly screwdrivers included, playtime will be fun and exciting getting into these shapes.

Review: "One thing I really like about these toys is that the plastic main body pieces will 'click' and 'lock' into place so that you don't have to hold it together while putting in the screws. So my 4-year-old can focus on holding the screw and spinning the screwdriver, and I don't have to sit with him to hold things together while he works. He can do it all by himself! The plastic seems pretty tough."

Age:3+ Years

Best train construction set

Akokie Wooden train track toys have been around for years. There's nothing more fun than building a track and watching the trains roll around your trail. Made with younger children in mind, this set has larger blocks, train tracks and accessories to build up a variety of shapes. Construct your own town with this set and send your trains off.

Review: "My four-year-old absolutely loves this. Very happy with my purchase and love that you're able to add to it by visiting the website on the box! I look forward to buying extra pieces to add to the already amazing set!"

Age:3+ Years

Best foam bricks construction set

Bigger is sometimes better! Build up a huge life-size wall with these foam bricks that make up a fun playtime. Your child can act as a worker and enjoy learning the basics of construction. You can also buy wooden tools to match this set and make the experience even more realistic.

Review: "Blocks are extremely hard-wearing and resistant. I have two destructive boys, and these are definitely getting roughed about a bit. We love them! A good investment for role play."

Age:3+ Years

Best first construction toy set

If you're looking for something with younger children in mind, these Mega Bloks are perfect for any child of the age of one year and above. They're perfect to start with and have 100 pieces of blocks for hours of fun playtime. Packaged in a long tube, they're super easy to store too.

Review: "Bought this for my little boy for his first birthday he absolutely loves them. And will last for a long time as there is so much you can do with them."

Age:1+ Years

Best building construction table set

Sometimes it can get a bit messy with loads of building blocks everywhere, so this Mega Bloks Build n Learn table keeps everything safe and sound in one place. Your child can build straight onto this table, so they won't have to go very far to create amazing houses and models.

Review: "My son absolutely loves this. It's easy to fold back down to take to grandma's and has a little storage compartment to put some blocks when we tidy away. It does come with a little car for him to zoom between the towers he builds too. He spends hours playing on this building, demolishing and rebuilding. Overall a great buy for my two-year-old."

Age:1+ Years

Best wooden car construction toy set

Older kids can also get involved in construction sets. Many brands have toys that you can build up and create that is a little bit more difficult to challenge your children. This Professor Puzzle Racing Car toy is wooden, so it's super sturdy but is challenging enough for children above the age of eight. Even better, it comes with a painting set so they can really put their own mark on it.

Review: "Bought it for my teenage son as a gift, and he loved it."

Age:8+ Years

Best toy construction game

Another great option for older children, John Lewis has this 'build your own football challenge' toy, which is a construction set that keeps the fun going. Even after you've built it up, you can keep playing with the football game that the toy makes up. Ideal for the techy children out there.

Review: "This is a lovely kit to assemble and play and very good value. Some children might find it quite difficult to put it together by themselves, but with a bit of adult help, I think most children would be able to build it. My grandson, aged 10, assembled it largely by himself and loved the fact that he could then actually play with something he had made himself. This is an unusual little gift and gives youngsters a sense of achievement.."

Age:8+ Years

Best truck construction toy set

Stanley Jr Take-apart construction sets start with a full-sized model that you can disassemble and put back together again. This set has three different models you can play with, as well as figurines, accessories and a screwdriver. Truck fans, this one's for you.

Review: "Well-made toy. Hours of fun for any child who loves construction vehicles with the added pleasure of being able to take them apart."

Age:3+ Years

Best wooden bolt construction set

With bolts, screws and wooden pieces, your little one can construct their own wood robot, truck and more with this set. Creative thinkers and problem solvers will love this, as there are endless possibilities to create and assemble. The vibrant colours also make it really exciting to play with.

Review: "Brilliant kit. My three-year-old loves figuring out how things are put together. Whilst she may struggle to build things at the moment. She loves dismantling my creations. She loves the screwdriver and joining things together."

Age:3+ Years

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