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BabyStyle Oyster3 stroller

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BabyStyle's more efficient and larger Oyster3 Best Stoller has many highlights to make trips out comfortable and easy whatever the day brings. With both rear and front-facing options and a lie-flat recline, there's a large shopping basket for all your groceries, puncture-free tyres and all-round suspension to ensure a smooth ride. It's suitable from newborn up to 4 years or 22kg and we love how the seat folds down with the chassis, making it a doddle to fold and unfold.

Product specifications

Suitable from birth to 22kg

Weight – 11.75kg

Folded (L71 x W57 x H37cm)

Fully open (L94 x W57 x H102cm)

Handle (102 – 112cm)

Seat – fully reclined (L85, W30cm)

Available in two chassis colours: grey and chrome plus 7 fabric colours

What's in the box?

You'll receive a seat, chassis, wheels and rain cover.


• Compact fold with the seat still attached

• One-handed recline

• Lie-flat seat

• Durable and puncture-free ER-foam filled tyres

• Easy to adjust the height of the canopy and harness

• Spacious shopping basket


• Cover isn't machine-washable

• Heavy to carry

• Two hands needed to fold

Real mum reviews

Here's what our mum testers thought of the BabyStyle Oyster3...

How did the Oyster3 make your life easier?

Chelsea: This product makes my life easier as a mum, as it is an all in one, so I do not need to keep taking apart and reattaching parts every time I want to use the buggy or every time I want to fold it down unless using the pram base then that is separate, however, my baby is too old for that part now, so it wasn't necessary.

Lydia: I have loved testing this product, it has a lot of handy hacks to make mum's life easier. When using the toddler seat attachment you don't have to take this off to fold it away it folds up very flat with this attached and it's easy to do. The car seat attachments allow you to use lots of different car seats so you don't have to buy the Oyster car seat, which I found very handy as I already had a car seat from my first child. The handle is easy to extend and the luggage carrier is very spacious.

Jody: The Oyster3 was a pleasure to use. It was so smooth to push and gave my little boy (14 months old) a comfy and soft ride every time. So much so he always went to sleep in it. It was very easy to collapse and open when you are in a rush, due to a screaming little one that wants 'out' of the car and when it was raining hard, the Oyster3 was really easy to open and close. The clip was a bit stiff to start with but it soon loosened up. It is easy to push single-handed and the suspension made it easier to go up and down kerbs. Also, I must mention it was a lot easier to switch the seat between forward-facing and parent facing.

Would you recommend the Oyster3 to other mums?

Jessica: Both me and my partner would fully recommend this pram to anyone. It was fairly priced, it had a good quality and it was sturdy light and easy to move. It was also easy to stow within the house or car this is a fantastic unit and fared better than our previous pram from a big name brand.

Holly: I would recommend this product if a mum was looking for a sturdy travel system but I also wanted one that was fairly light as I found the Oyster to be quite a bit lighter. I also didn’t worry that it would tip over even with my changing bag on the handle which is very important for safety. I also really liked the design of the pushchair as it felt like the material was of really high quality and the overall appearance was very nice with the metal trim. The basket was also large and I would definitely recommend it for a mum who perhaps doesn’t drive so that she is able to do shopping using it.

Natalie: The main selling point of the Oyster is its appearance - it looks sexy, shiny and well made. If you want to get an "ooooh look at this" feeling when you open the product and feel even more proud when walking around with your baby, then I would definitely recommend this pushchair. The materials used look and feel high quality and the seating unit is big and comfy for the baby and reclines nicely for when the baby is snoozing. It also has a really good fold-down footrest that you can lower when the baby gets a bit older.

Would you choose this product to win the Mother&Baby Awards?

Charlotte: Although I really enjoyed this product I preferred another choice. The reasons are that the material is far superior and the smoothness of the ride is unbeatable in my opinion. But I certainly would give this a second-best and the price tag makes it even more attractive, I would consider this product in the future.

Hollie: I wouldn’t necessarily choose this product over some of the others on the market as the frame is a little square looking for my taste. As much as I liked the foldability of this product and the way it pushes I prefer the look of some others that are out at the moment. I did like one particular feature of this stroller which was how much the hood folded down for when baby naps.

Kerry: I think it is a good alternative to a high-end pushchair. It looks high quality but is reasonably priced. I personally wouldn't change my current pushchair but then it was double the price so I don't think it's a fair comparison. Overall I think it's a great pushchair, but I do think my baby will have outgrown it soon. I would expect a pushchair that can withstand 22kg to accommodate a child up to when they no longer require one.

What changes would you make to the Oyster3?

Milly: The size of the actual seat. Although the Oyster3 says it goes from up to 22kg or approximately age four. I think most children would outgrow it by the age of 2 and a half. Whilst the extendable seat is a really good idea and once I had worked out how to do it meant that my 26-month-old daughter (who is not large for her age) fitted much better in terms of her torso, her legs still were too long for the seat. It, therefore, means that most people will have to buy another pushchair once their child reached the age of 2. Bearing in mind the price of the Oyster3 with all the additional add on extras I don’t think this demonstrates value for money.

Charlotte: I would like the material, both metal and fabric to be of a slightly higher quality as I found that the metal scratched easily and the fabric stained very easily. I think the wheels could be slightly larger and more sturdy, but that’s personal preference as these did what they said they should band worked well on tougher terrain.

Daisy: If I could change one thing it would be to make it lighter. When it’s folded down, it is rather heavy to carry and lift into a car, and it could do with some suspension. The pushchair is great for perfectly flat ground - such as in a shopping centre. But even on just an uneven pavement, the pushchair was juddering everywhere, along with my daughter.

Other Oyster models

The previous Oyster models The Oyster and The Oyster 2 are no longer available to buy.

Completely redesigned, The Oyster 3 has larger wheels, a bigger seat unit plus a larger shopping basket and bigger carrycot. While bigger than the previous models, it does however fold smaller and is lighter in weight.

This lightweight stroller is nice and roomy with a comfy fully reclining seat. Costing under £300, it free stands by itself and features a central brake pedal and a large canopy ventilation window.

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