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While you're doing the nightfeeds with your newborn, you might want to listen to music, or a podcast. Those long hours in the middle of the night can be lonely, so listening to something with a great pair of budget wireless headphones will make you feel more connected and help you stay awake while your baby feeds. You can also use a nightlight for breastfeeding to help you find your headphones!

One tip for night feeds is to keep the atmosphere relaxed and some soothing music can help. You could create a specific playlist for the night feeds, or listening to audiobooks while feeding at night is another lovely idea, especially if you are too busy or tired to keep up with your 'to read' list during the day.

Keep in mind that it's important to minimise any noises or lights, to prevent distracting your baby. So put your phone on night-screen mode and avoid turning on any bright lights. We know babies need a lot of newborn essentialsand so it might be hard to justify spending money on yourself (even though you really should spoil yourself too!) and purchasing a pair of wireless headphones might feel like a luxury. However, there are some impressive wireless, and even budget over ear headphones to choose from.

Importantly, all the headphones we have selected have the right features to avoid any accidents with your little one; wearing wireless headphones means there are no cables to worry about. They are also easier to put on when using them in the dark, or low light. The nightfeeds might be challenging in the beginning, but you'll get the hang of them (and before you know it, they will have finished altogether) and along the way you might have enjoyed a couple of audiobooks.

Best at a glance:

Best wireless headphones for sound quality: Apple AirPods with charging case, £99

Best foldable wireless headphones: PowerLocus Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones, £22.99

Best LED light up wireless headphones: Hilifix bluetooth headphones, £15.99

If you think you would benefit from listening to a podcast, music or an audiobook while feeding your little one then have a look at some of the best budget wireless headphones below.

Best wireless headphones 2024

Best budget wireless headphones for noise cancelling

These wireless headphones have incredible charge with up to 100 hours playtime between charging, also you get 10 hours of play time after just ten minutes charging. With cushioned ear pads they block out any outside noise too.

One reviewer said: "Very comfortable and the noise cancelling works great it doesn't blok all outside noise but the background it does cancel out is very noticeable. The battery life is amazing and as advertised even while use the active noise cancelling the battery lasts a long time."


  • Great noise cancelling function
  • Brilliant battery life


  • Some reviewers thought they were a little flimsy

Best foldable wireless headphones

Foldable wireless headphones
Price: $27.99

Not only do these come in a lovely, stylish colour, but they are foldable and can stretch too, meaning they will be very comfortable to wear during night feeds. They are rechargeable and have 15 hours of play time, and can be plugged in to wired mode if needed. Most importantly, they provide excellent sound quality.

One customer said: "They are a very good set of headphones. Very good battery life - after 12 hours of use from a night shift in Bluetooth mode I was down to 30% which I think is very good. Charges back up well from an outlet, have not tried with a power bank so could not be sure how it performs with that. The carry case is convenient especially as it has a little mesh pocket to store cables, the carabineer is a nice touch to bring it along with you - I have mine clipped to the outside of my work bag. Comprehensive instructions booklet. They do wear well, I have yet to use them for exercising but walking the dog/around the house having to bend over at times they remain in place. Decent size, and I love how they fold down I think it is a fantastic feature."


  • Good fit
  • Easy to store


  • Noise cancelling isn't great

Best wireless headphones with charging case

Complete with a compact charging case, these wireless headphones are easy to keep with you at all times. With outstanding sound quality these headphones are compatible with all bluetooth-enabled devices. They have 5 hours playing time from a single charge.

One reviewer commented: "Excellent value for money...cost a fraction of the price of the apple airpods but perform well and pair effortlessly. Almost identical looking to the Apple product...comfortable to wear and work well with both music and making calls."


  • Wireless charging case
  • Great value


  • Sometimes disconnect

Best LED light up wireless headphones

A great value pair of wireless headphones which are bluetooth enabled, have great sound quality and also feature an LED light which flashes in time to the music. They have a 50 hour play time too, so no need to worry about charging in the middle of the night.

Linda, a reviewer, said: "I bought this for my daughters birthday and she was thrilled.The battery is long lasting so there is no need to charge it so often.It is very simple to connect to your device using bluetooth.The buttons at the side are easy to press when the headphones are on your head. The sound is very clear and high quality. I would highly recommend buying this product."


  • Great sound quality
  • Long play time between charges


  • LED light could be distracting for baby at night

Best waterproof wireless headphones

In a stylish blue colour, these wireless headphones use the latest Bluetooth technology to deliver a faultless connection and sound quality. They also feature excellent noise cancelling and they are waterproof, dust and rain proof.

One reviewer, Anthony, said: "The design is lightweight and comfortable. When plugged into my ear they definitely reduce the surrounding ambient noise from the outside environment (noise cancelation). Touch button commands are easy and responsive. Bluetooth connection is strong and pairs easily with auto-connect. The charging case functions well and earbuds hold a long charge. The sound quality is rich and clear with the 13mm speaker. Overall I find the quality of these earbuds lived up to their features in the product description."


  • Water and dust proof
  • Excellent bluetooth connectivity


  • Position of the switch means they can be activated by mistake

Best for sound quality

These might be the most-wanted headphones at the moment but they do cost quite a bit more. These Apple AirPods combine intelligent design with breakthrough technology and crystal clear sound. AirPods now feature hands-free access to Siri using just your voice, which is incredibly handy if your hands are full with baby.

One user said: "AirPods are an essential accessory for everyday use. They connect rapidly, the sound quality is decent, and the battery life is great. With every new generation, they just become slightly better. AirPods feel comfortable in my ears, and they're great for answering phone calls. However, if you want some noise reduction capabilities, the more expensive AirPods Pro are a better choice. Although AirPods Pro are not as convenient for phone calls as ordinary AirPods, they offer some advantages for twice the price."


  • Handsfree access using Siri
  • Excellent sound quality


  • They are expensive

Best over ear wireless headphones

Sony wireless headphones

Rrp: $58.49

Price: $53.93

These excellent over ear wireless headphones have a Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE)which restores your music with high frequency and gradually fade out sound for a more authentic performance. They also boast 50 hours of battery life and if your battery is running low, a 3 minute charge will give you 1.5 hours of listening time. Plus they have soft ear pads and an adjustable headband for comfort.

One reviewer, Lynne, said: "First time using today, headphones sit lovely on my ears which is no easy task as I have piercings that usually get pushed on, build quality much better than previous models. I swear by Sony headphones and have been using them for years. The sound quality on these is incredible, clear vocal quality and equally with Bass especially if you download the app it advises and play with the equaliser. If you don't wanna spend the money on the more expensive brands then you can't go wrong with these!"


  • Adjustable headband
  • Sound quality impressive


  • Some reviewers were worried they were a bit fragile

What to look for when choosing budget wireless headphones

Sound quality: Of course the main reason you want headphones is to listen to your favourite music or audiobook when pregnant and struggling to sleep or during a night feed. Therefore, the sound quality has to be clear.

Battery life: You don't want to have to charge your headphones after every use, especially when juggling the demands of a young family, so a pair of wireless headphones with good battery life is important.

Noise cancelling: If you plan to use the headphones in a noisy environment then you might want to consider a pair with noise cancelling technology. Also, over ear headphones tend to be better at cancelling out noise.

Ear pods or over ear: Both ear pods and over ear wireless headphones offer great sound quality and battery life, but it depends what you find more comfortable. Obviously ear pods come with a charging case and are small so you can drop them in your coat pocket, or nappy bag, to use while out and about. However, over ear headphones offer comfort with cushioned ear pads and they don't actually go in your ear which some people might find more comfortable. Often they can be folded to make them easier to store, or travel with, but they are more bulky than ear pods. Over ear headphones are also great for little ones, and there are some great kids headphones to choose from.

Are cheap wireless headphones worth it?

Some of the best budget wireless headphones offer great value for money. Obviously the big brands like Apple AirPods offer great functionality and features like handsfree acess, but for a simpler experience, a good pair of affordable bluetooth headphones are definitely worth it. Let's face it, things often get lost or broken with small children around and so a pair of budget wireless headphones is not such a great loss, especially if you are on a budget while on maternity leave. Some of the best budget wireless ear pods or best budget over ear headphones are significantly cheaper than the branded competitors and they do the same thing, offering lengthy battery life and good sound quality, although you may notice that the bass, mids and treble might not be as well defined. It really depends what you are looking for, and expect, from a pair of wireless headphones, but there isn't really a need to spend a fortune.

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