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Whether they need them for enjoying their favourite music or watching their favourite show on their child-friendly tablet, kids headphones are a must. And they're a win for parents too, as you can enjoy a much more peaceful environment.

Headphones are a safe alternative to kids earbuds for younger children. Also, some kids might find them more comfortable because they sit on your little one's head and around their ear, similar to ear defenders, rather than being placed in the ear.

There are some fun designs for your little one too, with themed headphones for kids, or even light up ones. Wireless headphones for kids are handy for travelling, especially if you team them with one of the best travel apps for kids, plus being wireless your little one won't get tangled up in any wires. So whether you are travelling or just want some peace at home, a good pair of kids headphones is a must!

Our favourite kids headphones shortlist 2024

Best overall kids headphones: Riwbox WT-7S Kids Light-Up Headphones, £24.98
Best multipack kids headphones: Mpow CH65 Pack of 2 Children’s Over Ear Headphones , £27.99
Best travel kids headphones: Simolio Bluetooth Kids On-Ear Headphones , £22.99
Best plain kids headphones: Groov-e Bluetooth DJ Style Wireless Headphones, £20.23

When using kids headphones, it's important that you talk to them about volume. They may love listening to music on their kids music player, but be mindful that it's not too loud. In fact, you can even set up a volume limitation on their iPad or tablet so that you know they are listening at a safe decibel that won't damage their ears. This should ideally be below 50 per cent volume.

Another thing you can encourage is for them to take listening breaks, which is also a great way to manage screen time. With the best kids headphones, they'll love tuning out of the world for an hour and you won't have to worry about disturbing fellow passengers when travelling as well.

Best kids headphones 2024

Best overall headphones

The Riwbox WT-7S Kids Light-Up Headphones has convenient built-in function buttons right on the side of the earpiece which turn the headphones on and off, open and close the LED lights, play or pause the music, answer phone calls and hang up, adjust the volume, and even go to the previous or next song. They also come in four different colours so there’s something for everyone.

One review said: "My daughter loves them, they’re really good. She left her iPad downstairs and they were still working when she was in her room. She chose the purple colour which is very pretty. They light up on the sides when the music/talking plays which look great in the dark. Sound quality clear and headphones comfortable to wear. Linked quickly to the Bluetooth. Would highly recommend."


  • Convenient buttons
  • LED lights


  • Some mentioned they didn't feel sturdy

Best themed kids headphones

Price: $26.44

With soft ear pads for hours of comfortable wearing, the Pokémon Pokeball On-Ear Headphones have an adjustable headband, and smartphone compatibility. These wired headphones are also an economical option with great sound quality.

One review said: "I brought as a present for my daughter who loves them, as she's a big Pokémon fan. She uses them for listening on her tablet and sound quality is good. Time will tell if cable lasts, but a positive is that it only has 1 cable coming from the headphones, so less to break."


  • Adjustable headband
  • Official design


  • They aren't wireless

Best light-up kids headphones

Available in blue and green, or purple and green, these jazzy Riwbox CT-7S Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones for kids have flashing red, blue, and green LED lights that blink with the rhythm of the music. It has both wire and wireless capabilities and can fold up compactly to fit in a pocket or a backpack.

One review said** : "I was initially reserved about spending so much on headphones for a 2 year old... but I’m glad I did. Wireless = godsend. They are very sturdy and have survived well being dropped, thrown etc. My daughter loves that they are hers and they light up (cute) and will last a good few years as they extend. They have a nice easy on/off button so she is in control (of course!). The charge lasts a good while and connected to kindle and iPad with ease. If you have the volume full and the device volume full they are more than loud enough but they do not go ‘very’ loud which I think is good to protect children’s hearing. All over a brilliant quality product and I no longer have to listen to endless paw patrol."


  • Wired and wireless options
  • Bluetooth connection


  • Some parents mentioned the volume is too quiet

Best plain kids headphones

The Groov-e Bluetooth DJ Style Wireless Headphones are a pretty simple design and come in two-tone shades including blue, red, pink, and violet. They provide up to 7.5 hours of wireless playback, have a hands-free microphone and a handy audio sharing port.

One review said: "Really happy with this product, really good sound, very comfortable and adjustable to fit growing heads. We also use these to muffle sounds like fireworks and other events/theme parks where the music is loud (or rides a bit scary)!"


  • Adjustable headband
  • Longer cord length


  • Not wireless

Best multipack kids headphones

Price: $29.98

If you’re shopping for more than one child, this Mpow CH65 Pack of 2 Children's Over Ear Headphones is a great option. There’s a sharing interface so that they can listen to the same music or watch videos on phones or tablets together, the headbands are cushioned and stretchable, and the earpads are large, soft, and breathable for maximum comfort. There are also various fun colours to choose from.

One review said: "I bought these ear defenders for my granddaughters aged seven and four years. They can watch their programmes independently or share their watching experience. No more worrying about the sound from their screen. Lovely colours. The girls are delighted with them. Thank you."


  • Sharing interface option
  • Tangle free wires
  • 120 degree angled jack


  • Not wireless

Best travel kids headphones

Price: $26.99

The Simolio Bluetooth Kids On-Ear Headphones has a detachable cable, an audio share feature, and a three-level volume limit to protect their little ears. Each pair also comes with a convenient little carrying case that the headphones compactly fit into.

One review said: "These headphones r a great buy. My son aged 4 has autism and hated wearing headphones but recently he's started wearing them. Easy to set up with Bluetooth and great that they come wireless so my son has more freedom without getting tangled in a lead, plus comfortable as well."


  • Switchable volume support
  • Foldable design
  • Flexible and durable


  • Some mentioned they feel too quiet

Best kids headphones for choice of design


Rrp: $26.99

Price: $23.99

Providing a plethora of style choice — 16 different designs to be exact, from Llamas (pictured), cars, and beach-themed, to blue camo, monster trucks, princesses, robots, and many more — the Snug Play+ Kids Headphones are comfortable, good quality, and it even comes with a sharing port.

One review said : "Really happy with these! Having read all the other reviews we were not disappointed. Nice quality materials and comfortable fit for our (nearly) three year old. What really swung it was the removable and replaceable cable. Our daughter is very rough with things and I know the cable would have been the first casualty! This is a very good design idea. You can also link headphones together if you have a couple of children wanting to listen to the same thing, again the manufacturers have really thought about this! Great value for what you get. Highly recommended."


  • Compatible with all devices
  • Volume liit


  • Not wireless

Best personalised kids headphones

BuddyPhones have added comfort and convenience for little explorers that listen on the go. They have a built-in safe audio volume control to protect your little ones' precious hearing. We love that they come with a soft travel bag with a drawstring to pack away headphones for easy storage, plus they are wireless, or can be plugged in. Your child can personalise their headphones with cool stickers.

One review said: "Love the fact that they are wireless. Really sturdy and easy to use even for my two year old. Easy adjustable too."

Another review said: "These headphones allow us to watch our tv at home without having constant cartoon tunes in the background. Great for travelling on aeroplanes or anywhere in a crowded space where people may need quiet or do not want to be disturbed. Has a choice of stickers for the earphone part which my granddaughter loves."


  • Customisable
  • Foldable headband


  • Some mentioned the wire pulls out too easily

Best headband kids headphones

For something a little more unique—and particularly comfortable at that—why not opt for the CozyPhones Kids Headphones? Made from super soft fleece with embedded ultra-flat speakers, these size-adjustable headphones are compatible with all smart devices and have a safety volume limit. In addition to this happy kitty, there are a few other fun animal designs like a panda, fox, frog, and unicorn.

One review said: "Good fit for my 3-year-old and a great idea for little heads when normal headphones slide off.. she can wear it comfortably in bed for settle down time before a nap... not sure re: durability as just got them."


  • Washable
  • Kid safe volume
  • Flexible and soft


  • Sometimes have to adjust the earphone that's inside the band to sit in the correct position

Best wireless headphones for battery life

iClever headphonesAmazon
Price: $36.99

These fun wireless headphones boast an impressive 55 hours of listening time, with just ten minutes charging providing 7 hour hours of play time. They also have cool LED lights which have four different modes and volume options with three different limits.

One reviewer, Shaun, said: "Easy bluetooth connection and good value for money. Sound quality is good and they are comfortable and have a nice appearance. You have a nice option to change the flashing lights which most kids will love. They are good value for money and have good durability because they have been dropped a few times now."


  • Great volume control
  • Impressive battery life


  • Some reviewers said they don't fully cup the ear

Best kids headphones: All you need to know

At what age can a child wear headphones?

A child can wear headphones from the age of two for short periods. Kids' headphones are small enough to fit comfortably on your child's head. Most headphones can be used on equipment including mobile phones, tablets and even your little one's Yoto Player. Always check the product specification to ensure they are suitable for your child and which products they are compatible with.

Choosing headphones for kids

Considering all the new tech that has entered our lives in recent years, headphones need to be compatible with most of the electronic devices around the house — Echos, Google Homes, Siri, tablets, smartphones, and even the TV. Choosing a good pair of Bluetooth headphones would probably be your best bet. Deciding whether wireless or corded earphones would suit your child’s needs is perhaps the next thing to think about.

As far as design is concerned there is something available to interest every kid. From Peppa Pig and Pokémon, or light up headphones, there is something for every child. Kids like to feel the same as their parents and whether that is getting a smartwatch for kids to be just like you, or wearing headphones to feel grown up if they have seen you enjoying an audio book while wearing yours, they will love having their own pair of the kids best headphones.

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