Elvie Stride vs Lola & Lykke’s Smart Pump: We put these top models to the test

Elvie Stride vs Lola & Lykke's Smart Pump

by Lorna White |
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Finding the right breast pump to suit you and your lifestyle can be challenging. While some mums find their perfect pump on the first try, other mamas may need to try a couple of different pumps before they find the best one for them.

Two of the best-selling pumps on the market are the Elvie Stride and Lola & Lykke’s Smart Pump. Boasting a range of unique features, our Mother&Baby mum testers have put both of these models to the test to find out which came out on top when it came to comfort, ease of use, value for money and noise level to help you find the right model for you.

Elvie Stride vs Lola & Lykke's Smart Pump: the basics

Elvie Stride:

Designed as either a single breast pump or a double breast pump, the Elvie Stride is designed to make pumping a whole lot easier and hands free. The design includes a built in cup meaning you don't have to worry about attaching your bottles to the pump in order to collect expressed milk.

It's easy to adjust your pumping settings through both the device or the phone app, and the cup can collect up to 150ml of breast milk at a time.

The collection cups are attached to the control panel with a wire, which can be easily clipped to your trousers or outfit so that you can walk around and get on with your to-do list as you pump.


  • Hands-free
  • Lightweight
  • App controlled


  • More expensive than alternatives
5oz/150ml cup capacity
Hospital-grade performance
  • Hands-free pumping
  • Two modes: stimulation and expression
  • 10 intensity settings
  • Elvie App available for tracking on your smartphone
  • Portable and quiet
  • Three-sized breast shields (with two included)
  • Rechargeable with USB cable (included)
  • BPA free

Lola&Lykke smart electric breast pump

With six stimulation and nine expression settings, the Lola&Lykke Smart Electric Breast Pump is designed to mimic the baby's natural sucking pattern and the ultra-soft silicone breast shield helps massage the breast to promote let-down and optimise your milk flow.

Designed for wireless use it comes with a USB rechargeable battery with two-hour battery life with a lightweight motor unit connected to the pump. The smart touchscreen display features a memory button and timer for easy tracking and recording of your pumping sessions. You can pump directly into the milk bag, feed directly from the bag and store milk safely with the handy adapter.


  •  Modern, stylish design
  •  Wire-free
  •  Easy to use
  •  Smart touch-screen display


Similarities between the Elvie Stride vs Lola & Lykke Smart Pump

Portable and wireless

Both these breast pumps are designed to be portable and easy to wear so you don't have to sit close to a plug as you pump. The Elvie Stride has an external control panel that's connected to the breast pump with a wire. This lightweight control panel can be attached to your outfit either with a belt or waistband for a hands-free pumping experience.

The Lola & Lykke Smart Pump is also designed to be portable with a two hour battery life in total and USB charger between. The main difference is that this pump doesn't offer hands free pumping and you do have to hold the bottle.


Both of these breast pumps are light in weight with the Elvie Stride weighing 150g and the Lola & Lykke Smart Pump weighing 290g making these both easy to get around with.


Both of these pumps come with a rechargeable battery for wireless pumping. The Lola & Lykke Smart Pump comes with a rechargeable battery (1400mAh Li-ion) which charges via a micro-USB, giving you 2 hours of pumping time, depending on your settings. The Elvie Stride comes with a built in rechargeable battery which charges in two hours via micro-USB for nearly three hours of pumping (again, depending on settings).

Suction levels

Both breast pumps have a high suction level. The Lola & Lykke Smart Pump offers the most powerful personal breast pumping level with 9 different suction levels ranging from 18.9 kPa to 42.9 kPa (141 mmHg - 321 mmHg) while the Elvie gives up to -270 mmHG, plus 2 modes and 10 intensity settings per mode.

Differences between the Elvie Stride vs Lola & Lykke Smart Pump

Handsfree pumping

The main difference between these two pumps is that the Elvie Stride allows you to pump totally hands free while you do have to hold the bottle of the Lola & Lykke Smart Pump.

Double and single pumping

While you can choose either a double or single pump with the Elvie Stride, the Lola & Lykke Smart Pump only comes as a single pump, not a double.

Ease of cleaning

Although the Lola & Lykke Smart Pump only comes with five lightweight parts to clean which can be hand washed and assembled in less than a minute, the Breast Shields, Cup Fronts, Valves, and Diaphragms of the Elvie Stride are dishwasher safe for much easier and convenient cleaning.

Key features breakdown of the Elvie Stride vs Lola & Lykke Smart Pump

Elvie Stride Vs Lola & Lykke Smart Pump

Final verdict of the Elvie Stride vs Lola & Lykke Smart Pump

If you're looking for a wireless and portable breast pump, then both these breast pumps are a great choice. There are however some very different factors that could help you make your decision. If you're looking for a breast pump that allows you to go totally hands free then it has to be the Elvie Stride.

If however you want a higher suction level then the Lola & Lykke Smart Pump might be better suited. It's also a slightly more affordable option. Having said that, the Lola & Lykke Smart Pump is also quite a bit heavier in weight so if it's a lightweight option you're looking for then the Elvie Stride might be better suited.

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