The best Halloween face paint ideas for kids

Halloween face paint ideas

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If you have your child's Halloween costume all ready to go but it doesn't come with a mask, or your child doesn't like wearing masks, then all you need is some Halloween face paint ideas to help complete their look.

Even if your child isn't wanting to dress up as anything this year, or if you haven't had time to grab a costume and an impromptu ghost costume isn't something your child wants, then Halloween face paints are a great solution.

If you've been reading some Halloween stories to your child, they might love all the colourful costumes and characters. Face paint is the best way to recreate a character, as you can use bright colours and add more detail. Face paints are also a great alternative to masks, so your child can stay in character even if they're eating their Trick or Treat sweets.

Halloween face paints are also a cheaper and easier way to transform your child’s entire look. We've found the best 17 face paint looks for your child this Halloween, from scary witches and zombies to pretty fairies and simple skeletons.

1. Simple skull Halloween face paint

Skulls are one of the most popular face paint ideas during Halloween, but they’re usually difficult to do. This one, however, is super simple with minimal black detailing. It's super effective though!

Credit: Nicole Shipley. See more on Pinterest.

2. Tiger Halloween face paint

If your little one isn’t keen on being something scary for Halloween, then what about being a cute little tiger instead? This Halloween face paint idea is a lot easier to achieve than you think and all you need is three colours and a bit of patience.

3. Bat Halloween face paint

This bat face paint is super easy to pull off as all you’ll need is some black paint. We recommend drawing an outline of the bat with some eyeliner first, then going in with the paint after.

4. Vampire Halloween face paint

No artistic skill is needed to pull off this super simple vampire face paint. All you need is a white wash base, some black and purple eyeshadow to smudge under the eye, then draw on some fangs with some eyeliner.

5. Cat Halloween face paint

A cute little kitty-cat is always an easy go-to that works well for children and adults. There are plenty of cat Halloween face paint ideas you can do too.

6. Pumpkin Halloween face paint

There’s so many easy pumpkin face paint ideas but we think this one looks particularly realistic. All you need is orange, black and green coloured face paints.

Credit: Pinterest

7. Pirate Halloween face paint

This pirate face paint is a lot easier to achieve than it looks. All you need is red, black and white face paint.

See more with Atop Serenity Hill.

8. Spider Halloween face paint

If you don’t have any black face paint for this spider web design then some eyeliner or black eyeshadow, with a tiny bit of water, will do.

Cute little boy with Halloween makeup in gloomy emotions."nHalloween festive face painting concept.

9. Zombie Halloween face paint

A white base, smokey eye and a few stitches make up this easy zombie face paint idea. You don't need face paints either to complete this look, just some makeup to match the colours.

zombie face paint

10. Sugar skull Halloween face paint

Maybe your little one fancies a ‘prettier’ looking skull. This sugar skull design, seen during Day of the Dead celebrations, could be perfect.

Credit: Lovesbugs & Postcards

11. Clown Halloween face paint

Clowns either make people laugh or scream. You’ll need a few different colours for this clown face paint, but the actual design is pretty straight forward. This could also work as witch face paint too.

Credit: Leah Johnstone

12. Werewolf Halloween face paint

Perfect for kids parties or a night trick-or-treating, this little werewolf look only requires two face paint colours — black and white. Just smudge the two together in lines to create a furry, grey affect.

Credit: JoJo's Face Paint

13. Fairy Halloween face paint

If your child really isn't a fan of scary characters, but still doesn't want to miss out on getting their face painted, then maybe they'll like this pretty pink flower fairy design instead.

Credit: Mimics Face Painting

14. Spiderman Halloween face paint

Let's be honest, Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up as whoever you want to be and your little one's favourite superhero is always a popular choice.

Credit: Jovanna Morrison Designs

15. Ghost Halloween face paint

For those parents who really don't feel confident painting their child's entire face, then a small Halloween illustration, just like this one, is a good alternative.

Credit: FunnyCheeks Kids Entertainment

16. Monster Halloween face paint

Incredibly simple to recreate, all you need is to cover your childs face in green paint, then add black around their eyes, and add some stitches.

17. Witch Halloween face paint

Another easy to do painted face, all you need to do is paint your child's face green, then add big eyebrows with black face paint or eyeliner. Add black to the lips and around the eyes too.

When is Halloween?

Are you ready for spooky season? Halloween is typically celebrated on October 31st every year, which this year falls on a Tuesday. So whether you're planning on Trick or Treating on Halloween night or having a party over the weekend, it's time to start prepping!

Do I need to paint my childs face?

Some children don't like wearing masks, so painting their face is the next best option. Always check a small area of your child's skin with face paint before covering, to check for any reactions. It would be best avoiding painting children's faces that are under two years old.

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