Step by step easy skeleton face paint for Halloween

Skeleton face paint

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There are so many Halloween costumes for kids out there to choose from, but this skeleton face paint design is a simple yet effective option, so why not give it a go? In this video, Party Delights shows you how to create a spooky skeleton face paint design, and to make it even easier, we've broken down the tutorial into easy-to-follow steps. This Halloween there's no excuse for not getting into character and scaring your friends with this creepy skeleton face paint!

How to face paint a skeleton

Step 1

Wet a make-up sponge a tiny bit and then dip it into white face paint before starting from the centre of the face and working outwards, making most of the face white but leaving the sockets.

Step 2

Using the flat side of a sponge, use black face paint and gently apply it to the eyelids and inner part of the socket, also covering the eyebrow and underneath the eye.

Step 3

Still using the black face paint, use the pointed side of the sponge to work down the middle of the nose. Next, dab the black face paint on your hand to get any excess off and in the temples, dab a bit of face paint on each side of the head. Add a small V shape in the middle of the forehead. Using the pointy edge of the make-up brush, lightly create lines either side of the V. Just under the cheekbone, add a faint line on either side of the face.

Step 4

Using a thin make-up brush, tidy up the linework by going around the eye sockets and nose, making the outline sharper. Add thin 'cracks' going up the forehead and away from the eyes.

Skeleton face paint

Step 5

Using the flat side of your thin make-up brush, start in the middle of the top lip and draw teeth with a point at the top pointing upwards. Repeat with the bottom lip, but make the tip of the teeth point downwards. Draw cracks from each side of the 'teeth', working outwards and splitting off. Add a final crack leading off from the nose cavity.

Halloween face paint essentials to buy

Best face paint for multiple designs

Snazaroo Rainbow Face Paint Palette Kit

Rrp: $19.69

Price: $16.12

Suitable for sensitive skin, these face paints are great for creating spooky Halloween faces, and with a variety of colours, they will be handy for any other party or seasonal celebration too. The face paints are water based, making them as easy to get off as they are to put on, plus the set comes with a step-by-step instruction book to inspire your designs.

Review: "I bought this just to mess about with with my daughter to be honest and it’s great for that. I’ve managed to do a half decent butterfly, cat and rainbow design. But she mostly just enjoys painting my face with random stripes! Not sure if it would be good for a more professional use - you only get small pots of black and white - but we certainly had a lot of fun!"


  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Includes a step by step instruction guide


  • The quantity of face paint is quite small
Contents2ml White<br>2ml Black<br>2ml Bright Red<br>2ml Bright Yellow<br>2ml Sky Blue<br>2ml Grass Green<br>2ml Purple<br>2ml Bright Pink<br>1 x Brush<br>2 x Sponges<br>Step by step guide
Water based, non-toxic face paint
Cruelty free
Fragrance free
  • Creates up to 40 faces
  • Water based face paint, easy to remove
  • Step by step instruction booklet included

Best additional sponge set for face paint

High Density Sponge 2 Pack
Price: $10.12

Containing two long lasting sponges for smooth paint application, this set is ideal for birthday parties, themed parties and of course Halloween!

Review: "This made face paint easy to apply - even on a wriggly 1 year old. I was able to paint a simple design on two young children for Halloween. Very impressed."


  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Good for covering large areas of skin


  • Can create a patchy look
Contents2 sponges
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Great for covering large areas of skin

If dressing up as a skeleton doesn't appeal to your little one then perhaps they would prefer to try something creepier like a witch, or vampire, or even something cuter like a pumpkin. There are lots of Halloween face paint designs for you to try. Don't let the kids have all the fun either, there are plenty of family Halloween costumes and the children will be so excited to see mum and dad joining in the fun as well. While dressing up at Halloween is always popular, there are lots of other Halloween activities you can do with your little one if putting on a costume or face paint isn't their thing.

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