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Cat face paint

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Dressing your tot up as an adorable cat is an easy and fun idea to do at Halloween, as well as any other time of the year. Plus, if you're wanting to paint their face too, there are plenty of easy cat face paint ideas to have a go at.

We've put together a list of our favourite cat face paint ideas for Halloween and beyond to give you some inspiration as well as step-by-step instructions on how to to cat face paint on your little ones face. They are purrfect for parties, festivals and trick or treating and are a lot easier to achieve compared to pumpkin face paint designs.

From the simple nose and whiskers to a full feline-looking face with ears and fur there are plenty of options to have a go at, no matter your skill level, including lions, cheetahs and even the iconic Cheshire Cat and Hello Kitty... Don't forget to pair your face paint with a spooktacular kids' Halloween costume to complete the look!


The best cat face paint ideas

Simple cat make up1 of 20

Simple cat make up

This is a great one if you don't have any face paint to had as you can simply use some basic make up products such as eyeliner or eyebrow pencils to draw the nose and whiskers.

cute cat face paint2 of 20

Cute cat face paint

We love this adorable make up look that should be fairly easy to achieve as most of the face is left bare. Use a sponge to dab on the white background then draw on your detailing with brushes.

Simple cat face paint3 of 20

Simple cat face paint

Another simple cat face paint design that really focuses on that cat eye look which can be achieved with eyeliner. The small design means that it should be easier to wash off than a full-face of paint.

Baby cat face paint4 of 20

Baby cat face paint

If you're keen to use minimal paint on their delicate skin, this is an excellent idea. Simple black and white paint flicks can create a subtle look, plus it can encourage you to have a go at different techniques.

White cat face paint5 of 20

White cat face paint

If you're fairly confident with the face paint, try this more complex look using a mixture of black, white, pink and grey face paint. It's a look probably more suited to older children who won't be tempted to rub their faces!

Lion cat face paint6 of 20
CREDIT: Carrie Aquino pinterest

Lion cat face paint

This adorable lion face paint design is "purrrfect" if you're looking for something more safari themed. We think the patterns are brilliant to have a go at if you're looking to work on neatening up your designs; pair it with some animal print clothes and they'll certainly look the part.

simple cat face paint idea7 of 20
CREDIT: Marcela Vides pinterest

Simple cat face paint idea

In a rush to head out trick or treating or going to a last-minute Halloween event or gathering with friends and family? Grab your eyeliner and do this simple cat make up design. It'll take just a minute to create.

Lion face paint8 of 20
CREDIT: Costume Works pinterest

Lion face paint

How roar-some and adorable is this Lion make up? It's not too complicated so should be fairly easy to achieve on a moving target like a toddler!

Alice in wonderland make up9 of 20
CREDIT: mylumen pinterest

Alice in wonderland make up

We love this Alice in Wonderland themed make up featuring the Cheshire cat. It's rather detailed so you might need some patience to achieve the this, but the results will be worth it.

Cheshire cat face paint10 of 20
CREDIT: jeaninallhonestly pinterest

Cheshire cat face paint

Look closely and you'll see this child's eyes are actually closed. We love this unique Cheshire cat make up, perfect if your child is dressing up as the Alice in Wonderland character. It's definitely spooky!

Fluffy cat face paint11 of 20
CREDIT: Country Living Magazine pinterest

Fluffy cat face paint

If you're going for a fluffier cat look, this one might be just the style you're looking for. Use small brush strokes over the eyebrows, between the brows and on the chin to create the fluffy effect.

Pink cat face paint12 of 20
CREDIT: pink cat pinterest

Pink cat face paint

Who says your cat has to be scary? We love this fun pink themed cat face paint look, complete with little ears and even some glitter for a super fun finish.

Hello Kitty Face paint13 of 20
CREDIT: Hello Kitty Face paint pinterest

Hello Kitty Face paint

Hello Kitty is a really popular character, so it's understandable why your little one might be keen to dress up as her. You'll need a steady hand for this face paint, especially on the bow, making it a good idea to do a rough guide to get you started.

cat design on face14 of 20
CREDIT: Helen Knutton-Allcroft-pinterest

Cat design face paint

It can sometimes look really effective when you concentrate your artistic skills to just one small area of the face, especially if you're doing something a little more detailed in design.

Fluffy white cat15 of 20
CREDIT: Panduro pinterest

Fluffy white cat

We love this adorable white fluffy kitty face paint. Most of the detail is focussed around the mouth, with a tiny pink lip for added cuteness. We also love that the eyebrow paint is sitting just above the brows (getting paint out of brows can be a nightmare).

Glittery cat face paint16 of 20
CREDIT: DIY Enthusiasts Blog pinterest

Glittery cat face paint

If your little one is all about going OTT on the glitter then this pink and white glitter cat face paint look is for them. If you're worried about them ingesting any glitter on their lips, you might want to opt for some edible glitter to use around the mouth area.

Leopard print cat face paint17 of 20
CREDIT: ShirleyS pinterest

Leopard print cat face paint

Add some fluffy ears and a cosy leopard print coat to complete this leopard print face paint look. Although it looks fairly detailed to begin with, a leopard print face paint look isn't as complicated as it seems, and you only need some brown and black paint.

Black cat design face paint18 of 20
CREDIT: Rachel | Parenting + Lifestyle Tips pinterest

Black cat design face paint

This is a great idea if you're wanting to dress up as a black cat but you're not keen on painting your whole face. It's also a great one to try if you're keen to add a pop of colour to the look. It's also a great one for grown ups if you don't have a costume but want to get into the spirit.

Simple black whiskers and nose19 of 20
CREDIT: Destiny Alfonso //Just Destiny Home pinterest

Simple black whiskers and nose

Grab the eyeliner and simply draw on an adorable set of whiskers and little cat nose for this look. Add some cute ears and maybe a fun tutu to complete the look. This one is great for a last minute Halloween Party and need to think of a costume in a hurry.

Blue cat face paint20 of 20
CREDIT: Judy H. Hall pinterest

Blue cat face paint

We love the blue and purple tones of this spooky cat face paint look. Complete with paw prints, spider webs and a moon, we also like the effect of the purple lip for added spook!

Cat face paint: Step-by-step instructions

For a simple cat face paint design, follow these steps.

  1. Start with a clean face and make sure you have some black and white face paint handy.
  1. Use a sponge to dab some white paint in the area between the nose and upper lip.
  1. While this area is drying, move onto the eyes. Depending on your child, use a black eyeliner brush to create a feline flick at the edge of their eyes to create a cat eye effect. Above the eyebrows, add some painted on ears using black paint filled in with white paint, adding three small black hair strokes from the inner corner of the ears.
  1. Use the black paint to fill in the end of your child's nose, covering the end of their nose in black paint.
  1. Use a thin brush in the black paint to add a line from the nose to the top lip. You can even use this paint to line the top of the lip and flick out at the ends.
  1. Finally, add three whiskers either side on the cheeks as well as some little dots on the white painted area.

Cat face paint not for you? Give witch face paint a try instead.

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