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From barely there 90s brows to the bushy look that seems to be in fashion right now, our eyebrows can change a lot over time, but there's no denying how they can transform our eyes and face.

From easy-to-use gels to classic pencils, there are so many different products on the market that will help define your eyebrows so to help you find the right one for you, we've rounded up the best eyebrow makeup for your brows.

This gel is great for those of you lucky enough to have a good amount of hairs on your brows that you need to simply brush into place to stay looking groomed all day long.

One reviewer says: 'It is easy to use, looks very natural and easy to remove too. I bought a sample from Boots and I am so happy that I have tried this. I will get a bigger size soon.'

This best-selling gel comes in five different colours including a clear option. This product aims to thicken your hair while conditioning the hair too.

One reviewer said: 'Honestly, was a bit skeptical about this product.. how good can a brow pomade be? But then I got it.. and it was just perfect for my needs! It makes my brows so much more natural looking than your typical brow product, and yet my blonde brows are completely filled in! This is now definitely one of my makeup essentials!'

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It might be more of a budget option, but this brow gel will keep your brows in shape, even over other eyebrow make up, meaning the makeup won't budge.

One reviewer said: 'It’s not a bad brow gel for if you prefer your natural shape (not “fluffy” brows where you brush the hairs upwards”). If I just brush my brows in their natural shape this gel does hold them in place for a good few hours with no strays, however it doesn’t help to “stick” brows for a fluffier look at all. So if you’re looking for fluffy brows (which I was) this is not the best. However, if I was to purchase this gel for natural brows, it would be 5 stars.'

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows
Price: $19

Coming in four different colours, this gel is great for adding colour, thickness and definition to your brows while making sure they stay in shape all day.

One reviewer said: 'I love how tiny the bristles are in this brow fix wand. They literally coat each and every single brow hairs and it’s perfect for the bushy brow look. I adore the formula too. It’s not waxy and you can’t feel it in your brows at all. It’s not sticky and it definitely gives a color so you can wear it on its own.'

It might sound a little odd, but using soap on your brows will keep them perfectly in place all day long. This vegan, cruelty free kit contains a bamboo spoolie to get you started.

One reviewer said: 'My eyebrows are quite hard to keep in place and this works wonders, I didn’t find any other product that works so good as this one.'

If you want to fill in a few gaps, a thin pencil is ideal. This pencil from Anastasia Beverly Hills includes a spoolie on one end, meaning you can brush out your strokes for a super natural look.

One reviewer said: 'This is the only eyebrow pencil I've ever had that did not make me look like a drag queen. I love that this looks so natural!! The pencil is very thin but does not break off like other ones have. Fantastic product!'

This is a brilliant dupe for the Anastasia Beverley Hills pencil if that one's a little pricey for you. It comes in eight different shades, making it easy to find the most natural shade for your hair colour.

One reviewer said: 'I was stuck between buying the Anastasia Brow Wiz and this and decided to go for the cheaper option.. It's amazing and gives fine lines which look like hairs. I got it in black which isn't too black just in case anyone was worried.'

This is a more pencil style formula rather than a waxy gel. It's great if you're not overly confident when it comes to filling in your brows, as it gives a very subtle and natural brow look.

One reviewer said: 'I have used this pencil for years. On the way I have tried others but they have not come up to the standard of this one. The pencil is soft and you can easily make a thick or thin line with it. The colour is not harsh. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a natural look.'

This three step brow kit contains a gel, brush, comb, pomade, spoolie and pencil to give you a perfect brow every time. You can purchase each of the three products separately or all in one.

One reviewer said: 'I love it! Best my eyebrows have looked! I don’t feel the need to even tint them because this product leaves such a great result! It makes me want to do my makeup more! I get excited to use it!'

Including the Goof Proof Brow Pencil, ka-BROW! and Gimme Brow+ this three product kit contains miniature versions of Benefit's much loved products.

One reviewer said: 'Very small, I was expecting them to be a slightly bit more value for money. However, I understand that they are small to test or travel with. If you are buying them to try, go for it. If not, I wouldn't recommend buying this set.'

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