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Sometimes even several coats of mascara can’t perk up exhausted eyes, but a quick slick of liner defines and awakens your whole face, fast.

Whether you’re a pro with liquid flicks, you’ve got the gel-liner-and-brush thing mastered, or you’re more into a quick smudge of kohl before running out the door, you’ll want it to stay put for hours without it smudging, budging or sporting panda eyes by lunchtime.

We know that nailing the eyeliner can be a tricky skill to master, but hopefully with our top recommendations, with some simple to use options, you'll have your eyeliner looking on point in no time.

Eyeliner stamps are the easy way of perfecting your eyeliner. Simply stamp the feline flick on the end of your eye and fill in the gap with the felt tip. Each pen includes a perfectly shaped wing stamp (one for the left eye and one for the right) and the formula lasts all day without cracking or flaking around your eyes.

One reviewer said: 'I purchased this in hope that it would get me back into my makeup game. I have hooded eyes and eyeliner is a chore for me, to the point I just never wear it and only ever have it done by professionals. Not even friends. My eyes are extremely hooded and it fits perfectly right below my crease line. If you have hooded eyes, you'll understand. I tend to position it upwards to elongate and lift my eyes. It truly is amazing, because not only do I skip an hour of trying to even out my eyeliner, this petite stamp fits perfectly.'

This pencil is both smooth and soft to apply, meaning you won't be dragging your delicate eye area when putting it on. It smudges beautifully if you're looking for a more smokey, less harsh look. It's easily buildable throughout the day and will last!

One reviewer said: 'I really like this kohl pencil, it is soft, the colour is good and it lasts for hours. However, it is quite tricky to sharpen as the tip breaks a lot so I have to put it in the fridge before sharpening.'

Worried about keeping a steady hand? This felt tipped liner from benefit is a brilliant buy if you're looking to practise your perfect eyeliner cat eye that'll last for up to 24 hours. It dries quickly, meaning you won't smudge it over your eyelid.

One reviewer said: 'Bought this as I’m not very good at the eye liner on top of my eyes - this was easy to use and comes out easy and stays on great for people who aren’t the best at doing wings.'

Looking for more of a dramatic eye look? It applies smoothly to create a defined and intense look for the eyes. The formula can be smudged for a smokier eye using your finger or the crayon style applicator.

One reviewer said: 'Smooth, easy to use, nice and dark. I use this on the upper lid as a base for the flick before I add the liquid liner, it glides so smoothly. I also use it on the water line of my lower lid, stays in place all day. Very happy.'

We love that this jumbo liner comes in six different shades, including a range of browns for a more subtle look (which is great for those with fairer lashes) and also a white for giving your waterline a pop of brightness to make your eyes look bigger. Made using mineral oil and powder for a smooth formula that glides on easily.

One reviewer said: 'The colors I chose (Blueberry Pop u0026 Donut) are gorgeous and they're applied so easily; however, I had no idea that they were waterproof as the data displayed onsite makes no mention of this fact so after washing my face, I still had to remove the liner with another product - slightly annoying. This information should be definitely described in the products' details.'

With a flexible dual-fibre brush which bends and hugs your lashline, it's super easy to apply this liquid liner with a single stroke. The formula is smudge proof to give you a perfectly defined eye that'll last all day.

One reviewer said: 'Have waited years for this - it doesn’t smudge, glides evenly and makes the perfect flick - not too fat not too thin!'

If a waterproof liner is a must for you, this affordable option from Barry M is a winner. Although this is a pencil, it glides on smoothly and lasts up to 8 hours through your workout, rain and anything mumlife throws at you. It even comes in a purple option if you fancy trying something different!

One reviewer said: 'I have bought this for years. It’s better than any high street or high end waterproof eyeliner. I use it daily to tightline and it doesn’t transfer to the lower water line. Down side is you have to keep it sharpened as the wood is painful if it touches your eye. And due to this fact, I get through quite a few of these.'

This flexible brush liner is buildable, long-wearing (up to 12 hours to be precise) and smudge resistant. It's densely pigmented and dries super quick so you can apply with ease.

One reviewer said: 'This is literally such a lasting eyeliner, let me just set the scene for you: I am a competitive swimmer and this liner lasted me through a four hour morning shift, swim practice, a dance that resulted in sweating and asthma attacks, followed by a night of *activities*, and sleeping in my makeup, this eyeliner is one strong mf and was still there in the morning. I would absolutely recommend it.'

With a soft and creamy pencil on one end and a built in smudger sponge on the other to really smoke out the colour, this liner is perfect for s subtle look. It's waterproof and lasts up to 10 hours.

One reviewer says: 'I have the brown shade and it's so good for lash line definition and a cat flick without being as bold as black. I think this makes it great for daily wear as it's just more natural. As far as eyeliner pencils go, this one applies pretty easily and has a nice small nib. Because it twists up out of the pencil you never need to worry about sharpening it which is great. It stays put all day, though if you rub your eyes it will shift. Great product for the price, and it lasts a long time too!'

How to apply eyeliner for beginners

All the gear and no idea? If you've found a brilliant eyeliner, you'll want to make sure you're applying it correctly so we've found a really simple to follow tutorial we think will help.

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