Ergopouch Organic Cocoon Swaddle Bag review

Ergopouch Organic Cocoon Swaddle Bag

by Maria Martin |
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For years now, baby sleeping bags have been a popular choice in baby bedding sets for keeping baby warm, snug and safe while they sleep. Ergopouch's Cocoon Swaddle Bags are designed to be both easy to use and difficult for your little one to escape from. Awarded silver for the Best Bedding category in our 2023 Mother&Baby Awards, the swaddle bag is made from natural fibres GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo with a touch of elastane which means it's firm enough to restrict startle reflex whilst still allowing stretch and movement for healthy growth.

Ergopouch Organic Cocoon Swaddle Bag overview


• Available in several designs

• Made from organic cotton

• Can transition from an arms-in swaddle to arms-out sleeping bag

• Bell shaped design is approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as being hip-healthy


• Higher price than others on the market

• May not be long enough for longer babies

Testing the Organic Cocoon Swaddle Bag

On opening the Ergopouch Cocoon you can instantly tell you are holding a superior-quality sleep bag. The weight and the softness of the fabric make it feel so luxurious, and my first thoughts are this would make a great gift for a new or expecting parent. The bag itself has a sleek shape to it, snuggly at the top with just the right length at the bottom, and is made with a soft, yet thick fabric that gives me all the comfort in knowing my baby will be kept warm on a cold winter's night.

The skill required for swaddling a wriggly baby can be hard to learn, and in those early weeks, this bag was a particular lifesaver. My daughter slept so much better from the first time I used it, and I felt more confident knowing she was comfortable and warm. The double zip is great for nappy changing as there is minimal disturbance and she is able to stay in a dozing sleep.

This is a great alternative to traditional swaddling, particularly if you have a wriggly baby who manages to break free, as the pouch closes snuggly with the ease of a zip. The pouch can be used both as a swaddle by tucking baby's arms inside and closing the popper buttons, or as a sleeping bag by opening the popper buttons to allow baby's arms through. The 2.5 tog makes it a perfect sleep option for winter, and it feels genuinely snug and warm for baby. The pouch also features a double zip, which is great for those middle-of-the-night nappy changes.

Ergopouch Organic Cocoon Swaddle Bag review

Final thoughts

Other sleep options I have used for my firstborn now feel of substandard quality - they weren't as snug around the shoulders and torso, or they would get a little baggy after time. This also washes very well and still looks almost new with no bobbling. Other sleep bags marketed at 2.5 tog do not feel as sturdy or thick as this, I feel a lot more confident that my baby is warm and comforted.

My only issue is that if I were to put my daughter into the pouch once already asleep, she would wake as it can be a little awkward to poke her arms through the snug armholes. However, once zipped in, she's straight back to sleep.

I am already adding this to my new parent gift list and looking to invest in the next size up. It doesn't just work well for baby, but it makes our lives easier as parents. It also looks super sleek and the fabric feels breathable and soft - exactly what you would want for your new baby.

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