SnüzPouch nappy change sleeping bag review

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SnüzPouch nappy change sleeping bag

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SnüzPouch nappy change sleeping bag at a glance:

SnüzPouch is a world-first for the sleeping bag market with a cleverly designed and unique nappy change zip that helps make changes during the night quick and easy, meaning less disturbance for baby and a more snug night's sleep.The SnüzPouch collection features modern designs and is made with super soft OEKOTEX 100 certified cotton, ensuring ultimate comfort for little ones as they sleep. Fully tested to British Safety Standards with additional underarm poppers for correct sizing, creating a safe and secure sleeping environment for baby. Available in a 1.0 and 2.5 Tog, 06m and 618m sizes.

How did this product make your life easier?

Amy: Well there is no more unzipping the whole back! You just need to undo the middle part and there you go! This is the first sleep bag I’ve used due to panicking about them waking in the night and I've really enjoyed using it! My little one rarely makes a fuss when having her nappy changed if she needs in the night, I know as a mum she’s safe, secure, warm and cosy which will help us all sleep better.

Charlotte: I might be inclined to include some grippers for it as I found it slipped on the carpet quite easily so would require regular repositioning within the room, I think some simple carpet grippers should hold it into position, or at least include some recommendations for this as part of the accompanying instructions.

Amanda: The SnuzPouch sleeping bag is such a great product. Putting the baby to bed in a sleeping blag vs a blanket provides you with the peace of mind that they will sleep safely and not slip down under the cover making it difficult for them to breath. The poppers on the top and the sides of this sleeping bag make it really easy to put baby in and out of. Ans also allow you to tighten or loosen the fit of the bag again your baby as they increase in size. The sleeping bag also comes with an easy to access nappy zipper. This allows you to unzip a pouch at the front of the sleeping bag, and pull out baby's legs which means you can then change baby's nappy without having to remove them fully from the sleeping bag and wake them up

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Amy: Yes yes yes! It’s so easy to change your little one without a fuss, just unzip and off you go! My little one never really woke up and it was so easy to fasten back up quick as I unzipped! It’s easy to get on without a fuss and comfy for my little on and also cosy and warm so you don’t worry about the temperature in the night!

Charlotte: This is a great sleeping bag, long enough for the baby and kept them toasty warm. The arm poppers helped to keep the little one feeling more secure and snug. The changing zip is a great design feature and helps to keep the little one warm and snug while doing nappy changes and I found it to be very convenient for the very early newborn days.

Amanda: yes I would definitely recommend the snuzpouch sleeping bag to fellow mums. This is for several reasons, firstly the material which the bag is made from is super soft and provides a nice but not too thick layer or padding for baby to sleep within. Secondly the nappy zip function makes the bag outshine others on the market becuse this one allows you to access babys legs and change their nappy without having to completely them out of the sleeping bag and wake them. Lastly the design and patterns on the bags are really pretty, provide alot of different style choices and colours to choose from.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Amy: I’d choose this product definitely! The ease of changing the baby in the night, being able to relax that knowing they are safe and secure through the night. When changing the nose is minimal and you don’t have to worry about the baby unsettling it seems to be a much quicker process during the night.

Charlotte: I think that this is a brilliant sleeping bag for the early newborn days however as soon as night time bowel habits change I feel that this fastening section becomes some what redundant. I would definitely recommend it for newborn days. I find that once the baby can roll the front zip became a bit of a nuisance and often left marks on the legs unfortunately.

Amanda: Yes I think this product deserves to win within its category. It is the only sleeping bag with the nappy zip function that allows you to change baby's nappy without waking them. Although you pay a premium for this functionality compared to other cheaper sleeping bags on the market, i think having this feature is worth the price tag. As mentioned about the fabric also feels very soft and thick, once again justifying the price. You are also able to buy this sleeping bag in different togs which means you can have one bag for warmer summer months and one of colder winter months.

What changes would you make to this product?

Amy: Maybe in the future instead of having to purchase different togs for the different weathers, maybe have it so layers can be attached and unattached, as this British weather is so unpredictable you’ll be able to focus on the child’s needs with one sleeping bag, so it can be edited in any way for any situation.

Charlotte: I really enjoyed this sleeping bag and found its use in the early days really invaluable, I am not so sure that it has much purpose beyond newborn days unfortunately though. As a consequence of this, I would like to see it with a swaddle top section in place of the open arms, or some style of design which can incorporate both styles.

Amanda: I wouldn't change anything about this product. Its functionality is great. There are several designs and styles to choose from. It's easy to use and washes well. It can be used as a summer or winter sleeping bag depending on what tog you buy. If anything, the only thing that would be good to change is the price as I feel currently its not very accessible to the whole market priced at nearly £40. However, I do feel happy to pay this knowing its made from such high-quality fabrics and as mentioned above, comes with the nappy zip function.

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